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Aspiration Failure
A Sim in aspiration failure getting a visit from the Therapist

Aspiration failure will occur when a Sim's aspiration bar reaches its minimum. The Sim will have a breakdown and become uncontrollable, and will require a visit from the Sim Shrink.


A fortune Sim begging for money

Before Sims reach complete aspiration failure, they will occasionally show signs of distress and desperation. Toddlers, children, and teens will display immaturity. Teens, regardless of their aspiration, will have desperation signs similar to those of the 'grow up' aspiration. They will do things like farting, playing with fridges, kicking tombstones and bins, and smashing dollhouses. Older Sims will start worrying, then start crying, and will eventually do silly things related to their aspirations. Other Sims who see this will react with a "You're Crazy!" gesture.

Grow Up Aspiration[]

Toddlers will cry, and children will smash flower beds, urns, kick tombstones and rubbish bins, and throw tantrums.

Family Aspiration[]

Sims will pull out a sack of flour with a face painted on it and will begin to rock and cuddle it like a baby.

Fortune Aspiration[]

Sims will panhandle for Simoleons. They will stand with an old tin can and a piece of cardboard with a § sign drawn on.

Grilled Cheese Aspiration[]

Sims will draw Mr. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches on a cardboard and kiss it, and attempt to eat it.

A family desperation

Knowledge Aspiration[]

Sims will pull out a ball with a face and mortarboard on it named "Prof. Von Ball" and talk to it.

Pleasure Aspiration[]

Sims will put lampshades on their head and do a lively dance.

Popularity Aspiration[]

Sims will have lively conversations with paper cups decorated with a drawn-on face.

Romance Aspiration[]

Sims will cuddle and kiss a sponge mop with a decorated plate attached.

Sim Shrink[]

When a Sim reaches aspiration failure, the Sim Shrink will appear and cheer up the Sim. The Sim will then get a small boost to his or her aspiration bar. It will still be far into the red, but the Sim will be able to function.