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The antithesis of Tredony, the people of Crafthole are the makers and doers of the world, Their determination is grounded in their belief that hard work equals success, and that a Sim – no matter how poor – can always pull himself up by his bootstraps.


Crafthole on the map of territories.

Crafthole is an industrious territory that thrives on hard work and determination. It's possible that the area has become somewhat polluted from its industry, as Sims make references to the region having a bad smell. Crafthole is locally governed by a Sim known as the Smithmaster, but is officially part of the kingdom from the start.


Crafthole buys ores and minerals (Electrum for §30, Ferrous for §15, other ores can and should be traded to other territories).


  • Cheese for Wood
  • 2 Mushroom for Wood
  • 3 Nightshade for Goose Feather
  • 6 Wildflowers for Goose Feather
  • Magic Powder for Luck Potion
  • Mysterious Machine Part for Steel Hammer
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