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*A theory I have is they used 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled' and modified coding structures to make Mortimer, Cassandra and Alex that's she still there/ abducted by aliens. Usingboolprop, someties people just dissappear and can't come back. They might of used that. TDM : Always here to help but only one thing : Call me Data 08:37, May 9, 2010 (UTC)
*I think that Don thought that Bella might tell on him to Cassandra, meaning that he wouldn't get the fortune when Cassandra died. Then he flirted/kissed/whatever with her, but she was really unhappy about it and felt bad. She was looking for aliens to talk to because she thought 'why not', but it went wrong. she was adupted by the aliens, and dumped in strangetown and left with no memories so she wouldn't feel bad, and maybe she was in a coma. When she came out, maybe she didn't know she had a family, and wandered around strangetown. She made three friends, maybe they're part alien?
*I think that Don thought that Bella might tell on him to Cassandra, meaning that he wouldn't get the fortune when Cassandra died. Then he flirted/kissed/whatever with her, but she was really unhappy about it and felt bad. She was looking for aliens to talk to because she thought 'why not', but it went wrong. she was adupted by the aliens, and dumped in strangetown and left with no memories so she wouldn't feel bad, and maybe she was in a coma. When she came out, maybe she didn't know she had a family, and wandered around strangetown. She made three friends, maybe they're part alien?
*(To the below theory) Look, you can't kill anyone. I tried to make a Voldemort sim kill a Lily Potter sim, but it didn't work, so your theory is a)useless, and b)stupid.
*(To the below theory) Look, you can't kill anyone. I tried to make a Voldemort sim kill a Lily Potter sim, but it didn't work, so your theory is a)useless, and b)stupid.
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*It is very obvious what happen to Bella Goth. She "left this world". Out of nowhere a sim will stop what they are doing and start to leave their lot. If you check their action it says "Leave this world". When they leave they don't come back. Their picture remains in the family tree and the sims who knew them will still retain a relationship with them. I think she left EA games didnt try to get her back. They just left her picture and changed Mortimer, Cassandra and Alexander's memories to say she was abducted. Usually when sims leave other sims in the household get calls from them but never see them. I think they also changed that so there would be almost no sign of bella left, except for pictures, the family tree and memories. ------- Written by
*It is very obvious what happen to Bella Goth. She "left this world". Out of nowhere a sim will stop what they are doing and start to leave their lot. If you check their action it says "Leave this world". When they leave they don't come back. Their picture remains in the family tree and the sims who knew them will still retain a relationship with them. I think she left EA games didnt try to get her back. They just left her picture and changed Mortimer, Cassandra and Alexander's memories to say she was abducted. Usually when sims leave other sims in the household get calls from them but never see them. I think they also changed that so there would be almost no sign of bella left, except for pictures, the family tree and memories. ------- Written by
*^ above = Sims 1 - TDM : Always here to help but only one thing : Call me Data 08:37, May 9, 2010 (UTC)
*I don't think there's a Bella Goth story. A load of clues but no trail. The sims editors (or are they callled somin else) got rid of Bella Goth, put her down as abducted. put a few pictures and stuff of her around. put in that pic of her and Don and left the rest to us to imagine. So none of the theories are right because there aint a story to it. I might be wrong but that's what i think. And I do like imagining and readin theories!
*I don't think there's a Bella Goth story. A load of clues but no trail. The sims editors (or are they callled somin else) got rid of Bella Goth, put her down as abducted. put a few pictures and stuff of her around. put in that pic of her and Don and left the rest to us to imagine. So none of the theories are right because there aint a story to it. I might be wrong but that's what i think. And I do like imagining and readin theories!

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Theories about the most well known and most mysterious Sim in the whole SimNation: Bella Goth.


  • A theory I have is they used 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled' and modified coding structures to make Mortimer, Cassandra and Alex that's she still there/ abducted by aliens. Usingboolprop, someties people just dissappear and can't come back. They might of used that. TDM : Always here to help but only one thing : Call me Data 08:37, May 9, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that Don thought that Bella might tell on him to Cassandra, meaning that he wouldn't get the fortune when Cassandra died. Then he flirted/kissed/whatever with her, but she was really unhappy about it and felt bad. She was looking for aliens to talk to because she thought 'why not', but it went wrong. she was adupted by the aliens, and dumped in strangetown and left with no memories so she wouldn't feel bad, and maybe she was in a coma. When she came out, maybe she didn't know she had a family, and wandered around strangetown. She made three friends, maybe they're part alien?
  • (To the below theory) Look, you can't kill anyone. I tried to make a Voldemort sim kill a Lily Potter sim, but it didn't work, so your theory is a)useless, and b)stupid.
  • I know what happend!!! She did NOT get abducted by aliens. Look in Don L.'s memorys. One shows he was rejected for makeing out with Bella! So, this might have ticked him off, so he said, "say GOOD BYE, Bella!" and he killed her! And then, he told Cassandra, Alexander, and Morty, "Mortimer! Cassandra! Alexander! Bella was on my condo balcony last night studying astronomy when a UFO got her!" So they think she was abducted! It was DON LOTHARIO'S FALT ALL ALONG!
  • (reply to above theory) dude, she's alive in the famly tree. -_-
  • It is very obvious what happen to Bella Goth. She "left this world". Out of nowhere a sim will stop what they are doing and start to leave their lot. If you check their action it says "Leave this world". When they leave they don't come back. Their picture remains in the family tree and the sims who knew them will still retain a relationship with them. I think she left EA games didnt try to get her back. They just left her picture and changed Mortimer, Cassandra and Alexander's memories to say she was abducted. Usually when sims leave other sims in the household get calls from them but never see them. I think they also changed that so there would be almost no sign of bella left, except for pictures, the family tree and memories. ------- Written by
  • ^ above = Sims 1 - TDM : Always here to help but only one thing : Call me Data 08:37, May 9, 2010 (UTC)
  • I don't think there's a Bella Goth story. A load of clues but no trail. The sims editors (or are they callled somin else) got rid of Bella Goth, put her down as abducted. put a few pictures and stuff of her around. put in that pic of her and Don and left the rest to us to imagine. So none of the theories are right because there aint a story to it. I might be wrong but that's what i think. And I do like imagining and readin theories!
  • I believe that
  • Bella went to Dons house to use the telescope Don wanting to Woohoo with her said yes. This night that Bella visited on was a windy night. So when she was using it Don tried to kiss her. Dina or Nina saw this BUT from a back perspective so it looks like they are kissing Nina or Dina being relitives of aliens got her obducted because Don was 'their man'. Since it was a windy night the aliens blew open the door WHILE Don was on the toilet and when he went to the door it looked like she went home as she was not in the house anymore as she was gone that explains thaat he doesnt have Bella was abducted by aliens memory.
  • I believe that Bella saw Don kiss either Dina, Nina or the maid, and was worried about Cassandra's relationship with Don, and so she went over to his house to tell him off. Being around Mortimer for so long, she'd picked up an interest in science. After seeing the telescope, she asked if she could use it. Don, of course, said she may. He wanted to add her to his collection of lovers, so he excused himself to get some chamagne. While he was gone, Bella was searching the skies, when she saw a shooting star. She looked up towards the sky without the telescope, amazed that the star was moving so fast and was getting so large. She thought it was a supernova. But then bright green lights shone brightly, and she was picked up by the 'shooting star,' which was actually an Alien Spaceship! The force of the ship caused the telescope to tumble over. Don, hearing the comotion, walked outside to see what was happening. But he was too late; the Aliens had already taken her. The Aliens were flying over Strangetown (which was only a few hours drive from Pleasantview) when they'd finished their experiments. No eager to spend another hour with obnoxious Bella Goth (she would have obviously thought she was being kidnapped because of her family's enormous fortune), they dumped her in Strangetown. But first they decided to test out a new machine on her; the memory eraser, which would erase all memories of being abducted. However, the machine malfuctioned, causing all her memories to be wiped blank. Annoyed, not about Bella, but about the machine, the Aliens tossed her aside into Strangetown.
