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Trait anti art.png

Can't stand art is a mental trait from The Sims 3. It conflicts with Artistic, Easily Impressed, Savvy Sculptor, and Avant Garde.

Sims that Can't Stand Art will never appreciate the latest masterpiece of expensive home decor. They are the anti-connoisseur.


  • A Sim who can't stand art will detest any kind of art from paintings to sculptures...
  • The Sim may get a "Can't Stand Art" moodlet when looking at art, and will have a disgusted reaction when looking at most art/sculptures.
  • Sims will not enjoy talking about art.
  • Sims prefer living in a home with very little decoration.
  • Sims are excluded from the getting the "Decorated" moodlet and its related variations (Nicely Decorated, etc.)
  • NPCs or inactive Sims with this trait will not visit the following lot assignments: Art gallery.
  • Sims will often have wishes to sell paintings that are in the house.
  • Sims who can't stand art will often get wishes to go home whenever they are forced to attend the local art gallery.
  • Sims who Can't Stand Art are at a disadvantage when undertaking a Fine Arts major while studying at college.[TS3:UL]


There is bug affecting Sims with this trait, in which these Sims may get a positive moodlet from looking at good decoration or art.

Unlocked interactions[]

  • Sims can "complain about art" when around pieces of art or decoration.


  • This trait is tied with the Coward trait for having the most traits that it conflicts with in the game, at four.

Special Moodlets[]

Image Moodlet Name Notes
Cant Stand Art.png Can't Stand Art Sims with this trait will receive this negative moodlet when looking at pieces of art or decoration. They can receive the "Calm Down" interaction while this moodlet is in effect.

Sims who can't stand art[]

Beau Andrews, Trigger Broke, Travis McDermott.

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