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For other uses, see Coward.

Cowardly is a Fatal Flaw in The Sims Medieval. This particular Fatal Flaw is similar to the Coward trait in The Sims 3.

Cowardly Sims live in constant fear for their lives. The world is a scary place to them, and they often become afraid of even innocuous things, sometimes to the point of fainting or running away in terror.


  • Cowardly Sims will suffer from a -20 "Afraid of the Dark" buff when outdoors at night, but can be removed once the Sim goes back into buildings with lighted interiors.
  • Cowardly Sims tend to run away from or faint in certain situations.

Related Dialogue Options[]

  • Warn Sim About Monsters
  • Warn Sim About Darkness
  • Etc.


Cowardly is not recommended for heroes who engage in combat, such as the Monarch, Knight, or Spy.