  • I think that when EA games were making The Sims 2 they made a mistake while they were creating the Goth family, thus deleting Bella. To cover up they have made out she was adducted and left game players with theories and mysteries to work out. (Personally if you want a good storyline I like the one where Bella is having an affair with Don Lothario, the new guy in Pleasantview and comes across his open roof one night. She looks through his telescope, being abducted by aliens, as it can happen in The Sims 2 if you look through a telescope.)
  • I believe that the Caliente's and Don Lothario wanted the Goth's fortune. As they had already dealt with Mortimer & Cassandra, that only left Bella in the way. (Alexander is too young to affect the storyline). As the Caliente's are Sim-Alien hybrids, they ordered the aliens to abduct Bella if she looked in a telescope. I don't believe Mortimer Goth had any involvement.
  • Okay I think, that Mortimer had a secret trade with the aliens that abducted her. The deal was that they could expirement on Bella all they want, as long as they return her safely. Things were going great until they accidentally erased her memories, they were afraid if they return her like this Mortimer would reveal them to everyone. So they had to change a minor detail in the trade. Instead of bella they sent Dina as a replacement,hoping things would be better. At first Mortimer was furious, then of course they fell in deep love. As for Bella, well she's stuck in Strangetown, wandering around without a freakin memory in her head.
  • Ok,here goes:

We all know that Bella was seen on Lotharios condo top,Right??Who says that photo was taken on that night she got taken?

Bella and Mortimer Goth had moved to pleasant view(.Don Lothario,couold of moved in week after.They might of been old freinds)They heard there old freind,Don.L had just came too.They went over for dinner,while Mortimer went to the toilet Don.L saw a full moon,so showed bella.(The photo could of been taken then,when )Mortimer came back,and was showed the moon too.THey then wen home.Cassandra had been born while living in their old house,and was there with a baby sitter.

ALex,had just been born.(then we skip to when Alex is a Toddler,Cassandra a teen)Mortimer had been stargazing,and caught a new moon.He showed bella.While Bella was looking,she got abducted.Aliens were susposed to drop Bella back with her family after wiping her memories,instead dropped her in strange town.


  • Simple fact: She was abducted, Maxis rigged the abduction so she could probaly never come back. Salemguy123 08:18, January 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • Just for everyone who doesn't know this I have some things to tell you.1. Don and Bella never kissed as a reference to that youtube video. Don would have the memory of kissing Bella for the first time.2. This is for one of the theory posters. Making out(or trying too)does not mean serious affection you just have too have a crush.3. To the other posters you can get a crush by a failed romantic interaction.4. Bella is a FAMILY SIM, why would she run off with Don Lothario?.I hope i helped shine some light on this mysterious mystery.
  • Bella isn't a family sim , what are you talking about? Her Aspiration: ROMANCE
  • Here is my theory: It was late at night and Cassandra was eating pie. Bella had been seeing Beji the Bunny, who was her friend, but had come home angrily after he tried to get fresh with her. Mortimer was in the kitchen, eating a whole bunch of sandwiches, while drinking soda. Earlier that day, two hobos had arrived, and came to Morty's house. They talked, and seemed REALLY interested in Mortimer's money and food. The blonde (Who he later learned was named Chester) beamed when he told her he was loaded. He, being the food hog, hatched a plan to get his food. After hearng about Mortimer's fascination with science, he told him that he and his brother were 1/4 werewolf. Mortimer became fascinated, and he promised him a real werewolf as long as he got rid of Bella, and Mortimer was pondering on that. So that night, he was balancing the pros and cons of getting rid of Bella, practicing samples for some of his work,  and analyzing wether Chester was trustworthy or not, when Bella just storms in, and, without saying a word, changed into her pajamas and went to bed. Mortimer was frustrated at her for having acting like a meanie, not just now but lately she had been very irritable and was starting to lose weight, but Mortimer still didn't know that his wife had another Bunny friend named Benny. The vet had already informed Bella that her bunny was healthy, and now that Cornelia and Gunther were dead she could use their room for the bunnies. Mortimer settled on giving Bella to the werewolves and made a late night phone call to the Hobos, who gladly agreed. He woke Bella up, and told her he needed her help with an experiment. It was 1:00 AM, but Morty set the clocks to 6:00 AM so Bella would think it wasn't too early. He told her he was doing a eye sight test experiment and wanted her to look through the road, saw the werewolves, and she ran from the sidewalk and her evil, laughing husband in fear. The only person that could help was Benji and Benny, so headed for his condo but she got taken int their cave! Mortimer and Chester started a fast food restaurant, even though Mortimer didn't realize it was for the food. The werewolves kept Bella, and when she went into unconsiousness they headed toward Strangetown. On their way to Strangetown they got lost and Bella lost her memory, now wandering Strangetown.
  • Bella and Mortimer were fighting one night so Bella ran away, she was walking past Don Lothario's house and he invited her in he took her up to the top of his condo where he had a telescope. Bella was looking through the telescope and Don was going down to the kitchen to get them some coffee, Don was awfully tired and he fell asleep on the way down to the kitchen. During the time that he was asleep Bella was abducted by Pollination Tech 9#. Don woke up and brought the coffee up to the top of his condo and then he found that Bella wasn't there he searched all through his house and there was no sign of Bella. Meanwhile Bella is in the U.F.O while Pollination Tech #9 is trying to impregnate her (like a good sims alien should do) but instead of impregnating her he wiped all her memories and added a few more days to her life. Because of this mistake Pollination Technician 9# was banished from space forever and was sent down to Strangetown with Bella Goth. Pollination Technician 9# placed the unconscious Bella Goth on a park bench and went on to settle down in Strangetown.
  • This link is when the Sims 2 website "interviewed" Bella Goth
  • My theory is that Bella was in love with Mortimer, and he was interested in the aliens. Wanting to become a famous scientist, he asked an unwitting subject (his own wife, Bella) to look through the telescope while he recorded the study. Don Lothario suddenly shows up, wanting to see Bella, so Mortimer lets him in, telling Bella to keep watching the skies. Mortimer suddenly has the call of nature, and while he is emptying his bladder, Don makes a move, which Bella rejects. Passing aliens see her distress, and set a course to her rooftop. Don storms off in a huff, while Bella returns to her telescope, only to be abducted. Mortimer hears her screams, and runs to the roof, closely followed by Don, Cassandra and Alexander, who are too late, and see Bella being taken away into the night sky. Don starts to moan about how he never "got busy" with Bella, causing Mortimer to punch him in the head, causing Don to forget that Bella had been abducted. Mortimer is happy that Bella carried on doing what he asked her to, even though she was abducted. He then takes an unconscious Don back home. Don then wakes up to hear the doorbell ringing, and when he opens the door, he is greeted by Cassandra. He instantly falls in love, thinking of her to look like a girl he was sure he once remembered. By Chazz 10/08/09 ;P
  • I think this is how the story goes: When Don had just moved into the neighborhood Bella came to his house to greet him with cake and seeming all friendly. Don, already in relationships with Kaylynn and Cassandra, thought her face looked familiar, but loved her anyway. He also acted friendly and talked to her and soon befriended her. while Bella is at the Lothario home one day, two mysterious yet gorgeous women, one blond and one redhead, appear at Mortimer´s house saying they are new (You can se that photo in the Caliente story mode). they introduce themselves as Dina and Nina Caliente. Dina instantly falls for Mortimer, or at least, she does once she hears he is rich. She tries to seduce him, ut he rejects her and says he is married. Dina notices her plan is foiled, but then asks Mortimer what aspiration he is. Mortimer answers knowledge and Dina gets a new plan. she tells him she is part alien and promises to show him an alien in trade for his wife. Mortimer and Dina hatch a plan, and she calls some of her alien relatives and tells them the plan. she seduces Don into letting Bella use his telescope and that is the signal. The aliens swoop in as Bella screams for help. Don realizes what has happened and rushes to his roof only to see a UFO disappear into the night and hear bella´s terrified shrieks. Later, Mortimer asks Dina if he could meet an alien and Dina said that that could only happen to someone she trusts ... like a husband! and that´s where the player comes in.
