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Ciudad Enamorada
Ciudad Enamorada
World · Featured in: The Sims 4: Lovestruck
Ciudad Enamorada
Game  The Sims 4: Lovestruck
Ciudad Enamorada World Icon

Ciudad Enamorada is a world included in The Sims 4: Lovestruck expansion pack. Its name means "City in Love" in Spanish.


A city for the romantics, Ciudad Enamorada is well known for its ample opportunities for romantic getaways and scandalous trysts. Whether head over heels or still looking for love, this city provides passionate moments for each. An aspiring romantic can explore Vista Hermosa for the warm and welcoming suburban life, the lush and picturesque Plaza Mariposa for walking hand in hand at sunset, or the traditional meets modern Nuevo Corazón for those seeking the alluring temptation of the nightlife.


Revel in Romance

This romantic locale is perfect for singles and those looking to rekindle their love.

Looking for Love

Still single? No worry! Find your next flame at the Nightclub, Lounge, or Gym to burn off some pent-up energy.

Enchanting Locale

Love is in the air thanks to the romantic vistas, charming park, and passionate Sims.


Nuevo Corazón Nuevo Corazón
Plaza Mariposa Plaza Mariposa
Vista Hermosa Vista Hermosa


Ciudad Enamorada comes with 13 lots: 8 residential, 1 rental, and 4 community lots.

Residential Lots[]



Empty Lots[]

Vacation Rental Lots[]

Community Lots[]


New families[]


Nadir family
Aziz Nadir, Valentina Nadir
When Aziz and Valentina first met, they were drawn to each other by their mutual passion for love as two high schoolers working at a flower store creating anniversary bouquets for couples in their rural hometown. While this peaceful lifestyle felt perfect for Aziz, Valentina always wanted to move to the city and turn her romance obsession into a more ambitious career. After overcoming many ups and downs in their youth to save up and move to the city, they've finally made it big - well, at least Valentina feels like she has. Valentina, the renowned Matchmaker of Ciudad Enamorada, puts all her effort into her newfound life passion: helping others find spectacular love like her and Aziz's. Aziz, however, feels a little left behind in this whole plan. This was never his dream, and his wife is constantly preoccupied with other couples' problems rather than their own. Will Valentina spend so much energy on other couples to the point of her own relationship falling apart? Or whill she learn to find a balance between her passions for love, work, and Aziz?
Dynamic Daters household
Manuel Aguilar, Carmen Ortega, Elia Cruz, Yoltic Xicontencatl
How did these four very different Sims end up living together? It's all for the plot, okay? Carmen, notably a retired CEO of extreme success, was looking for some entertainment in her golden years after the passing of her wife. Carmen met Elia years ago when they were hired as her company chef, and the duo have been inseparable ever since. Manuel joined the gaggle of friends more recently after meeting Elia and Carmen on a night out. He became instantly obsessed with Carmen, who found his larger-than-life personality amusing and his attraction flattering but silly. Quickly after, Manuel's close friend and style advisor, Yoltic, joined in on the roomie fun. Who knows what crazy romantic endeavors the world has in store for this household!
López family
Monica López, Carlos López, Luz López
After Monica's ex-husband discovered a hidden talent for competitive lawn gnome sculpting and decided to leave the family to pursue a career in the quirky world of gnome artistry, things have been a bit different for the López household. Monica was struggling to believe she could ever find love again and dedicated her livelihood to the wellbeing of her children instead. However, now that the children are getting older and she is faced with the terrifying prospect of an empty nest, Monica decides it is time to rediscover her romantic side - little did she know this would happen by her falling for the one and only Manuel Aguilar, the notorious dreamboat in town... who just happened to have attended high school with her son. With Carlos feeling particularly threatened by his former classmate as he enters the unpredictable adult dating world alongside his mother and Luz entering teenhood with an already nervous approach to romance, is there a future of happiness and love for the family?


With Seasons installed, Ciudad Enamorada experiences weather and seasonal factors.


  • Ciudad Enamorada is based on a mix of Hispanic countries, mainly Spain, Cuba, Portugal, and Mexico.
  • The world features builds from EA Creator Network members from Mexico; Fritosaurio, rusticsims, and shikiuv. It is overall the seventh world to have builds made entirely by EA Creators.