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Taylor the bookworm

A child reading a book

Children's books are found in bookshelves, as well as in stores. Children can read them, or teens and older can read to kids.

The Sims 2Edit

In The Sims 2, Children's books were introduced for the first time. Teens and older (excluding young adults) can read kids' books to children and toddlers.

The Sims 3Edit

In The Sims 3, children's skill books may be purchased at the bookstore. Unlike The Sims 2, the books can only be read to toddlers, and toddlers can try to read the skill books themselves. If Generations is installed, Sims can read bedtime stories to both toddlers and children. Reading skill books may raise a toddler's skills, helping them in the future. Teens or older may read the books to the kids.

The Sims 4Edit

In The Sims 4, teens and older can read books to children. Sims can also read a bedtime story to their children and toddlers. Children may also read a book by themselves.

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