  • Okay people xD Seriously. It may not be as crazy as all of this. All these conspiracy theories floating around? Not so much. >.< Really, here's what I think MUST have happened...
  • 1. Bella was with Mortimer at the Goth household at night.
  • 2. She looked through the telescope at the topmost floor of the house.
  • 3. She was abducted there.
  • 4. Cassandra, Alexander, and Mortimer all have memories of her abduction. Don does not. So it was at her own house.
  • 5. Mortimer probably has it as a good memory that she was abducted because he is a Knowledge sim.
  • 6. The Strangetown Bella was created, as the Aspyr/EA Games people said, to add another layer to this whole conspiracy stuff by claiming she is a clone created by the aliens who abducted Bella. This was probably just a prototype of Bella that they created, but decided didn't make the cut.
  • Hope this helps! ^_^ --wolfheart 21:01, 30 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Dina is behind all of this. Once she saw Mortimer and how rich he was, she being the gold digger, she was preceded to find a way to get married to him. But she was married to Micheal so what did she do? She killed Micheal. Of course, there was only one thing standing between her and Mortimer's enormous fortune and that was Bella. So, enlisting her sister and Don's help, they come up with a plan to get Bella abducted. The plan works and Dina is now free to marry Mortimer. She promised Don that he will get some of the money so he had to marry Cassandra.
  • In my game, i played as the pleasants, used the tombstone of L&D to get her back, and then as soon as she came up, i clicked on her family tree, and she was part of the Goth/Bachelor family. However she only has one memory and this was Cassandra growing up well. It's a Mystery ...
  • THIS IS A FACT! Bella Goth wasn't abducted from Don Lathorio's roof...he has no memory of that. But all the Goths remember Bella being she was abducted from her own roof. It's better to play fair and just hope you'll see Bella on the streets again.
  • TRUE Story!
  1. Mortimer's memory of bella getting abducted was green because he is a KNOWLEDGE SIM! The other Goth's memory is red because they have other aspirations!
  2. I came across Bella Goth in Strangetown! Guess what, she is a ROMANCE SIM! (and does not remember her family)
  3. And guess what aspiration does Don have again? Yes, ROMANCE! So Bella married Mortimer because of his money. Then she went to Don's house to 'have some fun' because they are both Romance Sims... but it didn't work out, see Don's memories. So Bella got mad at him and went to look with the telescope. Enter the horrible Sims 2 Non-Returning Bug. If you cross out the action like 'At Work', 'At School' or 'Return Home', guess what, your Sim won't return. (It happened to me!) And in the family tree they are alive and they never age. Bella was (intentionally) the victim of the bug. Mortimer and the others know she was abducted because Don told them. See! It all works out perfectly!
  4. Bella went over to Don's house because she had a thing for him. Then when she went to go look through the telescope, Don wasn't there at the moment, and he thought she left. But he was in on the plan with Dina and Nina because their grandfather was an alien.
  • This isn't really a theory but its what happened in my game.

I sent The goth on a trip to strange town to meet Townie Bella And She had no clue who Mortimer was or Dina Or don Or anyone. It was weird that I think she somewhat remembered Cassandra. She remembered potty training teaching how to walk and Teaching how to speak to Someone but she doesn't remember who. And after that memory she Remember Growing up but she isn't that old, And she also remembers having a child.

  • I think that all the suspects are behind this except Don (in a way).If you notice in Mortimer's memories he thinks it's good that Bella got abducted however Cassandra and Alexander think it's bad.One of Dina and Nina's ancestors is a alien if you look at their family tree so this is what I think happened.Don is engaged to Cassandra and when Bella started to see Don frequently Mortimer never wanted to speak to Don again.Mortimer had just met Dina and Nina when they started talking about aliens.,Mortimer was intrigued because Dina and Nina talked about it as if they had met a real alien.He came back the next day when Dina started to be all over him for his money but Mortimer was only interested in the aliens. Bella had just been to Don's house for the fifth time this week but this time Don didn't care about talking to Bella he just wanted to make out with her. Unfortunately that didn't go down very well since in Don's memories you can see that he was rejected by Bella. Back at Dina's house the sisters told Mortimer that they were a descendant of Pollination Technician 7 who is an alien so they are part alien. Now he wants to see their alien relatives because he wants to see an alien so Dina has a proposal. She will get the aliens to come to Pleasantview in exchange for Bella. Mortimer agreed but now they needed a cover up story or else Dina will end up in prison while Mortimer will end up as the most hated person in Pleasantview. They had their cover up story now they needed a trap for the bait and what much better than Don who has been visited by Bella a lot recently. Mortimer and Dina bribed Don in taking part in this so now they needed a way of getting Bella to see Don which they did do. On the night of the abduction Mortimer was looking through his telescope if he could see the UFO while Dina was waiting patiently for the moment when Bella was gone and Mortimer's fortune was hers.
  • I believe that Don was in love with Bella and invited over her. He invited her over and he tried to make out with her (in her memories it shows that don tried to make out with her). However like it says in the memory he was rejected, he probably then hung around with her and Bella then was abducted by looking through the telescope and she was abducted.
  • My theory is Don knew aliens were coming by watching the news. Every day, being rejected by beautiful Bella, if he couldn't have her, no one would! Anyway, he called her up and Bella came. Don was trying to seduce her, but Bella was to in love with Mortimer and cared for her children. Don asked her to look through the telescope. While he was going to get some refreshments, Bella was abducted.
  • Perhaps, but I personally think it didn't actually involve Don although the picture shows her at his house...of him and her and the telescope yet she would have to be part of the family to be abducted from another household (and if he was in her household he would have received a memory maybe he was meant to and did not!?!) therefore she was probably abducted at her own house yet it is possible that Maxis deleted her for a storyline or even by accident; well not really deleted but more cursed as in she was attached to a Death Token! It's true the Caliente sisters are so called interested in Mortimer's large sum of money...! Yet that's your choice if you let them get at it as Mortimer does love Dina Caliente!...Traces of Bella come up about anywhere! The mystery still stays...The legend is alive!
  • I think Bella, being protective of Cassandra, went over to Don to tell him he better not mess with her daughter, I think Don thought Bella was in his way and ruining the chances of his plan to marry Cassandra. So he convinced her to look in the telescope.
  • i think that Dina called the aliens (she is an alien/human) and told them to abduct Bella Goth on her neighbors roof, Don Lothario. they said something in alien that meant yes. she told don to invite Bella over and have her look stargaze through the telescope. he did. then, they both went to the roof, went down and called nina and told her it's working. she then told the aliens to do it, and they did.
