• A morris

    Changes to the Sim infobox templates:

    1. is no longer for Sims in The Sims 2; use instead.
    2. and can now be used for single game Sims of The Sims and The Sims 3.
    3. Four new parameters: cod (cause of death), maritalstatus, household and roommates.
    4. Two new templates to use within the infobox: and

    See the template documentation on how to use these new parameters and templates.

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  • Billiamfeng


    September 1, 2009 by Billiamfeng

    You know how Sunset Valley was the predecessor of Pleasantview? Well anyways I just noticed how the Pleasant Family wasn't depicted in Sims 3 even though they go many generations back. I also noticed that the Pleasant Family has their name in the neighborhood of Pleasantview. Could there be some patch of important history that has to do with the Pleasants with the founding of Pleasantview? Or did the Pleasant clan live in the area before the neighborhood's founding?

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  • Azwal

    My Page

    August 19, 2009 by Azwal

    Welcome to my page.

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  • JmTsHaW

    I find it REALLY annoying when people make an article with bad spelling... Who the heck is Random Clavell anyway!? it's spelled "Ransom" not "Random" *sigh...* well most of the articles I'll be making or editing are...

    1. Ones with bad grammar
    2. Empty ones
    3. Ones that dont say things right, children follow adults in TS3 after 10:00 PM

    'I'm also in a good mood to make sprite comics, so I might post some tomorrow or something'...

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  • Larisarae57895


    July 25, 2009 by Larisarae57895

    Hey everyone! Hows it going? I'm new and so far so great. I've made my homepage my biography page so if you'd like to get to know me please view that first. I'm very social, outgoing, nice, and funny. I'd like to get to know people with the same charactaristics as me, and please NO PERVES!!! Thank you.


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  • Arizona boy3

    Best Sims Comedy

    July 21, 2009 by Arizona boy3

    We hope you will make or share videos!

    Separate videos a line! Thanks for your cooperation. Leave your user name under video.

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  • Jktee51192

    Since the sims is a prequel to the sims 1, Nick Alto returns as the wife of Vita Alto, and the mother of Holly Alto. He is in a feud, perhaps business, with Geoffrey Landgraab.

    His traits are Workaholic, Hydrophobic, Family Oriented, Ambitious, Mean Spirited. It is odd that Nick is not evil, just mean-spirited. Also, it noted he likes work, along with family. His favorites include Classical Music, Ratatouille, and Red

    He wears a business suit similar to the other games. His hair style seems the same in the other games, but have different hair. He, also, seems obese.

    Nick appears in the sims: unleased living with his wife Vita Alto, his daughter Holly Alto, and his dogs Hiti, and Sure Lure! He has move in with Holly without her asking. He is c…

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  • Jktee51192

    Here is the evil mother.

    Since the sims is a prequel to the sims 1, Vita Alto returns as the wife of Nick Alto,and the mother of Holly Alto. She is enemies with Nancy Landgraab.

    Her traits are Evil, Charismatic, Snob, Schmoozer, Ambitious. This makes sense since she is suppose to be evil, and political. She likes Custom music, Grilled Fish, and Red.

    Her dress is similar to the one in sims 1. Plus, her hair style is similar the one in the sims 2.

    Vita appears in the sims: unleased living with his huspand Nick Alto, her daughter Holly Alto, and her dogs Hiti, and Sir Lure! She has move in with Holly without her asking. She is currently the senator of Old Town. She owns McArthur Square, 73 Elm Street.

    She is level 1 in grouchiness, along with Nick…

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  • KazeNoYouko

    Sweet Lolita

    July 10, 2009 by KazeNoYouko

    “Gunther, I know what I’m doing,” Lolita Goth laughed, taking the toolbox out of the closet.

    “But, I’m just worried for you,” Gunther replied, planting a kiss on her cheek.

    “Why?” Lolita asked, walking back to the kitchen, “I’ve taken so many classes, and you’ve seen how I fixed the shower, the toilet, and the trash compactor. How is a dishwasher so different?”

    “Okay then,” Gunther finally smiled, “I’ll be in the parlour.”

    He sat in the parlour for a good twenty minutes, flipping through a book. He heard the clunking noises, the clanging of metal on metal. Then a crackling noise.

    And then Lolita’s terrified, high-pitched scream.

    Gunther awoke with a start. It was always the one dream. He hated himself for letting Lolita fix the dishwasher. He sh…

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  • Mattlovesthesims

    Today I created a Sims discussion board. It's not much but I hope some of you can help me spread the word and jumpstart it. Please feel free to join and discuss The Sims!

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