Clayton family
Clayton family
Mikeal is a successful young professional, but too much time at the office leaves him little time for socializing. Outside of work he spends most of his time with Georgie. He hopes to settle down soon with the right person.
Name Clayton family
Members Mikeal Clayton, Georgie Clayton
Lot 58 Redwood Way
Funds §35,375
Other information
Game TSPS Icon The Sims Pet Stories
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Arbor Falls

The Clayton family is a small family living in Arbor Falls. It consists of Mikeal Clayton and his dog, Georgie.


Clayton: habitational name from any of the numerous places, in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Staffordshire, and elsewhere, named Clayton, from Old English ‘clay’ + tun ‘enclosure’, ‘settlement’.

  • Mikeal: variant of Michael
  • Georgie: diminutive of Georgia


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