Childhood Phases are a new gameplay mechanic added in The Sims 4: Parenthood. Children and Teens will receive temporary Traits that affect their emotions and autonomous interactions.

List of Phases:

Icon Childhood Phase Description Result
Clingy This Sim feels safest when interacting with their caregiver. There is no reason to interact with others when you have such an amazing person in your life. Forcing this Sim to interact with others will stress them out.
Distant This teen has become distant. Being near and interacting with family has started to stress them out. The world just doesn’t understand them. Sims will recieve a Tense +2 Moodlet when around family members.
I'm a Bear! Be the Bear! This child will accept nothing less than dressing as an amazing fruit-themed ruler of the forest. It will feel unbearable to wear any other outfits.
Loud This Sim is letting the world hear his/her voice! This Sim yells, makes noise on instruments, and will listen to music as loud as possible. Earplugs are advised for other family members.
Mean Streak It is time to be Mean just because. This Sim is feeling nasty and will relish the chance to be Mean to other Sims. Sims will autonomously be Mean to other Sims and will get a Happy +2 Moodlet when using Mean interactions.
Picky Eater It's good to be a Picky Eater. Keep all those nasty culinary concoctions away from the Sim. They will prefer to eat their favorite Quick Meal. Sims will get a Sad +2 Moodlet when eating food that requires a high skill level. They will enjoy eating Quick Meals or low-level dishes.
Rebellious Growing up means rebelling against the old fuddy duddy’s rules. This Sim will argue with their parents more often, swear, and procrastinate when doing homework.
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