Create a Pet
TS4 Cats and Dogs 17
Creating a cat, from the official Create a Pet trailer.


  • Name: Type in the pet's first and last name. Last names are optional.
  • Gender: Choose either male or female. A pet's reproductive ability can be set to natural or fixed.
  • Age: Choose either a puppy/kitten, adult or elder.
  • Relationships: Set familial relationships between pets of the same species.
  • Personality: Choose three traits or randomize them.
  • Voice: Choose from three different voices for cats or five different voices for dogs, and adjust the pitch.
For a list of pet traits, see Pet trait (The Sims 4).


For a list of pet breeds, see List_of_pet_breeds#The_Sims_4:_Cats_&_Dogs.
  • Choose a breed. There are 123 dog breeds (includes large and small) and 49 cat breeds. The player can also create a crossbreed or a custom breed.


  • Choose a pet's basic head shape, ears, nose, whiskers (for cats) and eyes; and then adjust them with sculpting as in Create a Sim.
  • Eyes can have heterochromia.


  • Choose from three basic body types for cats or four basic body types for dogs, which can then be sculpted. Adult and elder pets also have fitness and fatness sliders.


  • Choose from two tails for cats or five tails for dogs, which can be lengthened, shortened, thickened or thinned.

Coat color/patternEdit

  • Choose a basic coat pattern based on breed and adjust the colors. Paint mode can be used to modify coats further.


  • Choose a fur texture and length. Cats have nine different types of fur to choose from and dogs have eighteen.

Pet clothingEdit

  • Dress pets up in various hats, collars, harnesses, dresses, tops or full-body outfits. Dogs have two clothing categories (everyday and walking), and cats only have everyday. Pets can have up to five different outfits per category, similar to Sims.

Paint modeEdit

  • Paint the pet's fur with colors chosen from a color wheel. The player can use brushes, stamps and stencils with adjustable brush size, rotation and opacity. The player can choose to mirror their painting, which will copy whatever they paint on one side of a pet's body to the other. There is also the option to completely fill a pet's coat with a chosen color.
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