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Not to be confused with Couch Potato (pet trait).
Trait couchpotato.png

Couch potato is a trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the Athletic, Technophobe and Disciplined[TS3:WA] traits.

Couch Potatoes are perfectly happy sitting on the couch to watch TV and eat junk food. They'll need additional prodding to lead active lives.


  • The couch potato's 'Comfortable' moodlet will be double.
  • Couch potatoes get more fun from watching TV than other Sims.
  • Coach potatoes will need to sleep longer.
  • Couch potatoes can talk about favorite television shows and movies with other Sims.
  • Couch potato Sims do not autonomously choose to work out.
  • NPCs with this trait will not visit the following lot assignments: Library, Gym, Spa, Academy[TS3:WA], Market[TS3:WA], Chinese Garden[TS3:WA], and Nectary[TS3:WA].
  • Couch potatoes will often wish to "Take it Easy" while at work, and will even sometimes wish to quit their career, even if they are on the verge of promotion. Giving a couch potato Sim the Workaholic trait prevents this.
  • Couch potatoes are at a disadvantage when undertaking a Physical Education major while studying at college.[TS3:UL]
  • Couch potatoes prefer to watch the shopping and cooking channels on the television.

Conflicting traits[]

Couch potato will conflict with the following traits:

Unlocked interactions[]

  • Sims can "Discuss Favorite TV Shows" at any time with other Sims.
  • Sims will autonomously "Talk About Movies" after watching television or watching a movie at the theater lot.


Original Couch Potato icon [1]

  • The original couch potato icon resembles more of its non-metaphorical meaning.

Couch potatoes[]

Vadim Simovitch, Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, Beau Andrews.

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