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Skill TS4 Creative

Creativity is a skill category in The Sims 4. It has a special skill for children, and an aspiration dedicated to it. Creativity skills are augmented by being inspired. Such skills are: Cooking (both Homestyle and Gourmet), Instrument, Mixology, Painting and Writing. The child skill can be gained by playing with various toys and playing the child-sized violin.


Using imagination is one of the hallmarks of childhood, and developing that imagination can pay big dividends in the future

Skill MilestonesEdit

Level Ability Notes
1 Draw Shapes at the Activity Table
2 Draw Vehicles at the Activity Table
3 Get more satisfaction from playing on the Jungle Gym

Draw Animals at the Activity Table

Tell Make Believe Story


Social Interaction

Gives inspired moodlet


May become inspired when playing with Dollhouse


Draw Monsters at the Activity Table

Get better moodlets from playing with toys


Write Dollhouse Story on a computer

Gets more satisfaction from playing on the Jungle Gym

8 Draw People at the Activity Table


Narrate a Tale of Dolls on a Dollhouse
10 Learn Piano and Violin skill.
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