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A list of career tracks in The Sims series.

Career tracks table[]

Career The Sims The Sims 2[1] The Sims 3 The Sims 4
Careers, professions, and self-employments
Acrobat TS3ST Icon.png
Adventurer The Sims 2 Seasons Icon.png
Alchemist Alchemist
Angler Angler
Animal care The Sims Unleashed.gif
Architecture Architecture Architectural designer Interior decorator
Art appraiser TS3UL Icon.png
Artist The Sims 2 University Icon.png Painter TS4 Icon.png
Astronaut TS4 Icon.png
Astronomer TS3ITF Icon.png
Athletic Pro Athlete Athletic Professional Sports Athlete
Band Band
Bot arena TS3ITF Icon.png
Bot Builder Bot Builder
Business Business Business Business Business
Circus The Sims Unleashed.gif
Civil designer TS4 EP9 Eco Lifestyle Icon.png
Conservationist TS4 EP7 Island Living Icon.png
Crafter TSCS Icon.png
Criminal Life of crime Criminal Criminal Criminal
Critic TS4 City Living Icon.png
Culinary Culinary arts Culinary Culinary Culinary
Dance The Sims 2 FreeTime Icon.png
Daycare TS3G Icon.png
Drama club TS4 EP6 GF Icon.png
Education Education Education Education Education
Engineer TS4 EP8 Discover University Icon.png
Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment Entertainer
E-sports competitor TS4 EP8 Discover University Icon.png
Fame Fame The Sims 2 University Icon.png
Fashion The Sims Unleashed.gif TS3A Icon.png Style Influencer
Film TS3LN Icon.png TS4 EP6 GF Icon.png
Firefighter TS3A Icon.png
Fortune teller TS3SN Icon.png
Freelancer TS4 Icon.png
Game development TSLS Icon.png TS3UL Icon.png
Gamer The Sims 2 Seasons Icon.png
Gardener Gardener Gardener
Gatherer Gatherer
Ghost hunter TS3A Icon.png
Hacker The Sims Livin' Large.gif
Horseman Horse(wo)man
Hunter Hunter
Intelligence The Sims 2 FreeTime Icon.png
Inventor Inventor
Investigator TS3A Icon.png
Journalism Journalism Journalism Journalism
Law Law Law
Law enforcement Law enforcement Law enforcement Law enforcement Detective
Lifeguard TS3IP Icon.png
Magician TS3ST Icon.png
Medicine Medicine Medicine Medical Doctor
Military Military Military Military Military
Music Musician Music Music
Natural scientist The Sims 2 University Icon.png
Nectar Maker Nectar Maker
Oceanography The Sims 2 FreeTime Icon.png
Paranormal Paranormal Paranormal
Photographer Photographer
Politics Politics Politics Political Politician
Salaryperson Salaryperson
Science Science Science Science Scientist
Scout Scout
Scuba Diver Scuba Diver
Sculptor Sculptor
Secret agent TS4 Icon.png
Singer Singer
Slacker Slacker Slacker
Soccer Team Player TS4 EP8 Discover University Icon.png
Social Media TS4 City Living Icon.png
Sports Agent TS3UL Icon.png
Tech Guru TS4 Icon.png
Writer Writer TS4 Icon.png
Xtreme The Sims Icon.png
Part-time jobs
Alien Test Subject Alien Test Subject
Babysitter Babysitter
Barista Barista
Bookstore Clerk TS3 Icon.png
Diver Diver
Fast Food Employee Fast Food Employee
Film Film
Fisherman Fisherman
Grocery Store Clerk TS3 Icon.png
Lifeguard Lifeguard
Manual Laborer Manual Labroer
Mausoleum Clerk TS3 Icon.png
Receptionist TS3 Icon.png
Retail Employee Retail Employee
Spa Specialist TS3 Icon.png
Pet careers
Security The Sims 2 Pets Icon.png
Service The Sims 2 Pets Icon.png
Showbiz The Sims 2 Pets Icon.png

The Sims[]

In The Sims, a Sim at the top of a career track will eventually get moved to another.

The career tracks don't have a clear hierarchy from best to worst, but they do have a clear best and a clear worst.

The Sims base game careers[]

Livin' Large careers[]

Unleashed careers[]

Superstar careers[]

The Sims Bustin' Out[]

The Sims Bustin' Out for console careers[]

The Sims Bustin' Out for console free play careers[]

The Sims Bustin' Out for handheld careers[]

  • Mower Madness
  • Smoothie Slider
  • Powerlifter
  • Bait Flinger
  • Jam Session
  • Pizza Pandemonium
  • Cliff Diver X
  • Petri Dish

The Sims 2[]

Similarly to careers in The Sims, the highest-paying career track changes between levels. This chart showcases the weekly pay for all careers in The Sims 2 and its expansions.

