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#REDIRECT [[Betty Newbie# Life leading up to The Sims (console)]]
|game = The Sims 2 Pets for console
|name = Betty Newbie
|image =
|caption = ''Betty loves her husband, so naturally, she agreed to move to [[Pleasantview]] with him. Her hobbies include gardening and fishing.''
|sex = Female
|age = Adult
|asp = Creative
|sign = Libra
|hair = Brown
|eye = Brown
|skin = Medium
|body = Thin
|family = Newbie family
|parents =
|siblings =
|spouse = {{Spouse|[[Bob Newbie (console)|Bob Newbie ]]}}
|maritalstatus = Married
|child =
|household =
|roommates =
|pets =
|play = Playable
|neighbor = Pleasantview (console)
|theories =
}}{{DEFAULTSORT:Newbie , Betty}}
{{distinguish|Betty Newbie}}
'''Betty Newbie''', in ''[[The Sims 2 (console)|The Sims 2]]'' for consoles, is the wife to [[Bob Newbie (console)|Bob Newbie]]. According to her bio she used to live in [[SimCity]].
{{delete|Same person as [[Betty Newbie]]?}}

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  1. REDIRECT Betty Newbie# Life leading up to The Sims (console)
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