  • I think that Don gave Bella a Dead Token of rejecting a make-out (look at the memories) so he decided to get rid of her. Dina did not do a thing because she arrived AFTER it happened.
  • I think Dina wanted Mortimer and had Bella look through the telescope. Don, Nina, and Mortimer had no idea (Mortimer age transitioned, so Cassie and Alex didn't know either, Nina was a teen at college, and Don was chatting with Kaylynn)! Then, Nina came back in time to see Bella abducted, Dina told Mortimer, and then Cassie and Alex, and told other witnesses to forget it or drown!!!!!
  • Shes in that little box they put all townies when there not in the streets. drinking coffee, sleeping on the blue couch watching the tiny TV....
  • I think that Don was really jealous that Bella didn't love him, and the Dina caliente wanted mortimers money so they conspired to get Bella abducted (They knew about aliens because they are in their family tree's)so that Don could get his revenge and Dina could get her hands on Mortimer.
  • I don't think Bella is totally innocent here. I think she was cheating on poor Morty with Don. Why? Firstly, she's a Romance Sim. Romance Sims cheat on their spouses a lot, no matter how 'devoted' Bella is to Mortimer. Secondly, Don has a memory of her rejecting a make-out. Building up to a make-out takes time, as it means 'serious affection.' As well as many romantic interactions beforehand. But if she was having an affair with Don, why did she reject the make-out? Did she catch him with Cassandra and got furious for cheating on him? Hmm . . .very mysterious . . .
  • I think Maxis is the culprit for the disappearance of Bella Goth. Or was it the Caliente sisters? They are related to aliens. But I'm sure it was Maxis...
  • Here's what I think I got these ideas everywhere and put them together Bella was just friends with don because her daughter was going to marry him. she looks through the telescope then when don leaves she get's abducted by aliens. She arrives at pleasantview lost. Meanwhile in Strangetown her long lost sister who the aliens kept relished her and she forgot everything and all she could say was Bella Bella Goth?
  • I think that MORTIMER is behind her abduction. I think Dina Caliente was busy getting ready to WooHoo Don for like the billionth time. She saw Don trying to make out with Bella, but saw Bella slap Don. She ran to Mortimer's house, told him that Bella was with Don. With his mad scientist knowledge, he made an alien phone, called the Aliens and had them abduct her. He then got mad at Dina for even knowing that Bella went over there, and got FURIOUS at Don for trying to make out with Bella, so he used his mad scientist skills to make people think Don is behind it all. He later forgave Dina, but Dina told everyone that it was Don and Nina because she is a little WooHoo-crazy hypocrite. Nina, oblivious to the entire thing (She should be the blond, not Dina) went on WooHooing with Don. Don told everyone that Dina was part of it, but he never mentioned that he wasn't a part of it.
  • I think that No one was behind it because the telescope that Don has doesn't abduct people.I think she was abducted and Mortimer just happened to witness it and he was happy about it and Mortimer told everybody.
  • Well, I think we're all forgetting the fact that she was supposedly seen "scaling the deck" of Lothario's condo. I don't have any guesses as to reasons or what was going on besides the idea that scaling implies climbing. If she had been invited for romantic or subversive reasons, there's no reason she would have to climb up the building. She could just walk in the door like any normal human being...sim. If she was climbing the building, then she was going uninvited meaning that she was there in secret. Spying? Was she trying to find something out about Don? And was she caught? Or perhaps his condo was the first place she came to as she was trying to escape from someone or something else. Oftentimes in an attempt to escape from something, the one running climbs up something. Don could have been gone, sleeping, or "unable" to answer the door when she showed up. And does "scaling" imply upward or downward climbing? Because downward could just as easily imply that she was trying to escape. If the Bella in Strangetown is a fake, we can't rule out alien abduction. But was it planned or lucky coincidence for one or more of the three most suspicious characters in Pleasantview? The ones who know something are the ones who disappear.
  • In my game, I decided to do some investigating. I looked in the files. And the photo's, the memories. Everything :). I decided that Bella's abduction had some weird part in the game, and this is my final conclusion. Mortimer, suspected Bella of having an affair with Don Lothario. He watched them getting close, and when Don decided to get close to Cassandra too, it was the final straw. Proof: If you look at the photo of Don with Cassandra, Mortimer is in the background looking not-so-pleased. Also, Mortimer has no happy memories of him and Bella at all proper...until she was abducted. So, he hated Don. But being the mad scientist that he is, he thought more of knowledge, and because he was so angry with Bella, he thought "how cool would it be if Bella was abducted". And when she was, his memory of that was highlighted green. And, he thought that he may see some Alien's near house because of that. No, he wasn't looking for Bella. He was looking for a flying saucer. If you look at a picture, it shows Mortimer smiling, and has Bella on his mind. He's thanking her for this piece of knowledge. Now, bring Bella Back. As you'll know, as soon as you bring Bella back, Mortimer hates her. He wants nothing more to do with her. Why is this? Mortimer and Bella where in "love" weren't they? And when she's "dies on another lot" Mortimer has a gravestone saying "Bella died" but its green. Why does he hate her so much? And why are Mortimer and Don not friends? They're down as "just met" when you start the game. But if someone was marrying your daughter, you'd want to know the ins and outs. But Mortimer doesn't. I sense a guilty man guys ;).
  • It could be possible that when Bella was abducted, the aliens could have cloned her and put her clone in Strangetown, with no memories of her loved ones...
  • I don't think Nina or Dina Caliente was involved, as they came to town after Bella's abduction. BUT WAIT-what if she was never abducted at all? Don, being an idiot, probably was marrying Cassandra only for her daddy's millions. After killing Cassandra, he could use her inheritance to trick out his bachelor pad and make it the coolest love nest in town. So that was his plan. Then one night Bella came over to get to know him and he made a not-so-suave pass at Bella, as she is, I have to admit, more beautiful than Cassandra. Bella caught on and was going to go home and tell Mortimer. There's a little room on top of the condo, and Don locked her in there, deleted the room and starved her. Then-AH HA!-he slumps her DEAD BODY over the telescope and the aliens abduct it! And he lies about it! AND THERE IS NO GRAVESTONE MEMORY!!! stupid theory, I know, but I don't think Don married Cass for love.
  • I believe that the creators used boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. They deleted Bella in Pleasentview but it can be retrieved. They then created a Bella townie and placed it in Strangetown. Kinda like Olive's rumor of a serial killer. They just used the cheatcode and added random people and killed them(along with her family members. . .
  • Well i was playing in stargetown whith my sim and i was to a community lot, and i sawed Bella, i talked to her and i think that she was the fake one,and many people told me that she had no phone but in the next day i called her!She came to my house and she had on her finger a ring (from her wedding probably)!I think she is the real one!! i hope that!!!!
  • Also, a little clue for why the Bella in Strangetown isn't the same as Bella in Pleasantview is the painting "Bella Squared" might mean Bella to the 2nd power or Bella^2, which means there's two of them.
  • My theory, is that the Caliente family wants more simoleons, so they came to Pleasantview to ruin people's lives. As you see, Nina and Dina Caliente came right after Bella's disapperance. Also, the Caliente sisters are related to aliens. So what they did is they planned on abducting Bella. Dina and Nina, on the other hand, worked on making Mortimer in love with them so they can get in the family and get simoleons. Don Lothario, on the other hand, tries to get more simoleons also. He and the Caliente family united on one side to get the Goth's money.
