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Clubs, represented by dancing figure icons on the map, are middle class juice-selling venues. Some clubs have bouncers and the price of food and drink in higher than in bars.

Clubs open at 5 PM and close at 4 AM the next day, making them the last juice-selling venues to close. Unlike bars and lounges, clubs don't have stages, so bands won't be invited to clubs for gigs.

There are three subtypes of club.

  • Built in an abandoned warehouse and resembling a rave, the Dance Club is the most inclusive club, allowing anyone inside it. It's main attraction is an enormous, double-sized dance area.
  • The Poolside Club has two floors; the roof and the penthouse. The roof is the main club area, featuring a large pool and hot club, but the bouncer keeps out non-celebrities, unless they pay a small bribe. 2-star celebrities (or non-celebrities willing to pay double) can enter the VIP penthouse, which contains a bubble bar and view of the pool's interior.
  • The underground Disco Club has a common area with an arcade and dance floor that only excludes non-human Sims. It's VIP room is the most exclusive room of any club, requiring 3-star celebrity ratings or a very hefty bribe to enter. In addition to a bar and dance floor, the VIP area has a bubble bar, a foosball table, and a hot tub.


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