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This article is about Simology. The Sims 4

Aspiration (The Sims 4)
TS4 CAS Aspirations.png
Aspirations in The Sims 4.

For the personality attribute system in The Sims 2, see Aspiration (The Sims 2).
For the grilled cheese aspiration, see Grilled Cheese (aspiration).

Aspirations are lifelong goals for a Sim in The Sims 4. There are currently fourteen categories of aspirations for Sims aged teen or older, as well as a separate category for child Sims. Aspirations and completing aspirations give special traits to Sims. A Sim's aspiration can be changed at any time.

The aspiration feature is similar to lifetime wish in The Sims 3, and both aspiration and lifetime want in The Sims 2. Similar to The Sims 2 aspiration system, The Sims 4 allows the player to select from fourteen available types of aspirations when creating teen or older Sims in Create a Sim, or once a Sim grows up into a teen.

Selecting an aspiration[]

In Create a Sim, or after growing up a Sim to the teen life stage, the player will be able to select from one of fourteen available types of aspirations. Child Sims must select special "grow up" aspirations unique to their age group. Toddlers do not have an aspiration.

Once an aspiration is chosen, the Sim will be awarded a bonus trait. Bonus traits are awarded to a Sim when their first aspiration is chosen; even if another aspiration is later chosen, that Sim will continue to have the original bonus trait. Bonus traits are awarded to each type of aspiration, regardless of which specific aspiration is selected. The available bonus traits, and their associated aspiration types, are:

[edit table]

Icon Trait Description Aspiration Pack
Trait TS4 Animal Affection.png Animal Affection Relationships with animals begin at higher values. Animal &EP04
TS4 Cats and Dogs Icon.png
Trait TS4 High Metabolism.png High Metabolism It is easier to stay fit and trim when you have High Metabolism. Athletic &BG
TS4 Icon.png
Trait TS4 Muser.png Muser Musers get better boosts to their skills when they are inspired. Creativity &BG
TS4 Icon.png
Trait TS4 Dastardly.png Dastardly Dastardly Sims perform stronger and more successful mean interactions. Deviance &BG
TS4 Icon.png
Trait TS4 Domestic.png Domestic Domestic Sims will see their familiar relationships grow stronger faster. Family &BG
TS4 Icon.png
Trait TS4 Essence of Flavor.png Essence of Flavor Sims with Essence of Flavor make higher quality food and drink. Food &BG
TS4 Icon.png
Trait TS4 Business Savvy.png Business Savvy Business Savvy Sims earn more money from their careers. Fortune &BG
TS4 Icon.png
Trait TS4 Quick Learner.png

Quick Learner

Quick Learners build all skills a little bit faster! Knowledge &BG
TS4 Icon.png
Trait TS4 Domestic.png Home Turf These Sims become Happy when they are in their home neighbourhood. Location &EP03
TS4 City Living Icon.png
TS4 EP7 Island Living Icon.png
TS4 EP10 Snowy Escape Icon.png
The Sims 4 StrangerVille Icon.png
Trait TS4 Alluring.png Alluring Alluring Sims are more successful at romance than others. Love &BG
TS4 Icon.png
Trait TS4 Collector.png Collector Collectors can find rare collectibles more often! Nature &BG
TS4 Icon.png
Trait TS4 Gregarious.png Gregarious Gregarious Sims build friendly relationships faster. Popularity &BG
TS4 Icon.png
Trait TS4 Prepared Voyager.png Prepared Voyager Sims who are Prepared Voyagers fill up their needs slightly when travelling. Star Wars &GP09
TS4 GP9 Journey to Batuu Icon.png
Trait TS4 Career-Minded.png Career-Minded Career-Minded Sims get a leg-up in their chosen profession with performance boosts that help them get promoted faster. Tutorial &BG
TS4 Icon.png
Trait TS4 Spa Membership.png Spa Membership These Sims somehow came into possession of Spa Membership. Nobody is really sure where it came from, how to cancel it, or who keeps paying for it each month. But one thing is for certain all fees at Spas are waived! Nice! Wellness &GP02
TS4SD Icon.png
Trait TS4 Eco Master.png Eco Master This Sim is the neighborhood Eco Master! They can inspire other Sims to be eco-conscious. N/A[1] &EP09
TS4 EP9 Eco Lifestyle Icon.png
Trait TS4 Entrepreneur.png Entrepreneur This Sim is the Neighborhood Entrepreneur! They like to take chances with investments and will not refuse handouts.
Trait TS4 Master Crafter.png Master Crafter This Sim is the neighborhood Master Crafter! They can inspire Fabrication recipes in other Sims.
Lunar Confidant.png Lunar Confidant These Sims get an initial relationship boost when introducing themselves to werewolves (positive or negative, depending on how they act!) Werewolf &GP12


Most aspirations have four milestones that must be achieved in order to complete the aspiration, the last of which I they are named after. Some aspirations of the same type (such as ones pertaining to the Family category) share milestones; if a Sim completes a milestone in one aspiration, then changes to another aspiration of the same type that shares the same milestone, the milestone is already marked as completed. Players can monitor a Sim's progress towards completing their aspirational milestone on the aspiration panel. Each milestone has multiple goals that must be achieved before the milestone can be completed. Achieving these goals awards the Sim with a set number of aspiration reward points, that can be redeemed for aspiration rewards.

