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Bookshelves, or bookcases, are a category of buy mode objects in The Sims series.

The SimsEdit

Game The Sims
Buyability Buy mode
Object type(s) Skill

Bookshelves contain an infinite number of books. Bookshelves can be used by adult Sims to study cooking or mechanical. Bookshelves can also be used by child Sims to study for school; doing so eventually raises the child's school grade. Sims can also read books from the bookshelf for enjoyment.


List of bookshelvesEdit

Object name Game Price Size Description Notes
Cheap Pine Bookcase
Ts1 cheap pine bookcase
The Sims Cover §250 1x1 This plain, functional bookcase will keep the books and souvenirs off the floor. It does the job, but that's about it. Sims can improve their cooking and mechanical skills by reading books. Kids can also use books to study and improve their grades.

Fun: 1

Amishim Bookcase
Ts1 amishim bookcase
The Sims Cover §500 1x1 This bookcase offers quality you will not find outside of SimCity. Amishim Furniture specializes in large bookcases with extra-thick shelves, eliminating the worry of bowing or breakage over time. Whether your Sims are just reading their favorite book for fun, doing some serious studying, or trying to improve their cooking or mechanical skills, these shelves were built to last.

Fun: 2

Libri di Regina Bookcase
Ts1 libri di regina bookcase
The Sims Cover §900 1x2 The bold European design of the Libri di Regina turns ordinary reading and studying into a passion for the written word. Adds style and sophistication to any room.
Manufacturer: Iliterati & Co.

Fun: 3

"The Swing" Bookshelf
Ts1 the swing bookshelf
The Sims Livin' Large Cover §910 1x1 Another instant classic from Gliteri & Co. The Swing is full of life and vitality. Pressure-treated and steam-twisted wood gives a humorous twist to any interior. Designer: Beni Dingi

Fun: 3

Galvanator Bookshelf
Ts1 galvanator bookshelf
The Sims House Party Cover §925 1x1 System Name: "Galvanator Bookshelf"
Description: Industrial Strength Shelving
Construction: Electrogalvanized zinc coated steel
Artist: Nial Stiik
Fun: 3
Ornery Owl Pioneer Bookcase
Ts1 ornery owl pioneer bookcase
The Sims House Party Cover §935 1x2 No self-respecting, educated homesteader was without an Ornery Owl bookcase. Shipped by flatcar, covered wagon or mule train, these heavy, ornate "book arks" were a real rarity and status symbol throughout the Old West. With the arrival of books and exotic "schools" years later, they also became increasingly useful. Fun: 3
The Face of Shakespeare
Ts1 the face of shakespeare
The Sims Superstar Cover §2,339 1x1 Are you a creative person seeking inspiration? Do you have a background in performing arts, but maybe lack some of that charismatic je-ne-sais-quoi? Well then this could be the answer to all your problems! Sharpen your wit, improve your charm by reciting your favorite play to this bust of the bard. He'll listen like no one else can.

Sims can also use the bust of Shakespeare on top to build Charisma.

Fun: 3 Room: 3


The Sims 2Edit

Game The Sims 2
Buyability Buy mode
Object type(s) Skill

Bookshelves contain an unlimited number of skill and non-skill books. They can be used by any Sim, child or older, to develop cooking, mechanical and cleaning skills. Sims can also read books from the bookshelf for enjoyment, or write in their diary. Teens and older can read books from the bookshelf to toddlers and children. Sims cannot study from the bookshelf to increase their grades, although young adults in college can use the bookshelf to do research.

Books are considered to be separate from the bookshelf, unlike The Sims. Since most books in The Sims 2 are considered to be the same and can be used for the same purposes, it is possible for a bookshelf to simply be sold after a Sim has removed a book from one. Books removed from a bookshelf can be placed on the ground or on tables, and can be used again an unlimited number of times. If a bookshelf is present, Sims can be instructed to put books back into the bookshelf, and neat Sims may do this autonomously after reading a book.

With Open for Business, books can be sold by marking any bookshelf with the sale tool. This allows players to start and run a simulated bookstore. Bookshelves will contain a limited number of books for sale. Once the stock runs out, the bookshelf will turn into a restock sign.

Bookshelves can be found in the "Hobbies > Knowledge" section of buy mode, and can be placed on both residential and community lots.

List of bookshelvesEdit

Object name Game Buyability Price Size Description Notes
CinderBooks by Retratech
Ts2 cinderbooks by retratech
The Sims 2 Buy mode §200 1x1 Basic and unassuming, these simple planks and blocks represent the foundation of knowledge and learning. Read of love and adventure on a lonely night or learn how engines work in an afternoon. Buy one today!

