Duskey Duskey 23 July 2010

New userboxes and more

Hello there wikians.

Here's a news update on what's happening around this wiki.

The Sims 3: Late Night was announced, check it out as new info is added whenever a new interview with the developers is discovered. If you want to help improve the page, make sure you cite your references. We don't want any loose rumors; that's what this page is all about.

Some creative minds have been at work and brought you some new userboxes to pimp out your userpage. It's mainly country userboxes so show your flag and let the community know from where you hail. (Spain is just an example, this post is actually from Wikistan).

Here's one to let everyone in the community know that they may find you in The Sims Wiki IRC channel. That's right, we have one of those. C…

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A morris A morris 2 July 2010

A New Contest Every Other Month

The Sims Wiki will be holding a featured contest bimonthly. During off months a poll will be held to decide the next contest's theme.

Submit your contest ideas. If you have already created a contest here you can submit it to be featured as well.

This month's Featured Contest is The Most Useful Object
Vote or nominate for an object

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A morris A morris 3 June 2010

4,000 articles!!!

The Sims Wiki has reached 4,000 articles!

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A morris A morris 17 May 2010

Decision reached - wikis will NOT merge

Although it was close, after two weeks, the community decided against merging with the Fanon wiki.

See all the results here.

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A.P. Freeman A.P. Freeman 8 May 2010

New game update for users

Game Update for: 1.11/2.6/3.203/23/10 To install this update, please start your game and use the “Updates” tab in your Launcher.

This game update includes:

  • Base Game: Fixes an issue where Sims continuously perform the "Be Invited Inside" interaction on other Sims’ lots.
  • Base Game: Fixes an issue that causes Sims to get stuck in the “Grab a Slice” interaction on pizza.
  • World Adventures: Fixes an issue that causes the game to freeze when attempting to save a household on a base camp.
  • High End Loft Stuff: Fixes an issue where the family inventory loses functionality after using the Create a Style tool on an object.
  • High End Loft Stuff: Fixes an issue that prevents the fulfillment of the “Buy a Video Game System” wish when buying the “GUGA JoyToy 3”…

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A morris A morris 23 April 2010

Merge with Fanon wiki discussion & vote

There is a discussion and vote at The Sims Wiki talk:Community Portal about whether this wiki should be merged with The Sims Fanon Wiki.

Don't forget to vote

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A morris A morris 11 March 2010

The Sims Wiki in the Spotlight

I have just received word that a request for The Sims Wiki to be a Spotlight has been accepted!

(Wikia Spotlights are images that appear on each Wikia page that link to other Wikia sites. The spotlights are created by Wikia staff, and run for a couple of weeks. )

Thanks to Miss Sophie for making the request.

Note to administrators: There will hopefully be an influx of new contributors. Make sure that you are familiar with the policies of this wiki and Wikia as they will not be. You can review them at The Sims Wiki:Policy.

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A morris A morris 2 March 2010

New news format

This month The Sims Wiki is implementing a new news format. From now on news can be posted in a blog and will appear on the main page if it is in one of these three categories: Blog posts/Templates, Blog posts/Administration, and Blog posts/Wiki News.

Older news can be found here: .

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