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Craig Elson
Craig Elson
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Craig comes from the same small town as Emily and is looking forward to a change in scenery. Like his new wife Emily, Craig was bored with his small town and had always dreamed of life in a big city. He's never left the confines of his small town before, but Craig's ready to make that big step with Emily at his side. Craig took a job as a Paper Boy which he hopes will take him around town and allow him to see the town's wonders, like beaches and mountains - things he's only ever seen before on TV
Education and employment
Career Journalism career icon Paper Boy
Family/Families Elson family
Marital status Married
Romances Emily Elson Married
Traits Trait Loves the Outdoors small Loves the Outdoors
Trait Technophobe small Technophobe
Trait Excitable small Excitable
Trait Frugal small Frugal
Trait Friendly small Friendly
Zodiac sign CapricornLN Capricorn
Lifetime wish LTW Swimming in Cash Swimming in Cash
Favorites Fav Electronica Electronica
Fav Hamburger Hamburger
Fav Green Green
Hair color Haircolor2-TS3 Light Brown
Eye color Eye-blue Blue
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game TS3ST Icon The Sims 3: Showtime
Playability Playable
World Starlight Shores

Craig Elson is a pre-made playable young adult Sim who resides in Starlight Shores, the world introduced in The Sims 3: Showtime. He lives with his wife Emily Elson. Craig is 19 days away from becoming an adult at the start of the game.

He doesn't have any skills at the start of the game, and doesn't know anyone besides his wife. Craig carries a laptop, which conflicts with his Technophobe trait and a book in his inventory.

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