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Beach Bums household
Beach Bums household
Ricardo, Len, and Suzuki have lived together since the day they graduated high school. But when his roommates grew out of their youthful awkwardness into attractive young adults, Ricardo can't help but feel left behind. Can his friends help give him the confidence to go after the girl of his dreams?
Name Beach Bums household
Members Suzuki Hinata, Ricardo Gregario, Len Tsang
Lot 31 Paradise Circle
Funds §16,000
Difficulty level Difficulty2
Other information
Game TS3SLT Icon The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
World Sunlit Tides

The Beach Bums household is a pre-made, playable household from the downloadable neighborhood of Sunlit Tides. It consists of the three roommates; Suzuki Hinata, Ricardo Gregario and Len Tsang. According to their bio, the three of them have been living with each other since from graduating high school. Len and Suzuki have already matured into Young Adults and poor Ricardo can't help but feel left behind.

The household resides at 31 Paradise Circle and begin the game with §16,000 in household funds.


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