  • From this info, we know that the Caliente sisters ARE related to aliens. BUT Bella is NOT a romance sim. That is one heck of a lie. She is a FAMILY sim. If you know the Apartment Life expansion pack, this is for you. Anyway, I studied about what 'Bella Donna' means. It means 2 things. 1) it means 'BEAUTIFUL WOMAN'. Bella Was A beautiful woman. Dina wanted poor Morty's wealth. Cass was engaged to Don, who was cheating on Cass with Bella, Dina, Nina and that french maid Kaylynn. So, Dina paired up with Don and Mrs Crumplebottom, who was his mom. Dina called the aliens and got them to abduct her whenever. Anyway, the second meaning is a vine they use in witchcraft. They say Bella was the ruler of all witches but got taken back from BDC(Belladonna Cove) to Strangetown. WHO KNOWS???I WONDER WHAT HAPPENS...
  • It was that good-fer-nothing Dina Calenite! What she did was she married Micheal and killed him in some beastly little way. Then, she and Don plotted to get Bella out of the picture so she could move in on Morti and his millions, Don would marry Cass and Dina would marry Motri. They would both divorce and then dispose of them both in some way. Then they'd marry and adopted Alex, as he cannot possibly overthrow them!
  • The aliens, being human-art freaks (emphasis on FREAKS), saw how beautiful Bella is. They abducted her whilst she ran away from Don after he tried to make out with her. They cloned her twice, once for Bella Square and the other clone was for Marketing Print by Seph Ia. They erased her memory and accidentally dropped her in Strangetown. Don just blamed everything on the Calientes twins, and they said it was him.
  • There is no alive bella she got abducted came back got taken to family bin and deleted, my friend deleted his guy who was still alive on his kids family tree.
  • I think, Dina Caliente Heard About The Goth Family and their money. But When Dina learned Bella Goth Was Mortimer's Wife, Dina asked DON To befriend Bella. But Dina attacked Bella. When Bella was trying to escape she was forced to look through the telescope. Dina then called Aliens and told them to abduct Bella AND herself. Then the aliens attacked Bella Also Dina, who was in charge of it. They thought Bella was dead and left her in the desert of Strangetown, but Bella woke up in a hospital, after a 4 year coma, which made her forget EVERYTHING!
  • I think that when Michael died, Don invited her over to help her cheer up, knowing that this would be the perfect chance to get her to love him. She rejected his makeout and went home. Dina, being new in town, went to visit some new neighbors. When she saw Mortimers millions, she wanted it all. Anyway, Don got mad at Bella and started getting smitton with Dina and Nina. That evening, as Nina was over, she asked him do rid of Bella. Not forgiving erlier that day, he accepted. That night, Bella was invited over so Don could Apologoze. That was when she walked up to the roof and noticed the telescope. She thought of Mortimer's want to see aliens and gave the telescope a shot. That's when she was abducted. (Mortimer could have witnessed it by looking through his telescope
  • Hi! I think that it was the Caliente sisters.I've got a few reasons: 1st: They appeared the night before Bella's disappearance, 2nd because in their family tree you can see that they are realatated to aliens, 3rd: because they badly wanted Mortimers money and Bella sort of "stood in their way". So what they did was: Used Don since he wanted Bella all to himself, so as seen in Don's pics, he invited Bella over to show her the telescope and together Dina, Nina and (probably) Don too, got rid of Bella by asking or persuading the aliens to abduct her to get her out of the way. Then when the Caliente sisters paid their first visit to Mortimer and the residents of the Gothe manor, they probably burned Bella's picture and other proof so no one would ever know. Ps: Dina probably married Micheal Bachealor (Bella's brother) to get sort of closer to Bella without any one noticing. Both Dina and Nina have a romance aspiration so I doubt it that Dina would have ever "loved" Michael soo much to marry him. Anyway, thats only what I think. There are lots of possible theories.
  • Ok I'll say it straight out, the bella in strangetown isn't "obviously" a fake. Yes, they had to make a new one because otherwise it would overload the game., but that doesn't mean that she is fake.... Maxis even said, if you manage to find her and play with her for at least a few days, her memory will come back... has anyone actually tried that? Secondly, Why would you want her back anyway, she didn't even love her husband. Maxis already revealed what happened, and the ending is hugely disappointing... look on the sims 3 website (not the official_ and look on the bella goth competition and look at the diary code and read the diary, i'm sure there is a link if you scroll down that leads you to it)... If you really want bella goth back, obviously follow the story line and get dina marrid to motimer and if you have a girl call her bella (make sure you rr last name is goth).. and there you have it.. .and when you go down genereations you can make a whole plesant view again...Thirdly, just for the fun of it, i'm pretty ure they're are 2 bella goth's on purpose, one whom is attracted to her husband and accidentally got abducted, and one her cheated on her husband and ran away, then aliens had abducted her.away from pleasant view (look at the diary_..... so ye.... The sims 3 isn't going to include the goths... if it did then it won't reveal anything because there was nothing interesting in sims 1, except for a pearl necklace on the floor but that should be in sims 2 (yet again, look at the diary)... thank you for your time and good day...
  • Bella Goth's Diary (Posted by Bob Newbie is kl)
  • I think that bella killed her brother, michael bachelor, then killed herself. Then,Don Lothario hid Bella's body in the Specter's cemitary secretly. Then, Olive had ressurected Bella as a zombie then aliens had ubducted her!!!!!
  • If you notice, there is a UFO crash in Strangetown! Bella Got abducted, the UFO crashed over Strangetown, and there we have Mrs. Bella Goth, lost memory, wandering the streets of Strangetown.
  • Bella was abducted by aliens and Don doesn't remember this because they're not from the same family. Mortimer thinks this is good because he is a knowledge sim and the ufo was in strangetown when it crashed. Bella escaped but she losed all her memories.
  • I think that Dina is trying to get rid of Bella to get Mortimer's money and that Nina was not involved in anything. After moving to Pleasantview from somewhere around the country, Dina fell (truly) in love with Michael Bachelor. She wanted a child, but he died before they had the chance. Soon, she met her deceased husbend's sister, Bella Goth. Seeing that she is very rich, Dina starts to ahng out with her. One night, Don Lothario moved in and Bella came to welcome him. He soon falls for her and tries to make-out with her, but she rejects him. Fearing that Don will tell Mortimer that she is in love with him, she runs and looks throgh the teliscope while Don is at work, hopeing to meet aliens. Her wish is granted and only her husbend and daughter learned of her abduction (her son, Alexander was told she and Mortimer broke up). Sadly, she upsets Mortimer and Dina can now get his money by marrieing him. Don comes home and thinks that Bella went home after he went to work, so that is why he has no memories of Bella meeting aliens. He soon falls for her daughter, Cassandra.
  • What I think happend to Bella is that Don invited her over so he could Make-Out with her. After being rejected he realy hated Bella for that and decided no body would see her again he made sure Bella looked into his telescope while she was looking into the telescope he had an evil look on his face. Goodbye Bella Goth forever.
  • I think that Don and Dina are innocent and Bella is actually a witch. Don invited Bella over because he had a crush on her but she rejected making out with him because she loves her husband. The aliens found out about Mortimer's Elixir of Life and abducted Bella as a way of getting to Mortimer and finding out about his projects but Bella being a witch cast a spell to forget everything about herself they found out information about Bella through Dina marrying her brother Michael which was why Dina's father was born in human form that was the plot all along so with Bella's memory erased the aliens had no use for her and ditched her in limbo which is why you need tombstone of L&D to resurrect her. As for Dina her fate is still laid out by the aliens her sudden interest in Mortimer is because the aliens want some way to find out his projects.
