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A Bored Sim

Bored is an emotion in The Sims 4. It is obtained when a Sim does the same interactions and conversations over and over, as well as reading skill books below the Sim's level,[1] and watching TV channels that are not suited for one's traits or age group. It can be from kids and teens coming back from school.

Sims cannot die from boredom. This emotion can be removed by using an object in the household that increases the fun need, although a low Fun need gives the Tense moodlet.

Interactions and Activities Edit

Interactions Edit

  • Suggest fun activities
  • Complain about boredom
  • Discuss Bored Mood

Whims Edit

  • Find a Collectible
  • Watch TV
  • Play Computer Games

Supportive traits Edit

  • Snob Sims will be bored when watching lowbrow television
  • Sims who hates children will be bored while reading a children's book
  • Dance machine Sims will be bored when they haven't danced in a while

Careers and Jobs Edit

No careers benefit from the Sim being bored or have it as their ideal emotion.


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