Fun: 1

Available colors: Knotty Pine, Old wood, Black

Craftmeister Booknook
Ts2 craftmeister booknook
The Sims 2 Buy mode §250 1x1 Spy thriller, sci-fi, romance, horror, horror romance — all your favorite stories have a place on this set of shelves from Craftmeister. Made from reconstituted and regurgitated chipboard, the Booknook is a testament to recycling. Some assembly required, but no Fortran.

Fun: 1

Available colors: Oak, Black, Pine, Old wood, Mahogany

BiblioFile Bookcase
Ts2 bibliofile bookcase
The Sims 2 Buy mode §400 1x1 The BiblioFile Bookcase is a real space-saver for book lovers. Made of recycled pressboard, the BiblioFile is sturdy enough to hold all kinds of trinkets and volumes but lightweight enough that it won't leave those embarrasing [sic] dents in the carpet.

Available colors: Pressed Pine, Pine

Double-Helix Designer Bookshelf
Ts2 double-helix designer bookshelf
The Sims 2 Buy mode §650 1x1 For higher learning at a higher price, look no further than the volumes of the Double-Helix bookshelf. Whether you're a voracious reader or just want your friends to think you are, the Double-Helix is for you!

Fun: 1

Available colors:
Frame: Dark wood, steel, Medium wood, Light wood
Shelves: Green, White, Black, Blue, Steel

Novellas Nouveau Bookcase
Ts2 novellas nouveau bookcase
The Sims 2 Buy mode §800 1x1 With fluid form and classy curves, Novellas Nouveau is more than any simple "bookshelf." Its very design speaks volumes as to the tastes of its owner. With an air of authority and sense of sophistication, placing this work of art in the home will not only make the room look more intelligent, it might even broaden your mind.

Fun: 1

Environment: 2

Renaissance Bookcase by Literary Designs
Ts2 renaissance bookcase by literary designs
The Sims 2 Buy mode §950 1x1 Stack your Shakespeare with pride in this beautifully finished wood piece that really is much ado about something. Hard metal fixtures, engraved wood skirting and intricate claw feet make the Renaissance bookcase an enlightened residence for your most treasured books. Literary Designs, because your classics deserve a classic home.

Fun: 1

Environment: 2

Available colors: Red wood, Dark wood, Brown wood

Dahlen Library Bookcases
Ts2 dahlen library bookcases
The Sims 2: University Buy mode §700 1x1 The perfect furnishings for any library or personal reading room... Dahlen's line of high-rise bookcases was inspired by his vast personal library and the city skyline outside his study window.

Fun: 1

Available colors: Oak, Black, Pine, Old wood, Mahogany

First Class Shelves by Well Bred and Co.
Ts2 first class shelves by well bred and co
The Sims 2: Glamour Life Stuff Buy mode §900 1x1 A stellar book can be a rousing adventure tightly nestled within the fibers of paper and ink. First Class Shelves are a guarantee that your journey is one of luxury and leisure. Leave the heavy lifting, bore, toil and trouble to the porters and concierge -- for your literary delights, it's First Class all the way.

Fun: 1

Environment: 2

Available colors:
Shelves: Maple, Dark wood, Gold, Red wood, Steel
Supports: Gold, Steel

Books First for Learning: A Bookshelf of Education
Education Career Reward
The Sims 2: Seasons Limited 1x1 Books First, the revolutionary new education system sweeping the community is now ready to enter the homes of working educators with A Bookshelf of Education. Knowledge can be obtained for any discipline via the Golden Book of Cornelius von Schtoop. Taking the first step to a life of learning is like the first step in a candy store-delicious.

Unlocked as a career reward at Education Level 5

Fun: 1

EDUKATE Shelf by Fun in the Sun
Ts2 EDUKATE shelf by fun in the sun
The Sims 2: Teen Style Stuff Buy mode §325 1x1 You know what most bookshelves are missing? Poles! Where others fail the Fun in the sun EDUKATE Shelf delivers in spades. With four sturdy poles and a curved frame, this shelf will spread fun from wherever it is placed.

Fun: 1

The Better Bookshelf by It Creations
Ts2 the better bookshelf by it creations
The Sims 2: Teen Style Stuff Buy mode §375 1x1 It Creations knows that you're perfect and you don't need any stinking books to better yourself. Nevertheless, you have books lying around and wouldn't it just look nicer to have them all on a bookshelf? The Better bookshelf provides plenty of fashionable shelf space for all your books and smaller belongings, while also providing a sense of accomplishment and cleanliness.

Fun: 1

Available colors: White, Blue, Pink, Yellow

Higher Education by Darkness
Ts2 higher education by darkness
The Sims 2: Teen Style Stuff Buy mode §425 1x1 If books take on the properties of the bookcase they are placed in, be careful when filling the Higher Education bookcase from Darkness. Some have said that a power lurks inside the wood used to make these shelves, although Darkness has claimed this to be nothing but exaggerated rumor.

