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Not to be confused with Aspiration reward (The Sims 4) or Lifetime reward.

Aspiration rewards are objects in The Sims 2 that are bought with points gained by filling a Sim's Aspiration bar.

These objects can have negative results if used when a Sim's aspiration bar is not at least Gold. If a Sim's aspiration bar is green, there is a 50% chance of failure when using an aspiration reward, and if it is red, there is an 80% chance of failure. What appears to matter is the Sim's aspiration level when the reward begins to operate, which is not always when the Sim begins to use it. In general, a reward will continue to operate if the user's aspiration bar drops to green while it is operating. However, if a Sim's aspiration bar drops to green between the time he or she begin to use a reward and the time it begins to operate, the reward may fail.

Most of the aspiration reward objects can only be used five times. A mod available at MATY allows Sims to recharge most reward objects by expending aspiration reward points.

A burglar can steal aspiration reward objects. When a burglar is deciding what to steal, the number of points needed to buy the reward object will be considered to be its value in simoleons.

Aspiration Reward Uses Cost Success effect Failure effect
Money Tree Unlimited 3000 If watered regularly, Sims will harvest §40. NPCs can autonomously harvest the tree, so it's recommended to keep it in a locked room to prevent this. Sims will harvest only §1.
Noodlesoother 24 hours 5000 Sim's mood is boosted, but needs decay at a faster rate than usual. Sim's energy drops completely and they pass out.
ReNuYuSenso Orb 5 Uses 6250 Allows the aspiration of a Sim to be changed, also changing their Lifetime Want, and affecting attraction with other Sims. Sim will get the Grilled Cheese aspiration, also changing their Lifetime Want.
Weathernaught 57X 5 Uses 7000 Sim can set the desired season, prolong the current season, and set the current weather condition. A meteor shower will fall on the Sim's lot for about 10 seconds, causing fires.
Pasteur's HomoGenius Smart Milk 5 bottles of Smart Milk 7500 Toddler Sim learns skills at an accelerated rate for 3 hours. Toddler Sim loses a skill point.
Cool Shades 5 pairs of glasses 10000 First social interaction has amplified positive effect. First social interaction has amplified negative effect.
Kibble of Life 5 Uses 12000 Cat or dog is made five days younger. (Will not go back an age group) Never fails. Requires Pets.
The Eclectic and Enigmatic Energizer 5 Uses 14000 All needs get a boost All needs drop. Cannot kill a Sim.
Thinking Cap 24 hours 16000 Skill learning rate is increased dramatically Energy drops completely. Sim passes out and loses a Skill point.
SimVac 5 Uses 17500 Sim specifies another Sim and transfers 3000 aspiration points or one skill point. Has negative effect on Sims' relationship. Aspiration points or skill point goes to other Sim.
Love Tub 4 hours 20000 Relationship outcomes are increased between two Sims in the tub. No effects.
After it is used up, it will act as a normal hot tub.
Genuine Buck's Famous Counterfeiting Machine 3 hours 27500 Sims counterfeit simoleons; after 3 hours it will catch on fire. Sims are fined and the Counterfeiting Machine can no longer be used.

Requires University.
Elixir of Life 5 Uses 30580 Sim is made three days younger but will not go back to an earlier life stage. Sim ages by three days. Sims will go up an age bracket or die (if an elder), if they are three or less days from aging naturally or dying.

Note: After the five uses are up, it makes a good office decoration.



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