Name Bottom Summerdream
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Child Child
Life state CAS Human icon Human
Parents Oberon Summerdream, Titania Summerdream
Sibling(s) Puck Summerdream
Zodiac sign Leo Leo
Aspiration  Grow Up
Other Information
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Veronaville

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Bottom Summerdream is the child of the Summerdream Family, which resides in Veronaville. Bottom enjoys getting attention. Her older brother Puck is often irritated by her. She is a bit bratty, but this may be because she has loving parents that shower her with attention.

Note: Nick Bottom is a weaver, in A Midsummer Night's Dream. While rehearsing a play, Puck changes Bottom's head for an ass's head. Titania falls in love with him.

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