Completing an aspiration[]

Once all milestones of an aspiration are completed, that Sim will be given a reward trait. Unlike bonus traits, Sims can have multiple reward traits if they complete multiple aspirations in their lifetime. Once an aspiration is completed, the player can select another aspiration for the Sim.

Some aspirations are designed so that only adult Sims can complete them. These aspirations have "become an adult" milestones that prevent teen Sims from completing them.

List of aspirations[]

Aspiration Milestones and requirements Reward trait Pack
Animal aspirations
Aspiration TS4 Friend of the Animals.png
Friend of the Animals - This Sim wants to be friends with the animals.
Acquaintance of the Animals

Have a pet in your household · Be friends with 1 animal · Be friendly with animals 12 times

Animal Whisperer - It is easier to Train and Discipline animals as well as gain relationship with them faster.
TS4 Cats and Dogs Icon.png
Friend of the Animals

Be friends with 5 animals · Be companions with 1 animal · Successfully train out 2 misbehaviors

Best Friend of the Animals

Be companions with 2 animals · Feel the love 5 times · Successfully train out 4 misbehaviors

BFF of the Animals

Play with 2 different ghost pets · Feel the love with 8 different pets · Be friends with 12 animals at the same time

Athletic aspirations
Aspiration TS4 Bodybuilder.png
Bodybuilder - This Sim wants to work out and become as strong as they can be!
Basic Trainer

Work out for 8 total hours · Work out at a gym venue

Long Lived - Long Lived lets Sims live longer lives, barring any accidents.
TS4 Icon.png
Exercise Demon

Achieve level 4 fitness skill · Push the limits for 1 hour while energized · Own 2 pieces of workout equipment

Fit to a T

Achieve level 6 fitness skill · Go jogging for 2 total hours · Spend 10 hours exercising


Achieve level 10 fitness skill · Reach Sim's maximum body potential

Aspiration TS4 Extreme Sports Enthusiast.png
Extreme Sports Enthusiast - This Sim wants to explore Mt. Komorebi's wilderness and participate in extreme snow sports.
Snow Student

Go Down the Bunny Slope · Use a Vending Machine or the Computer to purchase a Remedy or Deterrent · Use a Mt. Komorebi Info Board

Survival Instinct - These Sims will always escape wildlife attacks unscathed, manage to avoid injury from Skiing, Snowboarding, and Rock Climbing more often than other Sims, and have a natural resistance to inclement weather.
TS4 EP10 Snowy Escape Icon.png
Thrill Seeker

Achieve Level 3 Rock Climbing Skill · Complete a Hiking Trail · Actively Ski, Snowboard, or Rock Climb for 3 Hours · Encounter a Kodama or Forest Spirit


Perform High Intensity Skiing or Snowboarding on an Intermediate or Expert Slope · Successfully Reach the Peak of Mt. Komorebi · Endure an Injury Sustained from Skiing, Snowboarding, or Rock Climbing

Peak Pioneer

Survive 3 Wildlife Attacks Unscathed · Achieve Level 8 Skiing, Snowboarding, or Rock Climbing Skill · Successfully Complete High Intensity Skiing or Snowboarding on an Expert Slope or Rock Climbing During Inclement Weather

Challenge aspirations


Aspiration TS4 Positivity Challenge.png
The Positivity Challenge - The Positivity Challenge is Happening
Tier 1

Perform 1 good deed · Meet 1 new Sim

Kindness Ambassador - Kindness Ambassadors have stronger friendships and fewer negative Emotions.
TS4 Icon.png
Tier 2

Perform 5 good deeds for acquaintances

Tier 3

Perform 7 good deeds · Become happy 3 times

Tier 4

Perform 11 good deeds · Make 1 new friend

Creativity aspirations
Aspiration TS4 Painter Extraordinaire.png
Painter Extraordinaire - This Sim wants his/her life to be all about art and painting!
Ill at Easel

Start 3 paintings while inspired · Paint for 5 hours

Expressionistic – Expressionistic Sims have captured the essence of feeling, and can create highly emotional works of art regardless of their actual mood!
TS4 Icon.png
Fine Artist

Achieve level 4 painting skill · Sell 3 paintings to collectors or art gallery · Complete 3 emotional paintings

Brushing with Greatness

Achieve level 6 painting skill · View or admire 3 paintings at a museum · Complete 10 excellent paintings

Painter Extraordinaire

Achieve level 10 painting skill · Complete 5 masterpieces

Aspiration TS4 Musical Genius.png
Musical Genius - This Sim wants to be an expert musician and songwriter!
Tone Deaf

Practice music for 6 hours · Listen to music for 2 hours

Piper - Pipers know an arsenal of songs that have significant power over others.
TS4 Icon.png
Fine Tuned

Achieve level 4 skill in an instrument · Play an instrument for 1 hour while inspired


Achieve level 6 skill in any instrument · Write 4 songs · Earn §500 from licensed songs

Musical Genius

Reach level 10 skill in an instrument · Have spent 75 hour playing musical instruments · Mentor others in music for 3 hours

Aspiration TS4 Bestselling Author.png
Bestselling Author - This Sim wants to write books and become a famous author!