  • I think that Bella came to welcome Don to the neighborhood. Don frequently harrased her due to her looks upset Bella decided to take a look at Don's telescope while Mormiter dealt with Don while she was looking Don came up and told Bella that he saw a what looked like a flying saucer. At first Bella didn't belive thinking it was a distraction for her to look up and do something like kiss her on the neck or something. But then she looked up and saw he was right! Bella got abducted and cloned while her real body was kept by Polination Tech #9. Her clone roamed the streets of Strangetown while Bella herself was kept by the alien colony.
  • In the PSP version of The Sims 2, Bella is found inside a small shop. She never mentios her past to anyone, though.
  • Well I guess when Bella came over to Don's home, he raped her and made her look into a teliscope. Then she was abducted and murdered. But I think that before she died, she was cloned. I had Olive Specter kill her clone on my game.
  • I've looked over all of Pleasantview and found this.Bella Goth must have gotten married to mortimer by mistake,and decided to cheat on him a lot.She was at Don's house.Don tried to make-out with her,but failed.He also persuaded her to look through the telescope.they flirted.Dina came passing by with flowers for Don and heard them.Don went for food,so Dina climbed up the wall and murdered Bella with a pocketknife.She went down in a hurry with the body,quick enough for Don not to see,and locked Bella's Corpse in a hotel room.Some aliens happened to be passing by.Don saw them,saw some other Black haired Chick,and thought it was Bella.It spread around town like fire to a forest:Bella was abducted!A new family went to the hotel,saw the dead body,and ran out screaming.They went to a different neighborhood and told that the body was actually a gigantic rat to keep quiet because of how Dina was threatening them.the body decayed and nobody saw.What do you think?
  • All the theories of bella goth being murdered are proven wrong, she is not dead according to the family tree., so she is still alive meaning she couldn't be murdered..

HUGE SUPRISE: has anyone downloaded the Megahood (all neighbourhoods in one)? the creater even said there were 2 bella goths, and they are both townies... so doesn't that mean that there is still a bella in pleasantview, becoz the creater would have used the original files from the game to combine the neighbourhoods?

  • The sims 2 Bella goth was in the goth household util the creator make the easter egg that she was taken but she was not taken and she came back and than she moved out and she was deleded and that how her photo is stll coulored and so about the boolprop cheat it still work so don"t say she was taken cause she wan not so that what happen to mrs bella goth.
  • I think that Bella and Cornelia had argued.Bella went to Michael but Dina asked her to leave.Bella went to Don. Don really loves her.He asked her to make out but she didn't want.Bella eventually returned to her home.There she went to stargaze and aliens arrived.They like her and adopt her.But Bella didn't want.They make a copy of her(Strangetown Bella) and the real Bella lose her memories.They left her in Pleasantview but not in her home.
  • I think that Bella went to Don's to welcome him to Pleasantview, Don liked her, so he asked Bella to make out. Bella refused. Don tried to end the arguing by telling Bella to go the deck. Bella looked through the telescope. Mr. PT9 came and took her to Strangetown then crashed. Bella lost her memory during the crash. So, how come Don has no memory of it? 1. They're not from the same family or 2. It all happened at Goth Manor.
  • My theory is simple. It was a warm, mournful evening in Pleasantview. Nina was over at Don's, and Dina was at home, planning to kill Bella Goth. She had been planning for weeks, and she finally understood her plan. Bella was the only thing in the way of her plan to marry Mortimer, so she could steal his simoleons. This evening was perfect. First, Dina had improved her relationship with Bella, soon becoming friends. She understood Bella was destined for romance. So around 10 that night, Dina innocently invited Bella over for some coffee. Bella accepted. Logically, she'd want to go past Don's house, to check out what he's doing. After all, he was a good friend to Bella. Supposedly, Bella left for Don's every Friday night. Mortimer was extremely suspicious of this, but he trusted Dina, anyways. So he "accepted" when Bella strode out of the house to visit Dina. Bella went past Don to get to Dina's, and by this time Nina was at home, sleeping. Dina was patiently waiting for Bella (at least, that's what everyone thought). When Bella passed Don's house, she spotted him on the roof of his condo, looking throughly confused. That's because Dina told Don that there was a stunning alien mothership in the sky, and if he looked up long enough, it would spit out the girl of his dreams. Easily enough, seeing Dina is part alien, she tipped the aliens to do so. Anyways, Bella went up there. She decided Dina could wait. She asked Don what was wrong, and he told her what he heard from Dina. Now, Don sorta liked Bella, and flirted with her often (and usually failed). He asked Bella to look through the telescope. she did so for about 2 hours, and no alien spottings. This was the exact plan, because Dina told the aliens to kidnap Bella on her own roof. Bella said she was sorry and headed home. Don sadly went to bed. Bella figured it was too troublesome to go to Dina's now, seeing its so late at night. When she got home, she thought about what Don said about aliens. So Bella went up to her OWN roof to peek through the telescope. Sure enough, she was abducted. Dina's plan had worked! When everyone heard about Bella's abduction, Dina told the public it was ALL DON'S FAULT!!! She told everyone she last saw her scaling the deck of Don's condo, which pretty much pinpointed evidence and blames to Don. She was mad at him, because she spotted Don having an affair with the maid, which pretty much ended their relationship.
  • I think that the Caliente sisters and Don are behind Bella's disappearance. Dina is interested in Mortimer's fortune, and Bella was the only person preventing her from marrying him. So Dina tells Mortimer that she and her sister are part alien, and they can bring aliens to Pleasantview, knowing of his Knowledge aspiration. She convinces Mortimer to let her use Bella as bait. Bella agrees. Bella looks through Mortimer's telescope and is abducted on her own roof, which explains why only the Goths had memory of Bella's abduction. Dina pretends that she never indended this to happen, and tries to comfort Mortimer. The aliens create a Bella clone and dump it in Strangetown, and put the real Bella back in Pleasantview. She lands next to Don's house. Don is still angry at her for rejecting him, so he gives her a death token.
  • Well, Bella is very mysterious character, facts about her are that she was abducted, Morti has memory of abduction green because he has knowledge aspiration, and Caliente sis didn't "helped" Bella disappear (they came later). I think Bella was abducted accidentally, aliens left her in Strangetown, but bad witch, offering her help closed her in Babayaga hut (from Belladonna cove).That hut looks like it walk from other neighbourhood (like Strangetown). Bella tried to call help, by baizing S.O.S (when you look from sky you could see something) trought the window of her prison ward, But when Babayaga noticed letters, she used spell of forget memories and she took Bella to Strangetown. So, that is well-know strangetown Bella.

I Think Don Isn't Behind This Because He Has The Cheap Telescope And Mortimer Had The Other One(I Think) Which Is The One You Get Abduted With And It Was Her Fault She Looked Into It At Midnight Because She Couldn't Sleep And You Know What Happens Next.

  • In Bella's family tree, there is an alien. Maybe this has something to do with it.
  • Maybe it's a 2001: A Space Odyssey sort thing, Bella didn't just have looks, but brains too. And the aliens took note of this and she was sucked into the Monolith and became a star child like Dave Bowman, and became a being of pure energy. And from time to time she'll return to Earth as an ambassitor (or maybe a probe) for the aliens so they can learn about the humaI tin society they helped spark. --but that's just my thoughts on the matter...
  • Don and Dina made a plan that if Don got Bella to marry him and divorce Mortimer, Dina would marry him and get the moneyto split with Don. Don proposed to Cassandra to get close to Bella.I think that Bella went to visit Don, beacuse they were going to be in-laws. He tried to make out with her, and she rejected him and left. She went back to her house. Don called Dina and told her that it wasn't working, so Dina, being related to an alien, got the aliens to abduct her, so she could marry Mortimer. Bella looked into her telescope and BAM, bye bye Bella.
