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Careers on The Sims Social.

Careers in The Sims Social are similar to careers or jobs in other games in The Sims series. Careers were added to the game on 22 March 2012.[1]

Career in The Sims SocialEdit

In The Sims Social, career is a feature that allows players to give their Sim a job, and gain promotions by doing it. Each time a Sim promoted, they gained a reward.


Job/appointment is a task on career (each career title has different task). You'll earn Simoleons, XP, Career Points, Career Tokens (rare) after finished an appointment, which help you to get promoted later.

When the appointment is finished click 'Go To Work' button to get them. Instead going outside home to work, you just need to wait for specified time to finish a job (your Sim can do other things in his/her house). Every job/appointment has different time needed to be finished. If you come on time, you will get a bonus!


Each career title has stage, and everytime you went to next stage, you need to finish quest.


To continue to the next stage/promotion, you will be presented to a quest, and it requires elements, tokens, upgrading job stars, skill, etc. to be finished. For the stage, it gives you nothing (only level-up), but for the promotion, it gives you rewards.


As you earn Career Points and finished the stages, overtime you will be presented to a quest which will promote you to new title! After you finished the quest, you'll get rewards (each career has different rewards) and new title. You will also have a new different jobs/appointments.

Career Points and TokensEdit


Career Point.

Career Points and Tokens earned from jobs/appointments. Career Points are used to finished stages, while Career Token are used to finish career quests. Each career has different token.

Career ListEdit

Currently, there are three different Careers available (you only able to choose one in one time):

Image Career Name Related Skills Token
Expertcook Celebrity Chef Cooking skill Chefcareertoken
Musicmaestro Rock Star Music skill Rockercareertoken
Artvirtuoso Art Master Art skill Artistcareertoken


Celebrity Chef

Level Name Reward

Career Points Needed Total

1 Dish Washer UltraJet X007 Dishwasher 300x3 stage
2 Burger Flipper McBurga Uniform Top 500x3 stage
3 Sandwich Artist MmmToasty®Pro Grill 700x3 stage
4 Prep Chef Le Chef Hat 900x3 stage
5 Cooking Show Expert Cook trait 1100x3 stage

Rock Star

Level Name Reward

Career Points Needed Total

1 Air Guitar Player BoB Plaque Winner 300x3 stage
2 Karaoke Singer GrabIt 500 Mic and Stand 500x3 stage
3 Street Performer guitar 700x3 stage
4 Garage Band Musician RokOWT! T-Shirt 900x3 stage
5 Web Sensation Music Maestro trait 1100x3 stage

Art Master

Level Name Reward

Career Points Needed Total

1 Canvas Stretcher Bella Lisa 300x3 stage
2 Serial Doodler Mr ArtsyPro Draftsman Table 500x3 stage
3 Cereal Box Artist Annual Cereal Awards Trophy 700x3 stage
4 Web Comic Artist Amazing Mike T-Shirt 900x3 stage
5 Street Art Sensation Art Virtuoso trait 1100x3 stage


References Edit

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