Fun: 1

Available colors: White, Red, Purple, Grey

Bookworm's Delight
Ts2 bookworm's delight
The Sims 2: FreeTime Buy mode §800 1x1 A bookshelf connoisseur's dream, a literary masterpiece! This bookshelf, while simple in design, is made from striking wood and is measured to hold the entire Encyclopedia America set in one shelf. Additionally, it comes with matching bookends, magazine holders, and several other accessories that will make book collectors squeal (or at least sigh contentedly) with delight.

Fun: 1

Available colors: Old wood, Black, Oak, Mahogany, Pine

BILLY Bookcase
Ts2 BILLY bookcase
The Sims 2: IKEA Home Stuff Buy mode §190 1x1 There is an ancient legend that a wild bookcase used to roam the plains, casting fear on the other bookcases with its wild colors and renegade ways. IKEA has tamed BILLY and made him available for the masses at a price that's almost criminal itself. Don't be afraid to take one of these wild ones home today.

Fun: 1

Available colors: Black, Red, Birch, Beech, White

TrekBuks Bookcase
Ts2 trekbuks bookcase
The Sims 2: Apartment Life Buy mode §590 1x1 Are you looking for an educational journey of thrills and excitement? Want to polish off those rusty skills and get into the fast lane of success? This ultra modern influenced bookcase is sure to give your brain a charge by just being in your home.

Fun: 1

Environment: 1

Available colors: Dark wood, Light wood, Steel, Medium wood

Mysterous [sic] [n 1] Looking Bookcase
Ts2 mysterious looking bookcase
The Sims 2: Apartment Life Buy mode §750 1x2 There is nothing really mysterious about this bookcase, but why does it seem like something is hidden behind it? Something important, that no one should see? Nah, it's probably nothing.

Fun: 1

Environment: 2

Available colors: Dark wood, Red wood, Brown wood, Old wood

Very Mysterious Shelving
Ts2 very mysterious shelving
The Sims 2: Apartment Life Buy mode §1,200 1x2 Many centuries ago, Morgana, and [sic] aspiring witch, married a man who was very suspicious of the supernatural. For their love to have a chance, she had to keep her craft a secret from her husband. It didn't take her long to figure out that he hated books almost as much as magic and spam, so she came up with this secret door to protect the pathway to her hidden chambers. Now that Morgana and her husband are no more, only a few people know how to activate the secret mechanism - maybe the secret is lost forever?

Must be placed on a wall. Doubles as a door. Sims will not autonomously use the door; the player must select the bookshelf and manually instruct Sims to use it.

Fun: 1

Environment: 2

Available colors: Red wood, Dark brown wood, Old wood, Brown wood

The Sims 3Edit

Game The Sims 3
Buyability Buy mode
Object type(s) Storage

In The Sims 3, bookshelves hold books, but books must be purchased individually. The interface allows the player to move books into and out of the bookshelf. Unlike in The Sims and The Sims 2, where Sims can get the same books from different shelves, in The Sims 3, different bookshelves will have different books in them. (eg. Bookshelf 1 has a cookbook in it but not Bookshelf 2. The Sim cannot get a cookbook from Bookshelf 2, unless the cookbook is placed in Bookshelf 2.)

Library bookshelvesEdit

Bookshelves placed on residential lots automatically contain low level skill books, a toddler book, and several general books. Bookshelves placed on library community lots automatically contain a variety of books. Certain bookshelves when placed on a library will generate certain books.

  • The Book Corral, Penningway Bookshelf, Cobalt Codex Bookshelf[TS3:ITF], and Tower of Biblio Triple Bookshelf[TS3:ITF] will generate skill books.
  • Classically Tasteful Literature Shelving, SolidShelf 9000[TS3:S], and Summer By The Sea Shelf[TS3:S] will generate toddler books.
  • A-Frame Bookshelf by Clap 'n' Board[TS3:UL] will generate comic books.

Note while the one-story and three-story bookshelves from Into the Future will generate skill books in libraries, the two-story bookshelf won't.

List of bookshelvesEdit

Object name Game Buyability Price Size Description Notes
Classically Tasteful Literature Shelving
The Sims 3 Buy mode §175 1x2 Perhaps a tad old fashioned, this shelf displays your good taste in reading material. We hold fast that the good guys should be grand, the naughty villains cunning and all love stories honest and pure. In a rough world, let our shelves protect your happy ending.
Back2School Bookshelf
The Sims 3 Buy mode §250 1x1 Made to withstand the stressful rigors of academia, the Back2School Bookshelf boasts a shelf strength of over 400 tons – more than enough to hold all those overpriced textbooks you decided to keep because they might “come in handy someday,” but never do.
21st Century Library Bookshelf
The Sims 3 Buy mode §325 1x1 Everybody loves recycling, right? That’s why we took genuine 20th-century hardwood library bookshelves and smashed them to a pulp in order to create these all new 21st-century library bookcases! They look the same, just more modern!
Shelves del Libro
The Sims 3 Buy mode §350 1x1 This uniquely Spanish design expands the role of the traditional bookshelf to include more than just storing books. It can also shelve a variety of volumes, tomes, novels, leaflets, manuals, textbooks, paperbacks, magazines, and sacred scrolls.