  • In Dina's bio, it says that she moved in on the night that Bella disappeared. Also her great-grandfather (I think) is an alien, so maybe the aliens wanted to get into the Goth Family so maybe they planned to abduct Bella and have Dina move in and marry Mortimer and have a baby together.
  • In the story, Nina Caliente knew that Mortimer was rich and wanted to get rid of Bella. Somehow she got the Aliens to abduct her and dump in some place away from Pleasantview.--Liquid Ink 08:55, September 25, 2009 (UTC)
  • I think why Bella is an adult is becouse the atifishal gravity on the space ship caused an dip in space and time the gravity caused her not to age for 25 years when that flying sauser crashed in strangetown she was still an adult becouse of somthing called genral relitivty and/or speshal relitivity and adding on to this therory i came up with this: Bella Goth was secretly friends with PT9 and when Don was hitting on her Bella put an Flash lite down the telescope to sinnal help to PT9 when they ended up in strangetown PT9 showed Bella to an hidden Mation on the Road to Nowere and to his family (Refrence to the sims 2 on psp)  then an welcoming party came to greet her but PT9 used an cloking device to cloke the new 'Goth Manor' but the welcoming party went away to do well who knows and there is the fountan of youth in the back yard (an devisce conststing lots of sims an cowplant and an reccusc-o-nortom thingy) so thats my CRAZY THEORY!!!
  • My theory is that Don and the Caliente sisters wants Mortimer's wealth, and they had already planned to get Bella abducted. first,Don calls Bella to his house and try to make out with her (rejected).second,Don gets her to look on the telescope as Pollination Technician 9# is already called by the caliente to abduct Bella. Bella is abducted, as Pollination Technician 9# UFO reaches Strangetown, General Buzz Grunt orders to shoot down that UFO (the crashed one in strangetown) the military found Pollination Technician 9# and Bella, Buzz is suprised to see Bella (There's a captured sim!), As Bella is still shocked by that event (abducted and shot down) Buzz doesn't want Bella to remember any of that, so he get Bella's memory erased (maybe he asked the Beakers for that invention) and leave Bella wandering on Strangetown alone not remembering the loved ones....
  • There is one thing wrong with Pollination 9 kidnapping her and his ship crashing in StrangeTown and him starting a new life there.  If you take a look at Johnny, he is about to become an adult and when you look at Alexander, he's just a kid.  If anything, Pollination 9 would have already lived in StrangeTown when Bella Goth was abducted and she was last seen at Don's place.  This means that she escaped an abduction from the aliens and Mortimer probably saw it happen through his own telescope and told his family that she was abducted but really wasn't.  She's just hidding from the aliens who want to perform strange experiments on her.  The Bella Goth is an entirely different sim who just HAPPENS to share the same surename and first name as the PleasantView Bella Goth.  And in my game, she was an elder.  Also, in my game, Alex's family chart has her with a colored head but he can't call her.  He's the only one who knows where she is.  I don't know if anyone else's is like that but if it's just my game then it's a glitch.  There is no involvement with StrangeTown or VeronaVille.  Either that or she's the goddess of the witches and returned home disguised as an alien abduction and Alex is the only one who knows the truth and since the alien abduction is the closest thing to returning home, he's got the abduction icon which is read.  Mortimer's is green because well, he's got a knowledge aspiration and Cassandra is just a ditsy black hairdyed blond who believed her dad and thought it was tragic that her mother was taken from her by aliens.  Anyone else agree?
  • There's a probability that the creators accidentally deleted her and then attached her to alien abduction. Because normal abductions don't last more than a day.
  • Bella heard that Don Lothario had moved into town, so she decided to go welcome him to the neighbourhood (it said she was friendly and outgoing, remember?). Don tried to hit on Bella, but she rejected his romantic advances because she was married with children. In a jealous rage (Don has the Hot-Headed trait in TS3, remember?) Don raped and murdered Bella, then dumped her body in the lake. Strangetown Bella is actually Cassandra from the future. She went nuts and became a bit of a player after she was left at the altar, which explains why her Aspiration is Romance. She got to Strangetown by accidentally travelling back in time, like how Don got to Riverview. Oh, and she changed her name to honor her mother. --Sparrowsong 01:08, January 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • Okay 1) In the actual Game Bella Goth never existed in PleasantView. Maxis put memories into the Goth's memory panel and created Bella as a Strangetown Townie. 2) if Maxis hadn't done all that it probably happened something like this: Bella Goth heard about Don Lothario moving in and decided to greet him. Don criticized Bella about Mortimer, and Bella left because she was angry. On her way out the door she saw Don had an impressive telescope. She couldn't resist herself and spent hours looking at it and it became dark. Mortimer had been coming to get Bella because he was worried something may have happened. When Mortimer arrived he saw Bella peering into the telescope. When he started coming toward her aliens arrived. When the aliens abducted Bella, they examined her realizing she had an IQ of 247. Since she was so much more intelligent than an average human they forgot to take her back to PleasantView. The Aliens had been heading over to Strangetown to abduct somebody in the Curious family, and ran late on Bella's Examination. When they abducted one the Curious guys, they realized they still had Bella. The Aliens kept her in an unaging chamber or something to do mutiple tests on her. When they decided they had enough they dumped her in Strangetown as they could not remember where she was from. When Bella woke up in Strangetown she didn't remember any of her former life and decided to become a townie.
  • Morty and Bella were youthful adults. They moved to Pleasentview had Cassie and Alex (wow, their names make great nicknames!). Morty had FINALLY made the elixer he had been working on for ten years! Cassie aged into an adult and Alex a child. Cassie caught sight of Don L. one day and decided to talk to him. Don, now knowing that the Goth's were loaded with simoleans, he wanted a peice of it. Soon after they met Don proposed to Cassie. Now, if he could get rid of Morty and Bella he could get Cassie to share a little (okay, a lot) of money with him. Then he could dump her and go back to his days as the local womanizer. A seemless plan!
    Alex, being the young rebel he is, switched Morty's elixer with one of the first versions. Morty took a big swig of elixer but it was the old one, so it didn't work. Bumping him into elderhood. Alex figured out how to make more of the elixer and was selling it too people with a certain kind of money. (Thats why you can buy it in the aspir. rewards. Thnx Alex!) Meanwhile, Don was plotting ways to get rid of Bella. A lightbulb went off! He waited until it was real dark. Then he asked Bella if he could show her a new star he had been observing. She happily agreed and they set off for Don's condo. She was peering into the telescope when Don hit her in the back of the head with a blunt object. Bella slumped to the ground. Realizing what he just did, he put her in his car and drove off to the next town over, Strangetown. He, thinking she was dead, dumped the body in a lake. Worried that they might find evidence, he also dumped his car in the lake. He could buy a new one after he inherets all the money, right? He ran off back to Pleasentview. He knocked on the Goth's door. Morty answered. "HELP!!!" he screamed. "Bella was looking at a beutiful star, and then, then, aliens!!! Fifty or more! The pulled her up by a strange beam of light! I tryed to stop them, but there were so many! And i was only one man, right?!?!" Morty looked Horified. "I'll go call the police." he said. Worried that the police would lock him up, Don told him to stop. "What police squad would willingly go into space and try and find someone? Not ours. The outer space is soooo big, Bella is probably long gone by now." Morty, on the verge of tears agreed. In strangetown some fisherman spotted Bella. He ran out and fished her out of the water. Bella coughed and looked around wildly. She was not dead, but she did have amnesia. The fisherman found her ID and told her she was Bella Goth. She used that name and started a new life in strangetown.
