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For the familial relationship, see Family relationships.
For the household in Windenburg, see Bro household.
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Bro is a social trait that was introduced in The Sims 4. Despite what the name of the trait seems to imply, Sims of either gender can have this trait. It is only available for teens and older.

"These Sims can Bro Hug other Bros, gain Confidence around other Bros, and become Energized from Watching Sports."


Happy Bro.jpg

  • Bro Sims receive the happy moodlet of "Hanging with Bros" when in proximity to other bros.
  • Bro Sims receive the confident moodlet of "Sports Rule" when watching sports on TV.
  • Bro Sims can "Bro Hug " and "Bro Bump" with other bros.


  • Bro Hug Someone

Bro Sims[]

Mitchell Kalani, J Huntington III, Gavin Richards

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