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LandonExists LandonExists 1 day ago

The Entire History of the Landgraabs

I just wanted to write this down since I spent a lot of time on this. This is mostly in the Sims 4 style.

  • 1 Used appearances of each Sim (In order of appearnce)
  • 2 Windenburg
  • 3 Britechester
  • 4 Sulani
  • 5 Willow Creek (Senior Branch #1)
  • 6 Oasis Springs
  • 7 Willow Creek (Senior Branch #2)
  • 8 Newcrest
  • 9 San Myshuno
  • 10 Magnolia Promenade
  • 11 Willow Creek (Junior Branch)
  • 12 In Conclusion (By the Generation)
    • 12.1 Note
    • 12.2 Generation 1
    • 12.3 Generation 2
    • 12.4 Generation 3
    • 12.5 Generation 6
    • 12.6 Generation 9
    • 12.7 Generation 10
    • 12.8 Generation 11
    • 12.9 Generation 12
    • 12.10 Generation 13
    • 12.11 Generation 14
    • 12.12 Generation 20
    • 12.13 Generation 21
    • 12.14 Generation 22
    • 12.15 Generation 25
    • 12.16 Generation 26

  • Demetrius Landegraab - The Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobles
  • Dacian Landegraab - The Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobl…

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PhysicalMediaHound PhysicalMediaHound 27 days ago

What Needs to Be Done

Well guys,with many admins inactive and in one case,one quitting,something needs to be done to save this wiki. So,that begs to differ,what should be done with The Sims Wiki? Well,it's simple,we get new admins. It's not going to be easy,but it'll be better for the wiki than a bunch of admins inactive. 6Ka left this wiki and now this wiki needs some new admins. Now,we could get the old admins back,but that's really not an option because new faces add more to the community. I don't want The Sims Wiki like the MySims Wiki-forgotten about,no new edits,and no joy. The only solution here is to find new admins to save this wiki from extinction.

So,if the wiki wants to be a place where knowledge is power(and various other things),then new admins are…

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Hilgardite Hilgardite 6 July

nice to meet you pt. 2

my userbox info:

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Hilgardite Hilgardite 5 July

nice to meet you

Dear Friend,

I am visible across the Internet as hilgardite and use the pseudonym names: Hildegard Rachel.

My gender identity is cis woman and I prefer to be referred to as she/her or Ms/Mademoiselle (chose what sounds better to you). But I don't mind if one uses they/them pronouns in reference to me. The Sims became one of my favourite games between 2011 and 2012, when my Best Friend Lost J. told me about it and let me play. It was The Sims 3, which was soon something to fall into for me. Right, then I got the game myself in 2013 and since then I can call myself a big Sims enthusiast. The eras I've played are TS2, already mentioned TS3, TS4 and once also The Sims FreePlay.

I have no idea for any further description... :( :( :(

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Hilgardite Hilgardite 5 July


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AireDaleDogz AireDaleDogz 1 June

So, I saw this announcement on a different wiki

Hey, I'm still here, I guess. Ignoring the fact that we apparently aren't relevant enough to receive this announcement ourselves, how are we going to approach this? Last time Fandom did a big layout overhaul, the wiki's layout was broken for months. It seems like we can avoid that this time around.

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Cassandra1201 Cassandra1201 20 May


Yesterday was my best friends birthday

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IalocinnicolaI IalocinnicolaI 31 March

I am a foreigner here, but how is it like for me to do a streaming of a maxed out and PC version of The Sims 2 in this decade?

Warning! This blog of mine is just a question here!

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Sam223mywsdv Sam223mywsdv 27 March

My Sims on The Sims 3

  • 1 Sims made by sam223mywsdv
  • 2 Hazard MYWSDV
  • 3 Ashline MYWSDV
  • 4 Deloca Summer

List of my 3 Sims below, this sim will be not able as Create-a-sim, I using as household type.

Link Here:
Hazard MYWSDV's Skill:
Athletic: Level 10

Charisma: Level 10

Cooking: Level 10

Fishing: Level 10

Gardening: Level 10

Guitar: Level 10

Handiness: Level 10

Street Art: Level 10

Science: Level 10

Logic: Level 10

Painting: Level 10

Writing: Level 10

Social Networking: Level 9

Bot Building: Level 6

Advanced Technology: Level 10

Laser Rhythm-a-con: Level 9

Photography: Level 10

Martial Arts: Level 10

Nectar Making: Level 10

Scuba Diving: Level 10

Sculpting: Level 10

Inventing: Level 10

Piano: Leve…

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Sam223mywsdv Sam223mywsdv 27 March

My Lots & Housing The Sims 3

Roller Coaster (Desert)

Roller Coaster (Desert)

Link Here:

Roller Coaster (Rainbow)

Roller Coaster (Rainbow)

Link Here:

Lianna's Garden

Lianna's Garden

Link Here:
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