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The Flush Force 5 XLT Toilet
Use a toilet to relieve Sims' bladder needs

When a Sim's gotta go, a Sim's gotta go. And there's really only one solution to that kind of problem—get them to a toilet as fast as possible.
The Sims 2

Bladder is a basic motive for Sims, pets and other life states in The Sims series. The bladder motive gradually decreases throughout the day, but decreases faster when eating or drinking. Using a toilet or other designated object causes the bladder motive to rise (i.e. relieves the need). If bladder is ignored, it will eventually become urgently low, and an accident can occur if the need is not resolved soon enough.

The bladder motive does not exist in The Sims Medieval, although using a chamberpot grants a temporary buff. The Sims 2: Castaway features a bladder motive, although Sims will not have an accident if it drops too low; instead, they will produce a roll of toilet paper and a changing booth to do their business in.


The bladder motive decreases naturally throughout the day, and can be increased by going to the toilet. Babies and toddlers will soil their diapers when the bladder motive drops too low, although toddlers can be potty trained using a potty chair by older Sims. For males, the level of the bladder meter controls whether they sit or stand while using the toilet.

If a Sim's bladder starts to get full, they become extremely cranky; when it gets to the red, they make a wild dash for the toilet with urgency, and if they can't get there in time, the poor Sim has an embarrassing accident on the floor, which will leave a puddle on the ground and severely affect the Sim's hygiene. In The Sims and The Sims 2, drinking a cup of coffee can make the bladder meter decrease. In The Sims 3 and The Sims 4, drinking anything decreases the bladder meter. Howling werewolves will decrease the bladder meters of any non-werewolves around them.[TS2:P] In The Sims 2, elder Sims will take longer to use the toilet than adults do, and their bladder motive will decay more quickly. Pregnancy will also cause a Sim's bladder motive to decay more quickly.

As a rule, community lots will have public toilets of some sort. These will include urinals and toilet stalls, the former of which can only be used by males. In The Sims 2, knowledge Sims and/or neat Sims may occasionally have a minor fear of using a public toilet. "Having an accident" is a fear in The Sims 2, though it takes away more influence than aspiration.

In The Sims 2, outgoing and sloppy Sims are also able to "use" shrubs and the AquaGreen Hydroponic Garden to relieve their bladder needs. Sloppy Sims will also pee while taking a shower if their bladder need is low enough. Sims that wet themselves during a party will get the "Had an Accident at a Party" memory. In The Sims 4: Get Together, The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure, The Sims 4: Snowy Escape and The Sims 4: Werewolves, children and older Sims can use bushes to relieve their bladder motive.

In the Sims 3 smartphone edition, bladder failure has a small chance of being fatal.

Associated memories[]

In The Sims 2, bladder failure can be associated with two negative memories.

Image Memory Name Type Cause Game Dialog/Description Notes
Had an Accident.png Had an Accident Negative Having a bladder failure. I'm so embarrassed I think I'll crawl into a hole... or at least a shower. If this motive is caused by the scare of a ghost or a vampire peek, then this memory will not be received. The Hygiene motive instantly depletes as a result.
Had an Accident at a Party.png Had an Accident at a Party Negative Having a bladder failure at a party. That's the most embarrassed I've ever been! How can I ever show my face at a party again? This memory only appears the first time this motive happens at a party. Anytime else it happens, the regular "Had an Accident" memory will be received.


The Sims 3[]

In The Sims 3, the Steel Bladder lifetime reward makes it so that Sim who purchased it no longer has to use the bathroom again. Sims will wet themselves if the "Really has to Pee" moodlet expires and gain an "Embarrassed" moodlet for wetting themselves, which gives -20 mood for 3 hours; and their hygiene drops to 0.

Image Moodlet Name Mood Effect Time Period From Game Dialog/Description Notes
Has to Pee.png Has To Pee No Mood Effect 2 Hours Low Bladder Need Your Sim needs to go. Like, "go." Switches to Really Has To Pee after duration expires. Steel Bladder Lifetime Reward prevents and eliminates this.
Really has to Pee.png Really Has To Pee -30 60 Minutes Critically Low Bladder Need The bladder situation really has only gone from bad to worse, find a bathroom soon! When duration expires, Sim pees him/herself. If they pee themselves, it will cause them to have the "Embarrassed" moodlet if other Sims are in the room (unless they are a toddler or infant) and will instantly deplete the Hygiene need, causing the Sim to be "Smelly". Accidents also may cause a small drop in the Fun need. Timer will freeze when sitting in a car. Steel Bladder Lifetime Reward prevents and eliminates this.

The Sims 4[]

In The Sims 4 Sims will likewise wet themselves when the "Really Has To Pee" moodlet expires, and will then get the "Peed Self" moodlet and will be very embarrassed for 4 hours. Sims that wet themselves in a swimming pool get a special positive moodlet instead.

The Steel Bladder trait can be bought from the satisfaction reward store for 2,000 satisfaction points. It prevents the bladder need from going down normally. However, it is still possible for the meter to go down by drinking.

Image Moodlet Name Effect Emotion Time Period From Game Dialog/Description Notes
Uncomf Bladder.jpg Has To Pee 1 Uncomfortable 3 Hours Low Bladder Need (Sim Name) needs to go to the bathroom! Soon! Switches to Really Has To Pee after duration expires.
Uncomf Bladder.jpg Really Has To Pee 40 Uncomfortable 3 Hours Critically Low Bladder Need If (Sim Name) doesn't get to a Toilet VERY quickly, there's going to be a puddle problem! When timer expires, the Sim will pee self and the "Peed Self" moodlet appears.
Embarrass PeedSelf.jpg Peed Self 5 Very Embarrassed 4 Hours Peeing Self You had an accident for holding it too long! How embarrassing! This Moodlet Will greatly increase the chance of the sim dying from embarrassment .

Bladder and other life states[]