The Sims 2 base game careers[]

University careers[]

Pets careers (for pets)[]

Seasons careers[]

FreeTime careers[]

The Sims Stories[]

The Sims Life Stories[]

The Sims Castaway Stories[]

The Sims 2 console[]

The Sims 2 for console careers[]

The Sims 2: Pets for console careers[]

The Sims 3[]

The Sims 3 base game careers[]

Ambitions careers[]

Late Night careers[]

  • Film career icon.png Film
    • Acting branch
    • Directing branch

Generations careers[]

Showtime careers[]

Supernatural careers[]

University Life careers[]

All new careers are connected to the new social groups:

Island Paradise careers[]

Into the Future careers[]

  • Astronomer career icon.png Astronomer
    • Astrophysicist branch
    • Space Explorer branch
  • Bot Arena career icon.png Bot Arena
    • Arena Official branch
    • Arena Mechanic branch

Part-time jobs[]

Base game
Late Night

Self-employed careers[]

The Sims 4[]

In The Sims 4, every off-world career has two branches, while every active career only has one. Sims also have the option to register as self-employed with the Ministry of Labor, which is completely open-ended with no career levels or branches. Patch 79 added the freelancer career, which allows Sims to work on their own time from home.

The Sims 4 base game careers[]

  • TS4 Career Astronaut.png Astronaut
    • Space Ranger Branch
    • Interstellar Smuggler Branch
  • TS4 Career Athlete.png Athlete
    • Professional Athlete Branch
    • Bodybuilder Branch
  • TS4 Career Business.png Business
    • Management Branch
    • Investor Branch
  • TS4 Career Criminal.png Criminal
    • Boss Branch
    • Oracle Branch
  • TS4 Career Culinary.png Culinary
    • Chef Branch
    • Mixologist Branch
  • TS4 Career Entertainer.png Entertainer
    • Musician Branch
    • Comedian Branch
  • TS4 Career Freelancer.png Freelancer
    • Digital Artist Branch
    • Programmer Branch
    • Writer Branch
    • Fashion Photographer Branch[TS4:MS]
    • Crafter Branch[TS4:EL]
    • Paranormal Investigator Branch[TS4:PS]
  • TS4 Career Painter.png Painter
    • Master of the Real Branch
    • Patron of the Arts Branch
  • TS4 Career Secret Agent.png Secret Agent
    • Diamond Agent Branch
    • Villain Branch
  • TS4 Career Self-Employed.png Self-Employed
  • TS4 Career Style Influencer.png Style Influencer
    • Trendsetter Branch
    • Stylist Branch
  • TS4 Career Tech Guru.png Tech Guru
    • eSport Gamer Branch
    • Start-up Entrepreneur Branch
  • TS4 Career Writer.png Writer
    • Author Branch
    • Journalist Branch

Get to Work careers[]

City Living careers[]

  • TS4 Career Critic.png Critic
    • Arts Critic Branch
    • Food Critic Branch
  • TS4 Career Politician.png Politician
    • Politician Branch
    • Charity Organizer Branch
  • TS4 Career Social Media.png Social Media
    • Internet Personality Branch
    • Public Relations Branch

Seasons careers[]

  • TS4 Gardener career.png Gardener
    • Botanist Branch
    • Floral Designer Branch

Get Famous careers[]

StrangerVille careers[]

  • TS4 Career Military.png Military
    • Covert Operator Branch
    • Officer Branch

Island Living careers[]

Discover University careers[]

  • TS4 Education career.png Education
    • Administrator Branch
    • Professor Branch
  • TS4 Engineer career.png Engineer
    • Computer Engineer Branch
    • Mechanical Engineer Branch
  • TS4 Law career.png Law
    • Judge Branch
    • Private Attorney Branch

Eco Lifestyle careers[]

Snowy Escape careers[]

Dream Home Decorator careers[]

Part-time jobs[]

Teens can take a part-time job in addition to attending high-school, while older Sims can work up to two part-time jobs.

Base game
Island Living

Afterschool activities[]

Children and teens can enroll in an afterschool activity in addition to attending school. They function similarly to adult careers, except they are unpaid and only take place on the weekends. Discover University adds two afterschool activities that are only available to university students.

Get Famous
Discover University

Errands and odd jobs[]

Errands and odd jobs are introduced in Cottage Living and Island Living, respectively. They consist of small, once-off tasks Sims can complete for a few extra Simoleons.

The Sims Online[]


In this job, Sims go to work at a restaurant (different restaurant at higher levels in their career) and would take NPC's orders, place them in the ticket machine, and bring them their food when it was finished.

Robot Factory[]

In this job, Sims would have to operate and maintain machines in a factory to produce robots. Players were paid for every robot made.

Night Club[]

In this job, Sims would go to the club into the workers door and either work DJ or Dancer. They would be in competition with three other DJ/Dancer teams to get the most NPC guests in their area.