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The citizens of Burdley find that most people live with too much complication and distraction. Unlike the people of Ticktop, they choose to embrace the basic essences of life and spend their days gathering basic building materials and living a code of peace and simplicity.

Burdley is an earthy community whose citizens have embraced a basic and natural lifestyle of peace and simplicity. The society of Burdley revolves around trees and woodwork; Burdleyites - as they're called - are famed for woodcrafting and are led by the best woodcrafter in the territory, the Master Builder.

Burley appears on the map when the kingdom reaches 160 Renown. It requires 10 Resource Points to ally with.


Burdley buys Medical supplies.


  • 2 Cruddium for Scrap Metal
  • 1 Magic Powder for Strong Health Salve
  • 3 Mysterious Machine Part for Unicorn Meat
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