  • I think Don wanted the Goth Fortune and her tried to get it through Bella but that failed so he went for Cassandra and He got a deal with Dina that they would share The Goth Fortune if she got together with Mortimer of they got rid of Bella. Dina got the Aliens(Since Dina is a Alien-Sim Hybrid) to scan Don's Condo for a woman in a Red Dress so Don told Bella to come round after he heard Mortimer and Bella had a fight and got her to examine the skys for odd going ons then she got abducted then Dina took the photo and tried to get Don put in Jail so she could Kill Mortimer and Casandra and get the fortune after sending Alex off with the social workers
  • I think that Bella was abducted by the aliens after Don left his porch to go inside his house after his appempt to kiss Bella. And Mortimer and Cassandra might have been at Don's house when it happened. Once the aliens took Bella, they probly wiped her mind out. Then, when the aliens were sleeping, Bella must've escaped from the alien ship and landed in Strangetown because the ship was probly above Strangetown. When the aliens woke up, they probly gave up quickly gave up on finding Bella.
  • i think mortimer, as a mad scientist, was creating an invention, and went to the toilet. bella, unable to control her curiosity, fiddled around with it, causing it to wipe her memory and beam her to strangetown. Morty must have just seen a bright flash of light and thought she had been abducted.
  • I think that mortimer, made a weird invention and when Dina said about the aliens he tryed make her run away,but it diden't work then don visited her house she was waching the stars when don acidentally hit the invention it beamed bella to strange town and while she went she hit a hot air ballon erasing her memorie she now is wandering in strange town with a blank mind.
  • I think that Bella was so sick of Mortimer's busy job she started an affair with Don. Later Mortimer found out and divorced her (as if you notice in Alexander/Cassandra/Mortimer's family trees she is not conneted to Mortimer). Later after finallizing the divorce she moved in with Don and with the telescope was accidently abucted. Then Don told Mortimer and Cassandra what happened (hence why Mortimer has a postive abuction memory and Cassandra has a negative one and why Alexander doesn't have one). Finally the aliens miscacluated where she was (or her abucter was PT9) and when she hit the ground in Strangetown she lost all memories of her and her family.
  • Don Lothario was going to WooHoo with Dina, when Nina discovered them. The two found out that their boyfriend had been seein the other's sister. So, to make him pay for what he had done, he was to find a suitable Sim who could be experimented on by thier pure alien relatives. Don Lothario arranged that Bella Goth would be on the decking of his house at midnight, where she would be taken for abduction. Don arranged to meet Bella to admit what he had done. Bella came around, but Don did not have the courage to admit it to her, instead going to 'get them both a drink'. In actuality, he was going to phone Nina and/or Dina to bail out at the last minute. As he was on the phone, Bella went outside for some fresh air. It was at this point that the aliens abducted her. Bella did escape, however, and spent several years wandering through the desert, surviving the journey due to alien experimentation. Here, she was taken in by the Curious family, who had invented a teleporter. She attempted to teleport back to Pleasentview, but arrived in Sunset Valley 25 years early and the teleporter broke down. Here, she hid away, as she couldn't risk meeting herself as a child. One night, she returned to Mortimer Goth and WooHood him without revealing the truth. Mortimer would later WooHoo Bella's younger-self and pass on the alien to her. This got Bella pregnant with Alexander Goth, which explains the genetic mystery. Finally, she lived into the day she dissapeared and rented out the Curious' second teleporter, where she got Don Lothario drunk and teleported him back to Riverview. By this time she was a dying elder. Gallifrey102 13:02, April 18, 2010 (UTC)
  • i think it was the nina and dina. first of all, they are part alien. they wanted mortimers money, but they knew as long as bella was around they couldn't get it. if you notice, on the game itsays "is it just a coincenence nina and dina arrived on the night bella goth disapeared?" also, i decided to do some investigating. i went to strangetown as the curious family, and decided to use tombestone l &d to bring back, " bella." however, not only does this bella have no memories, i realized she had a different face! i looked at the pictures of bella in pleasentview, and when i brought her back in strangetown she had a different face. so, i think the aliens either gave her plastic surgery and eraised her memories (which is unlickley) or made a clone of her, and messed up the face, and that the real bella is still on the spaceship. i also think that nina and dina noticed don had a telescope, so they asked him to use it in exchange for some good woohoos. the reason bella still got absucted on the cheaper telescope is because the catlinte sisters are part alien, therefore can get their reletives to come whenever.
  • I don't think there is an actual story. I think that Maxis has deleted Bella by an accident and gave Mortimer and Cassandra memories that she got abducted by aliens. As for Don...Bella was having an affair with him!!! —Preceding unsigned comment added by Metalhead-666 (talkcontribs) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
  • Okay so I know my theory is not true, because I know for a fact Bella Goth was abducted by aliens and all that stuff. But I like to believe that one day Bella Goth looked at herself in the mirror and realized a gray hair. She then realized that she was growing old and did not have enough adventures in her life. So what she did was she ordered to go on a hot air balloon ride to Strangetown where she was sabotaged by Dina. Dina stalked her to Strangetown and told the hot air balloon crew to go home and she'll do the landing (she was disguised as one of the workers). She then left Bella floating away on her hot air balloon. Leaving her family behind. Even today you can see her on the red and yellow balloon floating over Veronaville.
  • In My Sims 3 version Bella is a child that moved in with the goths. Then A Few days later the new kid Coraline Goth Came To Town a and moved in with The Goths. Coraline's parents (Alexander and sabrina) Were in the army. Epilouge. Gunther goth is the vice president. The Rabins Family moved in to town. And The End? By Cron888.
  • I think Don and Dina both wanted access to the Goth fortune. To get this, Dina would marry Mortimer, and Don would marry Cassandra. Since Alexander was so young, Bella was the only thing in their way. So Don invited Bella over to his house to "introduce himself". Once he saw her, he thought, "Maybe I'll get lucky!" So, he tried to make out with her, but she--since she was married to Mortimer-- rejected him. So Dina invites Bella to use the telescope, goes back inside, and LOCKS BELLA OUT ON THE DECK!!!! Then, the aliens (whom Dina had paid to abduct Bella) see Bella and abduct her, change her aspiration from Popularity to Romance, erase her memories, and drop her in Strangetown. So, Dina and Don dated Mortimer and Cassandra, respectively, secretly having an affair with each other. TrueWolf1993 14:42, May 2, 2010 (UTC)
  • Am I the only one who thinks aliens needn't be involved? Don's telescope was on the top floor, which has low fencing - BELLA WAS PUSHED! Bella rejected Don's attempt to make out with her, so in a rage he pushed her. Bella woke up with partial amnesia and wandered off to Strangetown. This explains three things: (a) The Bella in Strangetown has patchy memories. Why? Partial amnesia, and (b) Why Don has no recollection of Aliens - he's the only one who knows that there were no aliens! He told the village that the Aliens had abducted Bella to cover up what he thought was murder, and (c) Why he leaves Cassandra: true he has the romance aspiration but that begs the question why he proposed - but the point is HE COULDN'T HAVE MARRIED HER KNOWING THE TRUTH ABOUT HER MOTHER!
  • Here is the truth: Don called her and she went over. He showed her his SWEET telescope that he just bought. She looked into it and got abducted by aliens. She was taken to Strangetown and has no memories because of alien surgery. In the clip where Alexander Goth goes off to college, it is a visual representation of his memories of her. Also, when you bring her back, she doesn't like Mortimer very much because she can't remember him (alien surgery). DavidMC123
  • I read that If you get Cassandra abducted, Bella comes back. Is this true? Simstar3 07:07, May 9, 2010 (UTC)

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