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Chimps in Castaway.

Chimpanzees, referred to as Chimps, are NPCs that are found in The Sims 2: Castaway and The Sims Castaway Stories.

The Sims 2: Castaway[]

To interact with a chimp, the player must first offer the chimp a banana to gain their trust. This will work for all chimps but for later interaction, different chimps will react differently since they have their own personalities and needs, just like playable Sims. However, the player will never be able to control a chimp. Also after gaining a chimps trust you can sleep and make it follow you.

Chimps can be befriended and if your relationship is high they will give leaf bundles with items. You can either select the option "respond" or the option "get from chimp" to receive the items. Items found can in the bundles can vary from ingredients such as fruits, veggies, herbs, to building materials like vines, leaves or wood.


Naming: Chimps can be named at any time and this does not affect the relationship.

Shoo: Sends the chimp away.

Chat: A standard interaction that works to gain relationship points with chimps.

Entertain: A interaction that will provide entertainment for a sim as well. When this is selected, the sim will proceed to juggle while the chimp sits down and music plays.

Hug: A interaction that is gained later.

Respond: An interaction where the Sim will respond to the chimps request for attention, usually by hugging if the relationship is high enough, chatting, or receiving a leaf bundle.


In reality, chimpanzees only appear in Africa.