The Bust Out Mode is a game mode for The Sims Bustin' Out, which acts as the replacement for the Get a Life mode from the console version of The Sims. Like Get a Life mode, Bust Out Mode is a goal based gameplay mode of the game in which various objectives must be accomplished to reach new areas, which unlock various items in the Buy area of the free play mode.

Level 1 Edit

Mom's HouseEdit

You start your life at Mom's House where you live with Mom. The tasks at this house are simple, and are all about filling your motive bars from red to green and finding your first job. The rewards for clearing the objectives are money and your scooter so you can move into either Mimi's Place or Dudley's Trailer, depending on the Career track you have selected. Being a beginner stage, the motive bars decay at a much slower rate than the other houses. It is also significantly easier to gain skills whilst living at Mom's house at the start of the game, although the fact she will nag at you to get one continuously.

Level 2 Edit

Mimi's PlaceEdit

Mimi's Place is much larger and more comfortable than her brother's, Dudley's Trailer, regardless of gender. You will move here if you take up Counter Culture, Movie Star or Fashion Victim career tracks. The main tasks here are to fix her coffee machine, earn cookery skills, befriend Mimi and gain 2 promotions. When you have been promoted twice, depending on your career track you are on, it can take you to Goth Manor or Studio 8.

Dudley's TrailerEdit

The main tasks for this residence are to tidy up the house mess, befriend Dudley and earn promotions. Dudley's trailer is much smaller than his sister's house, but good for his late night parties. You move in here from Mom's House if you are in Mad Scientist, Paramilitary, Jock or Gangster career tracks. When you earn two promotions here in your designated career track you can move in to Toane's Gym or Goth Manor depending on the career track you are on.

Level 3 Edit

Goth ManorEdit

Something is not quite right at the rather mysterious and mystical Goth Manor as it is haunted, surrounded by tombs, and has lightning each night. Home of Bella and Mortimer Goth. In this location, you will develop your career track further as a Mad Scientist or as a Movie star. You must perform a séance in this level to banish the ghosts that haunt the Goths. From here you will trek to Club Rubb or Shiny Things Lab to further develop your career position.

Toane's GymEdit

Toane's gym is home to both Max and Goldie Toane, who are late with the rent and lose their treadmill and climbing wall as a result of Malcolm's "repo" service. Develop your skills in both the Gangster and Jock career tracks here using the equipment. A main goal here is to hold a membership party and sign 4 members to bring money to the gym once more, to avoid future "repossesions" by Mr. Landgraab. From here, move to Casa Caliente or Shiny Things Labs. Go back to the gym and attack Goldie and Max to win an extra $1000 if at Tinsel Bluffs.

Studio 8Edit

Welcome to Studio 8, where Artie Fischl and Charity Grant have a way to keep this small gallery functioning... but barely. They plan to throw a huge art opening by rearranging the art, but they need a little help. Career Sims on the Counter Culture and Fashion tracks go here. Once finished, move out to Club Rubb or Casa Caliente.

Level 4 Edit

Club RubbEdit

Club Rubb is the hippest spot in town, an old warehouse turned into a rather dark club by Bing Bling and Mona Lott. The locals want you to help throw the ultimate DJ party, but are missing a dance floor, thanks to Malcolm's mental breakdown. Club Rubb is home to the Movie Star, Fashion, and Jock tracks, and it is here, along with other level 4 houses, that the player is presented with optional goals involving marriage. Once finished here, pack up and shove off to Tinsel Bluffs.

Casa CalienteEdit

A 1960s style love shack, residents Randy Hart and Paisley Rainbow are all about having a good time and partying, with the occasional WooHoo with multiple partners. Members of the Gangster and Counter Culture apply here, and the goals all revolve around love, romanticism, marriage, and WooHoo. When your stay here is done, move onto the nudist Pixel Acres.

Shiny Things LabEdit

A cold, stark, and silvery place, Shiny Things Labs is owned by Malcolm Landgraab and is home to Makino Nada and Vaughn Braun, creator of the Von Braun recliner and renowned couch, the best recliner and couch in the game. Vaughn wants to have a gnome launch party, but also stresses goals like marriage and childbirth. Career tracks like Paramilitary and Mad Scientist make home here and then both move out to The Octagon.

Level 5 Edit

Tinsel BluffsEdit

Tinsel Bluffs, a "castle in the sky", is located on the side of a bluff and is home to both Humphrey Hawks and Fanny Adore. Both SitCom stars, these two are in need of a movie idea. Level 5 houses all have a goal having to do with Malcolm and the goal here is to convince him to hive the player a movie role. Use either talent, intimidation or relationship scores to convince him. Residents here practice the Movie Star, Fashion, and Jock tracks. Move out to Malcolm's Mansion once finished here.

The OctagonEdit

The Octagon, a leftover Cold War bunker, is home to the Paramilitary and Mad Scientist career track and residents General Payne and Maxine Powers. Along with other military goals, like shutting down hackers, bio weapons, and anti-war protesters, the player's main goal here will be to "eliminate" Senator Landgraab. When finished, head to Malcolm's Mansion.

Pixel AcresEdit

Pixel Acres is the local nudist colony and residents Ying Yangst and Chase Skurtz are all about being free and spreading peace. But becoming a Gangster? They lack the hospitality of an actual house to live in, but bring the outdoors to the player's sim instead. They also plot to somehow get Malcolm to "get free" and then bust him for indecent a nudist colony? They also want get Chase's secret formula out into the opening. When members of the Gangster and Counter Culture tracks finish business here, they go to Malcolm's Mansion.

Level 6 Edit

Malcolm's MansionEdit

The final level. Your hard work has paid off and, once Malcolm is booted by Mom, you focus on upgrading your mansion by 20,000 simoleons and mastering as many careers as possible to fill up that mysterious fountain out in the front yard... But what about the price it costs every three days to pay the bills? Malcolm's Mansion is filled with many mysteries.

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