Barnacle Bay
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An island nestled in the Simuyan Sea, Barnacle Bay is a vibrant vacation getaway with stunning beaches, campgrounds, parks, and a curiously modern downtown. First settled by pirates, fisherman, and artists - the world's inhabitants now enjoy relaxing at Smuggler's Beach and letting loose at The Wanderer's Watering Hole. Will your trip be a vacation or a staycation?
Name Barnacle Bay

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Barnacle Bay is a Neighborhood available for download from The Sims 3 Store [1]. It became available to download on September 23, 2010 before costs 1650 SimPoints[2], but now the new price is 2000 SimPoints.

It is a pirate themed town and features new Sims, objects, hairstyles, clothing, locations and rabbit holes[1].



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Residential Lots

Community Lots


See also: Deceased in Barnacle Bay

The Annan house can be a chaotic place as the family is large. However, there is a lot of love in the house, despite the drama.


Difficulty: Hardest

Finn Annan, Flora Annan, Fern Annan, Philip Annan, Fawn Annan, Daisy Annan

These two sisters are exact opposites, but in some ways balance each other out. Hopefully they can learn to deal with their differences in a civilized manner.


Difficulty: Easy

Patty Abe, Serena Abe

The driving personalities in this household are the Caliente sisters who are always fighting, flirting, and generally out to have a raucous party. They are showing Luisa the ways in misbehaving.


Difficulty: Easy

Nina Caliente, Dina Caliente, Luisa Libros

The Coastals adore Barnacle Bay, and their love of the town's history and the island's eco-system is evident in their home.


Difficulty: Easy

Jake Coastal, Josephine Coastal

Even though the house is tiny, it is vibrant and full of color, just like Odessa herself.


Difficulty: Easiest

Odessa Cross

The Darwins are a scientifically inclined couple who are passionate about fish and fishing. Lewis and Preethi have a garden and a small pond they love spending time on.


Difficulty: Easy

Lewis-Charlie Darwin, Preethi Darwin

Fiona keeps a well-appointed house with a modern style. She used to be a very successful business woman in the big city, but she retired early and is living a modest life training as an amateur triathelete.


Difficulty: Easiest

Fiona Fleet

Alice and Celeste GilsCarbo are a hard-working single mother and young daughter who are trying to carve out a new life in an old town.


Difficulty: Easy

Alice GilsCarbo, Celeste GilsCarbo

Not only are The Goldbeards the wealthiest family for nautical miles, they are also the most socially and politically connected. Most people overlook how they built their family wealth.


Difficulty: Medium

Eleanor Goldbeard, Anne Goldbeard, Tobias Goldbeard, Coral Goldbeard, Kidd Goldbeard

The Inkbeard family name seems to be a reference to an ancestral epic sea victory over a Giant Squid. There are rumors of fabulous wealth plundered and then lost, which makes this family suspicious of everyone.


Difficulty: Hard

Shorty-John Inkbeard, Victoria Inkbeard, Morgan Inkbeard, Aeisha Inkbeard, Pearl Inkbeard, Bart Inkbeard

Dude LaMer is a single surfer bum who is somewhat directionless. He has a lot of friends, but he can't get a second date because girls get tired of talking about the beach.


Difficulty: Easiest

Dude La Mer

The Lai family has been fishing for as far back as anyone can imagine, and some of their ancestors even have portraits up in City Hall. Of course why they are brandishing cutlasses no historian has quite figured out.


Difficulty: Medium

Gil Lai, Laurel Lai, Jonah Lai

Filled with all of Buzz's knick knacks and clutter, this household is a clash of tastes and styles. The personalities in this house also tend to collide, but this family has learned to make it work.


Difficulty: Medium

Buzz Malifa, Petunia Malifa, Marcus Malifa

Willy the ex-lightkeeper has a house in the most remote part of Barnacle Bay. He is rarely seen in town.


Difficulty: Easiest

Willy McKellar

You might hear a bit of a Southern accent sneaking in Georgia's voice when she invites you over for a glass of sweet tea, if she has any. From her upbringing, she will always offer her guests Southern hospitality.


Difficulty: Easiest

Georgia Murphy

Filled with plants, flower, light, and art Jasmine's life is dedicated to all things beautiful. Jasmine is far from home but she was drawn to the mist, the coastline, and the mystery of Barnacle Bay.


