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Box Of Danger
Box Of Danger
Game The Sims 3: Showtime
Buyability Limited
Size 3x2
Magician box of danger
The Box of Danger is an object introduced in The Sims 3: Showtime. It is a box that Sims who are employed in the Magician career receive when they reach level 7, and which they can use to perform "Buried Alive" and "Watery Grave".

A Sim who uses the Box of Danger has a small chance of dying, and emerging as the respective ghost. However, this is just an accident and does not depend on the magician's skills.

If a Sim dies while performing the "Watery Grave" trick, their ghost will be identical to that of a Sim who has died by drowning. After patch 1.50, the ghost is dark blue.

If a Sim dies after performing the "Buried Alive" trick, their ghost will be grayish in color and partially transparent.


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