• Jktee51192

    This going to be a very long blog.

    It's started when our very own sysop Matta jr. (along with an anonymous user) voted for the Altos, and said that the Altos don't get enough attention.

    But I think this will get much attention!

    I will sing three parodies of three #1s, let's start with:

    My Life Would Suck Without The Altos by Kelly Clarkson

    Guess it means they're evil

    For Mind-Controlling My Door

    Guess It Means I take back

    What Holly Said Before

    Guess how many want them!

    No one but me!

    I gotta an obbession

    of playing Vita, Nick, and Holly


    Cause Vita, and Nick are together, yeah!

    Forever United in Sunset Valley

    I got a piece of them

    And honestly

    My Life (My Life) Would Suck (Would Suck) Without The Altos

    Playing them

    Is an addiction

    I really shouldn't b…

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  • Jktee51192

    I'm skipping two, and I moving on!

    Okay, I am starting a challenge called klepto king challenge. In case you have been living under a rock, here it is: It is quite challengng but fun! However, I have one problem though! I have started a fire. Like all fires in Sims 3, the stove eventually burn down! Now, I don't know if I have to buy a new one, or wait 'til I have actually stolen a stove. I don't have a modthesims account, so please ask Mr. Alex in the forum! If you find out the answer, please post a comment under the comment section!

    Also, in my first blog, I quoted:

    "First of all, I want talk about the Altos. They have been of my favorite families in Sims 3. I have nominated them for our m…

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  • Jktee51192

    July 3rd Part 2

    Okay, I have this urge to blog right now! I was impatient! But everybody is impatient, okay!

    Anyways, I said before I will blog about Bustin' Out, and I will! So, create a sim, and I created an adult version of Holly Alto (my simself was in the Free Play section). I wanted her to be my main character for two reasons: to get the artist career, and to play Bella Goth!

    By the way, I have to say THE GOTHS ARE EXTREMELY ANNOYING IN BUSTIN' OUT! They randomly scream at times, they are having no fun, and they freak out over what happens at nightime (it's more than ghosts)! Plus, at the end when I move out, even when I gave all my stuff to them, Mortimer said that I feel something is missing, don't blame it on the ghosts! Then, they t…

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  • Jktee51192

    I have a blogs my new blogs so you don't have to worry any more. I will do the first right now!

    Hello, guys, it is my first blog, and I have a lot to talk about!

    First of all, I want talk about the Altos. They have been of my favorite families in Sims 3. I have nominated them for our monthly article. I really want them to be in it. So, please vote! I know one person already voted for them (which didn't say his own use name. It could be an anonymous user, though!) Anyway, just vote for them if you want to.

    Second of all, I have a sim for the Good vs. Evil contest in the official website. Here it is:! Hope you like it!

    Third of all, I have this series going on called "The Diary of holly Alt…

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  • TheDataMonster


    July 4, 2009 by TheDataMonster

    I am creating more pages.

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