Difficulty: Easiest

Jasmine Noon

Three rowdy singles enjoy being on their own for the first time. They love hosting parties and being best friends, even when the occasional drama ensues.


Difficulty: Easy

Juan Jr Inkbeard, Ahmed Barbarossa, Lee-Roy Johnkins

'1725 New Barnacle Blvd.

Moe must prove himself to be lord and master of the ocean and catch the biggest and baddest fish out there. He has no time for decorating - he has fish to catch!


Difficulty: Easiest

Moe Pesce

This is a classic bachelor pad. To upgrade this house one would have to torch the furniture first.


Difficulty: Easiest

Dave Piece

Thomas Quill is the unofficial town historian and also the volunteer librarian. He is incredibly knowledgeable about all things nautical and his house could be considered a mini-museum in its own right.


Difficulty: Easiest

Thomas Quill

These two bachelors are vacationing in Barnacle Bay, taking a break from the stress of daily life. Is there a chance this could be a permanent stay?


Difficulty: Easy

Richie Radan, Rahul Patel

The Rao's are in the beginning stages of starting a family, and this modest house is the perfect size for mom, dad, and baby. Hopefully it isn't twins!


Difficulty: Easy

Roger Rao, Mia Rao

Rose is somewhat of a gypsy in how she dresses and acts. Her small cottage is crammed with all kinds of odd knick knacks, some of which she claims she "found" on the beach.


Difficulty: Easiest

Rose Rome

This house seems barely lived in and was built more for privacy and secrecy than for comfort or style. One could even call it a mini-fortress.


Difficulty: Easiest

Agnes Seabottom

Bunny's house is full of all things related to sun-worship. Large windows, bright colors, and lots of romance novels fill this house.


Difficulty: Easiest

Bunny Shore

This prim and proper household is the a prime example of middle class perfection. However there is a mirror in nearly every room so that Jeff can practice his charisma skills.


Difficulty: Easiest

Jeff Smith

This elderly couple has been in Barnacle Bay for decades, and they have the souvenirs to prove it. This just might be the cutest couple on the island.


Difficulty: Easy

Felix Soto, Mary Soto

The Trebo house is almost a museum in its own right and is a veritable showcase for all of Alec's past exploits and treasure collecting.


Difficulty: Easiest

Alec Trebo

This is one luxe modern household for such a small town. Juliet has made sure each piece of decor (and there is a lot of it) is in the perfect spot.


Difficulty: Easiest

Juliet Verona

Homeless Sims

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Deceased Sims



<videogallery> Video:The Sims 3 Barnacle Bay - Exclusive|The Sims 3 Barnacle Bay - Exclusive Video:Barnacle Bay Presentation (The Sims 3 Store Content)|another preview of Barnacle Bay and confirmation of Caliente sisters. Video:A New World Awaits -- Escape to Barnacle Bay today!|Barnacle Bay preview </videogallery>


EA technical support guesses at 1650 SimPoints.

  • A French gaming site reported that it would cost 600 SimPoints (roughly €6)[7] and a Q&A interview on IGN reported that it was 1650, though that information was later removed from the article[3]. An EA technical support representative mentioned 1650 as well, but stated that it was not certain, as shown in the image on the right.
  • In an IGN interview with EA they refer to Barnacle Bay as an "expansion", though this term is incorrect as it is merely a downloadable neighborhood similar to Riverview[3]


  • Like Twinbrook, all deceased Sims have grey hair and green skin.
  • On January, the 1st of 2011, the Daily deal from the Sims 3 Store concerned Barnacle Bay, which cost 1111 SimPoints.
  • Oddly there are 2 repairwomen and 2 elderly social workers, and many more NPCs with different life stages from another games.
  • The neighbourhood's name may be a reference or parody to the character Barnacle Boy from the SpongeBob SquarePants series. It may also be a direct reference to an island, with the same name, on The Simpsons series featured on episode 10 of the 18th season "The Wife Aquatic".
  • With Late Night installed there is a glitch that starts every sim in town off with Celebrity status (Levels 1-4)
  • Barnacle bay was also released in stores, costing 14$. The box contains a piece of paper with a code that players can use to buy it from The Sims 3 Store.[8]


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