Shelves del Libro has an environment score of 3.

The Book Corral
The Sims 3 Buy mode §430 1x1 Rustle up all the books you plan to read someday, and display them in style with the Book Corral. Each flat shelf allows for quick and easy book retrieval, just like the kind settlers used back in the day.

The Book Corral has an environment score of 7. It is an essential component of any world because when placed in a library is fills up with skill books, allowing townies and NPCs to improve their skills autonomously.

Bookshelf Revisited
The Sims 3 Buy mode §545 1x1 Renowned bookshelf architect, Hans Whippleton, offers his latest creation, Bookshelf Revisited. “I wanted to create a shelf that doesn’t just store books, but cradles them” he asserted. Whippleton’s approach seems to be resonating, as several Revisited knock-offs prepare to hit the market.

Bookshelf Revisited has an environment score of 10. The name appears to be a play on the Evelyn Waugh novel Brideshead Revisited".

Penningway Bookshelf
The Sims 3 Buy mode §710 1x2 The Penningway Bookshelf presents a rich feast for the mind! This intellectual wonderland is first carved from an 800 year old redwood, then pressed from the pulp of recycled books to create a stunning place to store your novels.

Penningway Bookshelf has an environment score of 14.

The Constitutional Bookshelf
The Sims 3 Buy mode §980 1x1 The Constitutional bookcase is based on the same model Benjamin Franklin used to hide his secret vault... the same vault that allegedly housed a trove of trinkets and treasure maps. Join the adventure by ordering your own Constitutional today!

The Constitutional Bookshelf has an environment score of 18.

Distinguished Bookcase The Sims 3 Buy mode §1,250 2x1 When showing your fine tomes to impress the world it's important to remember that the bookcase is just as important as the books on display. For those times where just any old bookcase won't do, the Distinguished bookcase does the job with a class and elegance that's missing from lesser bookcases. Your books deserve the best. They deserve the Distinguished Bookcase. Fun: 4</br>Environment: 4
Sturdy Shelf
The Sims 3 Buy mode §1650 1x2 During the sci-fi craze of the 1950’s, visionaries often dreamt of a future filled with space travel, cell phones, and hover shelves. Well, two out of three isn’t bad. And until the hover shelf is perfected, most make due with a Sturdy Shelf.

The Sturdy Shelf has an environment score of 23.

Posture-Perfect Bookshelf
The Sims 3: World Adventures Buy mode §390 1x2 We’ve always been told not to judge a book by its cover. However, judging it by its posture is a whole different story. No one likes a slouching book, so help keep your favorite literary devices’ posture intact with the Posture-Perfect Bookshelf.

The Posture-Perfect Bookshelf has an environment score of 5.

Class-E Bookshelf
The Sims 3: World Adventures Buy mode §630 1x1 Some bookshelves skulk around hiding in dark corners and avoid meeting your eye. Some slouch stoutly against the walls with disaffected apathy. And some, like the Class-E Bookcase, stand tall and proud, commanding admiration as they grandly display the books they hold.

The Class-E Bookshelf has an environment score of 12.

FormFunk B-Shelf
The Sims 3: High-End Loft Stuff Buy mode §950 1x1 Humble materials. Color-impregnated Plexiglas. Simple repeated forms. This is the vocabulary of the design collective known simply as "FormFunk." This rhythmic and rigorous book display was featured in this year's "Objects of Desire" exhibition.

The FormFunk B-Shelf has an environment score of 17.

FormFunk G-Shelf
The Sims 3: High-End Loft Stuff Buy mode §950 1x1 Made as a clever companion for the B-Shelf, FormFunk once again displays their sense of humor mixed with rigor. Utility remains front and center in this delightful nod to mid-century cynicism and desire.

The FormFunk G-Shelf has an environment score of 17.

Precarious Shelving
The Sims 3: Late Night Buy mode §500 1x2 This artful display allows you to display all your prized books in a manner that looks as though it may fall over at any minute. It easily holds all of your glorious full-color coffee table books, from "A Love Letter to Cupcakes" to "Tran's Crossing: A Crossroads in Photos.

The Precarious Shelving has an environment score of 15.

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