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Chestnut Ridge
Chestnut Ridge
World · Featured in: The Sims 4: Horse Ranch
Chestnut Ridge
Chestnut Ridge Map
Name Chestnut Ridge
Game TS4 EP14 Horse Ranch Icon The Sims 4: Horse Ranch
Housed residents 8
Chestnut Ridge World Icon

Chestnut Ridge is a world included in The Sims 4: Horse Ranch expansion pack. In this town resides an equestrian community that is known for its expertise in horse training and nectar making. All neighborhoods have open spaces and long roads perfect for horse riding. There are also many jumping hurdles and barrels located in public spaces. At the town center, there is a clothing store, grocery, and an equestrian center for horse competitions.


This community formed when several groups embraced their mutual connection to Horses and the land. The area soon became known as a hub for all things Equestrian: a town steeped in expertise with raising and training Horses, set against a beautiful and expansive landscape. Over time, the area became famous for another endeavor, as the rich soil brought in the new enterprise of Nectar Making. Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, the region flourished and became the Chestnut Ridge it is today.


New Appaloosa New Appaloosa
Riders' Glen Riders' Glen
Galloping Gulch Galloping Gulch


There are 13 lots in total; 9 residential lots, 1 rental lot, and 3 community lots in Chestnut Ridge.

Residential Lots[]



Empty Lots[]

Vacation Rental Lots[]

Community Lots[]


New families[]


Gooseman household
Don Gooseman, Duke Gooseman
Mentor to Sienna and Umber's mother, this legendary Horse Champion retired and settled in Galloping Gulch with his trusty steed, Duke, to live a life of simple pleasures. Don and Duke enjoy the spoils of their hard work in the vast beauty of the Gulch.
The Nectar Making Duo household
Marissa Tracey, Dani Davila
This duo is working to get their name out into the Nectar Making scene. Marissa uses her outgoing personality and ambition to network. Dani is a connoisseur who lives for the delicate intricacies of their craft in Nectar Making. Their relationship can be strained at times, but, deep down, they have each other's back.
The Grove Family household
Umber Grove, Juniper Grove, Wren Grove, Luna, Starbrite
Umber and Juniper became childhood sweethearts when Umber would serenade Juniper with odes to her Equestrian prowess after taking Horse Riding lessons from his mother. When Umber's parents passed away, he took on the family ranch to honor his native heritage and his sister, Sienna, became the Horse Trainer in town. The son, Wren, has a passion for animals and is training Starbrite, the foal of Umber's childhood rescue horse, Luna... all set to the sweet, peaceful soundtrack of Umber's odes on the porch.
Sienna & Flapjack household
Sienna Grove, Flapjack
As a multiple-time Ultimate Horse Championship winner with her Horse, Salt Lake Flapjack (or “Flapjack” for short), Sienna is happy to share her indigenous wisdom and train Horses to become skilled competitors. After her parents passed and her brother took over the family ranch, she began training and competing full-time. She now runs the Hay Now! Equestrian Center, where she serves as an encouraging and knowledgeable mentor for aspiring equestrians.



With Seasons installed, Chestnut Ridge features all four seasons. During winter, the world can experience snowstorms. Summer and winter are generally milder compared to other worlds.


  • Chestnut Ridge is based on the arid deserts of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah in the Southwestern United States.
  • The world is named after the reddish-brown horse coat color Chestnut.
  • Chestnut Ridge is the sixth world to have all lots built entirely by Simmers and the eighth world overall to contain lots built by Simmers; with returning collaborator Simproved (who previously built a lot for Evergreen Harbor in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle) and new collaborators ChrissieYT, Doctor Ashley, and Ninnster00.
    • Of the latter three, Doctor Ashley is the only Simmer who previously built a lot that shipped with a stuff pack, The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff.
  • One of the neighborhoods, New Appaloosa, is likely a reference to Appaloosa Plains from The Sims 3: Pets which also is a country town with equestrian activities
    • Appaloosa is also a North American horse breed having dark spots on a light background.
  • The world was teased via the postcard roadmap.[1]