The Sims Hot Date

Claire the Bear
Claire the Bear
Gender TS2 Female Female
Species Bear
Owners None
Other information
Game The Sims: Hot Date
Playability NPC

Claire the Bear, who came with The Sims: Hot Date, was the first persistent animal character in The Sims. Claire wanders around and looks for food in the trash, which results in piles of rubbish forming around the trash can. If she sees a Buster O'Beast stuffed bear, she will try to have a conversation with him. If she sees a bearskin rug, though, be ready to witness some bear heartbreak. She'll come into a house and look through things. With Makin' Magic installed, if Sims leave partly-filled honey jars after harvesting the beehive, she may come and try to get the honey - and may be driven off by angry bees.

It was rumored that she would be included in The Sims 2[confirmation needed], but she was not. It is also rumored that she is, or is connected with, Sunset Valley resident Claire Ursine due to the first name similarity as well as Ursine's closeness to ursa, but this has not been confirmed or disproved.


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