Gender Male Male
Life state Plumbot Plumbot
Cr1sto was originally purchased so Fawn, Carmen and Felix could party hard without cleaning up the consequences. By this point, he's a regular part of the gang!
Household Party Playpen household
Roommates Felix Finn, Fawn Lacey, Carmen Lavishe
Trait chips Trait Chip Algorithmic Artist small Algorithmic Artist
Trait Chip Musical Machine small Musical Machine
Trait Chip Competent Cleaner small Competent Cleaner
Hidden traits Trait Future Sim small Future Sim
Other information
Game TS3ITF Icon The Sims 3: Into the Future
Playability Future Resident
World Oasis Landing

Cr1sto is a pre-made Plumbot living in Oasis Landing, from The Sims 3: Into the Future. He lives with his owner and roommates Felix Finn, Fawn Lacey, and Carmen Lavishe. He is friends with his roommates.

Like all pre-made Sims from Oasis Landing, he has the Future Sim hidden trait. As he has the Algorithmic Artist and Musical Machine trait chips installed, he has mastered his Painting and Instrument skills.


Image Skill Level
Bass skill iconBass10
Drums skill iconDrums10
Guitar skill iconGuitar10
Laser Rhythm-a-con skill iconLaser Rhythm-a-con10
Painting skill iconPainting10
Piano skill iconPiano10
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