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For the "play catch" interaction in The Sims 2, see Play.

When your kids are tired of throwing around soft, foamy, squeaky toys, it's time to move up to a baseball. Nothing teaches respect for flying objects like a leathered-wrapped ball with a high-density cork and rubber core, thrown at high speeds!
Game The Sims 3
Buyability Buy Mode
Price in game §65
Object type(s) Fun
Size Small
A baseball is a small object that can be bought for §65 in the Entertainment catalog. It increases fun (up to 5) and athletic skill. Sims playing catch with higher Athletic skill will be less likely to drop the ball.

The missing baseballEdit

In Champs Les Sims, the first quest requires the player to find Gerard Morel's missing object in a hole in the floor, which appears to e a baseball. When the quest has been completed, he will thank the player for retrieving it, which he considers to be "lucky".

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