IalocinnicolaI IalocinnicolaI 21 days ago

I am a foreigner here, but how is it like for me to do a streaming of a maxed out and PC version of The Sims 2 in this decade?

Warning! This blog of mine is just a question here!

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Sam223mywsdv Sam223mywsdv 25 days ago

My Sims on The Sims 3

  • 1 Sims made by sam223mywsdv
  • 2 Hazard MYWSDV
  • 3 Ashline MYWSDV
  • 4 Deloca Summer

List of my 3 Sims below, this sim will be not able as Create-a-sim, I using as household type.

Link Here:
Hazard MYWSDV's Skill:
Athletic: Level 10

Charisma: Level 10

Cooking: Level 10

Fishing: Level 10

Gardening: Level 10

Guitar: Level 10

Handiness: Level 10

Street Art: Level 10

Science: Level 10

Logic: Level 10

Painting: Level 10

Writing: Level 10

Social Networking: Level 9

Bot Building: Level 6

Advanced Technology: Level 10

Laser Rhythm-a-con: Level 9

Photography: Level 10

Martial Arts: Level 10

Nectar Making: Level 10

Scuba Diving: Level 10

Sculpting: Level 10

Inventing: Level 10

Piano: Leve…

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Sam223mywsdv Sam223mywsdv 26 days ago

My Lots & Housing The Sims 3

Roller Coaster (Desert)

Roller Coaster (Desert)

Link Here:


Roller Coaster (Rainbow)

Roller Coaster (Rainbow)

Link Here:

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Kkaalliinna Kkaalliinna 15 March


think for sure Johnny Zest has parents Nancy Landgraab and Geoffrey Landgraab, he has a brother Malcolm Landgraab. Test DNA ??

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Whitethorne15 Whitethorne15 12 March

Simmer Janey's Royals

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GravityBladerYT2 GravityBladerYT2 4 March

The Witchcraft and Wizardry challenge


Your house must be Hogwarts! (You can decorate the town however you'd like)

The student must be a child

It's optional but I advise you to use Realm of Magic, for duels and to make it more realistic.

You can make the student anyone you desire! You can make the child an oc or you can be Harry Potter himself, the boy who lived!

If the child ages up they are a 2nd year. The more they age, your in a new year when they get to pre-adulthood, move them out of the house, If you want to you can make them have kids who go to Hogwarts!

Your parents must be a teacher at Hogwarts, you can pick which one, if you wanna go with every teacher, go for it! But! For a more fun gameplay maybe add every teacher and every student!

Cheats are allowed



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JustAgirlPlayingxx JustAgirlPlayingxx 12 February

Hi can someonr help me

Okay, so my sims keep doing things, even though i didn't tell them to. example: my sim is going to swim and i didn't tell him to. Does anyone know how to turn this off?

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LeAlgae LeAlgae 10 February


i got a hysterical sim

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Davidplaysims Davidplaysims 17 January

Youtube channel

Hey guys, my name is David. I have created a youtube channel this week. I would really enjoy it if you could help me with it by taking a look at the content I already posted. Also if you can leave a comment or like or even a subscribe to let me know you are interested in my content I would really apreciate it. I am also open about feedbacks! Thank you so much! Here's the link to my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClLr2_X3q_-6w_LRVYdYzNg

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Bitlover14 Bitlover14 10 January

CBeebies Land

CBeebies Land is a world that was introduced in The Sims 4: CBeebies World.

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