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The caterer is a service in The Sims: House Party and The Sims 4 which can be hired for parties and other special occasions. A caterer will refill buffet tables and punch bowls continuously.

The Sims: House Party[]

In The Sims: House Party, there is only one caterer named Yves. He charges §350 per visit, but will remain in the house until midnight, or until the player dismisses him. Anyone can hire him, even children. If called to a house that does not have either a buffet table or punch bowl, he will grumble angrily, fine the player §25 for his inconvenience, and then leave.

He will refill buffet tables and punch bowls free of additional charge, and will refill them even when they are not fully depleted, allowing for an unlimited, everlasting supply of food and punch. When he is dismissed, he will clean up before leaving. If there is nothing for him to do, he will converse with other party guests. The cater can be summoned during events. He/she will cook food for guest can be npc or regular sim

The Sims 4[]

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