The Sims Hot Date

Crumplebottom Memorial Park
Crumplebottom Memorial Park Lot View
This park is dedicated in loving remembrance of Robert Crumplebottom, one of SimNation's most beloved puppeteers and philanthropists.

Crumplebottom Memorial Park is a Downtown park in The Sims: Hot Date. It was built in memory of Robert Crumplebottom, one of SimNation's most famous philanthropists and puppeteers.

In the park, is a rental shack to allow Sims to have picnics. There are two ponds, so the rental shack will let Sims get fish food or boats to play with. There is a hot dog cart, as well as some barbecue grills and picnic tables, so Sims can eat. However, the picnic tables are the only places where Sims can put the burgers down. There is also a love swing for couples.

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