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Cooking is a skill in The Sims 4. The Cooking skill unlocks new recipes and is the required skill for advancing in the Culinary career.


Sims can begin their culinary practice by cooking at home. All Sims start with cooking skill level 0. Once the Sim starts cooking, watching a cooking show on TV, or reading a skill book on cooking (available at the library) they will automatically advance to level 1 of the Cooking skill. As Sims continue to raise their Cooking skill, they will unlock new recipes and tricks.


At level 2: Combo Add trick move.

At level 3: Talk about Cooking with other Sims.

At level 5: Unlock new skill: Gourmet Cooking Skill.

At level 6: Addition trick moves.

At level 8: Flavorize the stove.

At level 9:

  • Gives cooking tips to other Sims.
  • Sell cupcakes to local Bakery.


There are a total of 76 food dishes available in the game.

Quick Meals

Quick Meals are meals available for quick meals interaction.

Image Skill Food Ingredients Cost Serving Time Source Note EP
Cereal Free Quick Meals
Chips Free Quick Meals
Milk Free Quick Meals
Orange Juice Free Quick Meals Happy emotion
Yogurt Free Quick Meals
Oatmeal Free Quick Meals Requires Microwave
Microwave Dinner Free Quick Meals Requires Microwave
Microwave Pastry Free Quick Meals Requires Microwave

Fridge/Oven Recipes

Image Skill Food Ingredients Cost (§) Serving Time Source Note EP
1 Garden Salad Lettuce 3 Fridge Only TS4
1 Grilled Cheese 3 TS4
1 White Cake TS4
1 Chocolate Cake TS4
1 Scrambled Eggs 3 TS4
1 Mac and Cheese 4 TS4
1 Hamburger Cake Requires the Up All Night digital content TS4
2 Eggs and Toast TS4
2 Chips and Salsa TS4
2 BLT 4 TS4
2 Fish Tacos 5 TS4
2 High Energy Protein Plate 7 Energized emotion TS4

Chocolate Chip Cookies

3 Pancakes TS4
3 Taco Casserole 11 TS4
3 Pan Fried Tilapia 6 TS4
3 Silly Gummy Bear Pancakes 7 Playful emotion TS4
3 Flirty Heart Cookies 7 Flirty emotion TS4
4 Spaghetti 6 TS4
4 Strawberry Cake TS4
4 Angry Flaming Spaghetti Angry emotion TS4
4 Black and White Cookies Up All Night Content TS4
5 French Toast 8 TS4
5 Fish and Chips TS4
5 (Sim's Name) Signature Cake Require level 6 in Culinary branch of Culinary career TS4
6 Chili TS4
6 Blue Confetti Cake TS4
7 Blackened Bass TS4
7 Omelet 10 TS4
8 Apple Pie TS4
9 Cioppino TS4
9 Chicken Stir Fry TS4
10 Tuna Casserole TS4
10 Roast Chicken TS4
10 Ambrosia Reviving Ghost TS4

Outdoor Grill Recipes

Image Skill Food Ingredients Cost Serving Time Source Note EP
1 Hamburgers §40 TS4
1 Hot Dogs §32 TS4
1 Tofu Dogs §39 TS4
1 Veggie Burger §32 TS4
3 Chicken Sandwich TS4
5 Salmon TS4
7 Steak TS4

Cupcake Machine Recipes

Image Skill Food Ingredients Cost Serving Time Source Note EP
1 Classic Vanilla TS4
2 Minty Mocha TS4
3 Carrot Cake TS4
4 Butterscotchman TS4
5 Strawberry Fizzy TS4
6 Red Velvet TS4
7 Steak TS4
8 The Baconing TS4


The Cooking Skill has 2 branches: Homestyle (regular) and Gourmet (advanced).

Sims can unlock 4 additional food recipes when entering the "Energized", "Playful", "Flirty," or "Angry" emotions.

Sims with the "Foodie" trait unlock the "Cooking Show" TV Channel.

When completing the "Master Chef" aspiration, Sims create high quality food that never spoils.

When Sims are ready for some of the regular meals (not quick meals) from fridge, they can use the "Cook" (select any serving), "Serve" (party size serving), or "Have" (single serving) options.

Having high quality ingredients from Gardening increases the quality of the food.

Fresh ingredients from your inventory will be highlighted green in the recipe panel.

The cost to prepare food decreases when using your own ingredients.

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