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Skill Cleaning

The Cleaning skill is one of the seven main skills in The Sims 2 that a Sim can build up, and a hidden skill in The Sims. It is also an activity throughout the series.

The SimsEdit

In The Sims, cleaning is a hidden skill that's mostly used by maids, community lot janitors, Servos and Bonehilda. All playable Sims and townies have the cleaning skill, even if it's zero. However, the skill doesn't appear in the control panel. It cannot be changed or improved within the game, unless Sims use an object that has been hacked to affect cleaning. Some third-party character-editing programs may allow the player to edit a Sim's cleaning skill.

The Sims 2Edit

It goes without saying that a clean house is a happy house, but Sims should work on their housekeeping abilities to make the cleaning process quicker and easier. They can tidy up around the house to improve this skill; it comes most naturally to neater Sims.
In The Sims 2, points can be gained by tidying up the messes which occur during daily life (for instance, washing counters, appliances, toilets, sinks, and mopping) or by reading a skill book. Sims can also gain cleaning skill points by using certain career rewards. A higher cleaning skill speeds up the cleaning process.

There are several career tracks that focus on building the cleaning skill in order to get a promotion, such as: Law, Medicine, Science, Natural Science (available with the University expansion pack) and Education. For teenagers, having a high cleaning skill (level eight or higher) will earn them the §750 Kim Metro Prize for Hygienics, one of several scholarships available with the University expansion pack.

Prints Charming Fingerprint ScannerEdit

Law Enforcement

It uses ultraviolet radiation to quickly and easily dust fingerprints everywhere, then display the ironclad evidence right on the viewscreen.

The Prints Charming Fingerprint Scanner is the career reward unlocked when a Sim reaches level 6 of the Law Enforcement career. It is a pistol-sized gun that looks much like bar-code scanners used by employees in modern supermarkets. If a Sim scans an object that was used by someone recently, that Sim's fingerprints will show up and the Sim's picture will appear in a thought bubble above the Sim using the scanner. If no-one has used the object recently, a question mark will appear in a thought bubble. The scanner has a skill gain rate at 250%.

Fun: 4
+ Cleaning