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Vampire turning a Sim
A Vampire's bite

Bite Neck is an interaction available only to vampires that transfers vampirism to a Sim who is not a vampire already.

The Sims 2Edit

In Nightlife, to successfully use the bite-neck interaction, the vampire must have a good relationship level with the Sim they wish to turn. This relationship varies depending on the Sim's logic level and on whether or not the Sim has the knowledge aspiration. Due to their innate curiosity, Knowledge Sims do not need to have a particularly high relationship with the vampire. With other Sims, those with low logic require a lower daily relationship than those with high logic.

The vampire performs some measure of hypnosis involving "purple smoke." The Sim being targeted expresses a dazed smile, and when they are bitten show no form of pain. After this, the vampire Sim will let go of their victim and step back. The bitten Sim will jump into the air as more purple smoke rises from beneath them, and then travels up into their body, at which point the bitten Sim has become a vampire and lands on their feet to share a friendly "Bleh" with their sire.

Sims can also influence a vampire to bite the neck of their victim (sometimes this may not work, but the Grand Vampire will always be able to hypnotize the victim). 1,000 influence points are needed for the Bite Neck Interaction.

The Sims 3Edit


A Sim being bitten on the wrist.

In Late Night and Supernatural, a vampire can offer to bite the Sim, or the Sim may ask the vampire to bite him/her, if they share a good relationship. If they share a friendly relationship, the vampire will bite them on the wrist, or if they share a romantic relationship, the Sims will be bitten on the neck. In both situations the Sim will be covered in red smoke with a bat texture and then they while have a dazed face. Then they get a moodlet and within 3 Sim days the effect is going to be repeated, although a red glow will come out of the Sim's eyes. Then the Sim will then be a vampire.

The Sims 4Edit

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Player tips Edit

  • It is best to bite someone's neck at night or his or her motives will drop and he or she will die. On the other hand, if your evil vampire happens to want to murder a Sim, this is an excellent way to do it. This won't work in The Sims 3: Late Night.
  • In The Sims 3: Late Night, if your Sim is a celebrity he/she shouldn't bite the Sim in public, otherwise the get the "Publicilly Disgraced" Moodlet that lasts for 3 days and gives -25 mood.
  • In The Sims 3: Late Night, if a Sim asks a vampire to bite them when they are around other non-vampire sims, the vampire may refuse to do so, on the grounds that there are too many witnesses. To solve this, find a secluded place, (like a residence), and ask the vampire again.
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