Buydebug is a cheat in The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. It allows the player to buy objects not normally available in the buy mode catalog, such as debugging objects, room markers, shell buildings, etc.

The Sims 3Edit

To activate the cheat, the player must first enable the testing cheats by opening the cheat box and typing in testingcheatsenabled true. They then must type buydebug on. A box with a question mark will appear in the buy mode catalog that contains the debugging objects. To turn it off, enter in the same cheat and instead of on, type in off. The same rule applies to The Sims 4.

The Sims 4Edit

Like The Sims 3, the player must enable the testing cheats before turning on the cheat. The code to enable the cheat is bb.showhiddenobjects.

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