The Sims 2

Capp Manor
Capp Manor.jpg
Lot type Residential
Value §149,953
Lot size Huge
Number of floors 2
Occupants Capp family
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Neighborhood Veronaville
Game The Sims 2

The Capps live in one of the largest lots in Veronaville in The Sims 2. The home has no address, but is referred to simply as 'Capp Manor'. The home itself is situated at the far edge of the 'English' side of town, across from the Monty Ranch. The Manor is relatively small, resting on a massive 60x50 lot, valued at §149,953.

The Manor has two floors; the first consists of a kitchen and dining room to the right, a small parlor in the middle, and the master bedroom and bathroom to the left. Upstairs, there is one large bedroom, presumably Juliette's, with a bathroom to the right. Towards the left are two bedrooms, one with a television and the other with a computer, and a shared bathroom. The Manor is situated at the back of the lot, with a large stone patio in front a long walkway to the road. There are two ponds along with walkway.

Like the Goth Home, Capp Manor sports a private graveyard, indicating that the family has been living in this house for generations. This is probably a reference to the Capulet crypt in Romeo and Juliet, because Juliet says that all her ancestors are buried there, like with Capp Manor. Also, Juliet spends her last days in the crypt, so it is of large importance; that's probably why the creators included it in Capp Manor. Buried in the cemetery are:

The urns of Contessa and Cordelia Capp rest in the master bedroom.

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