Write 2 books · Write for 1 hour while inspired

Poetic - Poetic Sims can capture life itself in a book, and wield it to bring back someone they've lost.
TS4 Icon.png
Competent Wordsmith

Achieve level 4 writing skill · Have written for a total of 15 hours · Write 5 good books

Novelest Novelist

Achieve level 6 writing skill · Publish 10 books · Write 5 excellent books

Bestselling Author

Achieve level 10 writing skill · Complete 3 bestsellers · Have earned §25,000 in royalties publishing books

Aspiration TS4 Master Actor.png
Master Actor/Master Actress - This Sim wants to hone their craft and become an acclaimed actor/actress!
Aspiring Actor/Actress

Achieve level 3 acting skill · Practice acting for 2 hours

World-Renowned Actor/Actress - World-Renowned Actors/Actresses never fail an acting action-as far as anyone can tell...
TS4 EP6 GF Icon.png
Intermediate Actor/Actress

Become an adult · Join the Acting career · Earn Gold in a commercial acting gig · Give a street performance

Advanced Actor/Actress

Achieve level 7 acting skill · Receive an award · Earn Gold in a TV show acting gig

Master Actor/Actress

Achieve level 10 acting skill · Place a celebrity tile in Starlight boulevard · Earn Gold in a movie acting gig

Aspiration TS4 Master Maker.png
Master Maker - This Sim wants to become an expert at Fabrication!
Jerry Rigger

Achieve level 3 skill in fabrication · Recycle 5 times

Muse of the Maker - Master Makers have learned all the tricks necessary to fabricate items at a reduced cost.
TS4 EP9 Eco Lifestyle Icon.png
The Better Builder

Achieve level 5 skill in fabrication · Fabricate 5 items · Have 5 dyes

Competent Crafter

Achieve level 7 skill in fabrication · Collect insects from an insect farm 3 times · Create 5 candles

Master Maker

Achieve level 10 skill in fabrication · Make 20 candles · Complete 5 gigs as a freelance crafter

Aspiration TS4 Lord of the Knits.png
Lord/Lady of the Knits - This Sim has yarn running through his/her veins and will stop at nothing on his/her quest to craft the perfect knittable!
Humble Knitter

Knit for 5 Hours · Start 3 Knitting Projects while Inspired · Knit on a Rocking Chair

Sacred Knitting Knowledge - Sims with this trait gain enhanced benefits to teaching other Sims how to knit. Sims are also immune to the foul magic of the Sweater Curse, and can dispel afflicted Sims from its snarly grasp. Lastly, Sims have the ability to craft unique knitted items, like a very special companion from a strange land, or The Forbidden Sweater which, honestly, is forbidden for a reason...
Thread Setter

Achieve Level 4 Knitting Skill · Knit while listening to Music · Sell a Knitted Object on Plopsy

Dream Weaver

Complete 10 Excellent Knittables · Successfully Gift 3 Knittables · Achieve Level 6 Knitting Skill · Successfully Show Off your Knitted Sweater to another Sim

Lord/Lady of the Knits

Donate 5 Knitted Items to Charity · Achieve Level 10 Knitting Skill · Complete 5 Legendary Knittables · Teach another Sim to Knit

Deviance aspirations
Aspiration TS4 Public Enemy.png
Public Enemy - This Sim wants to make enemies and be a famous criminal!
Mostly Harmless

Perform 10 mean or mischievous interactions · Be disliked by 2 Sims

Mastermind - Masterminds know just the right things to say to cause anger, sadness, and jealousy in their opponents.
TS4 Icon.png
Neighborhood Nuisance

Be disliked by 4 Sims · Become an adult · Join the criminal career

Criminal Mind

Have a declared enemy · Reach level 4 of the criminal career - Fight 5 times

Public Enemy

Witness the death of a Sim · Reach level 8 of the criminal career · Have 3 declared enemies

Aspiration TS4 Chief of Mischief.png
Chief of Mischief - This Sim is all about pranks and mayhem!
Mostly Harmless

Perform 10 mean or mischievous interactions · Be disliked by 2 Sims

Tormentor – Tormentors can sabotage almost anything, be it an object, or another Sim's best efforts.
TS4 Icon.png
Artful Trickster

Use a computer to cause mischief 3 times · Achieve level 3 mischief skill

Professional Prankster

Pull 10 pranks · Achieve level 6 mischief skill

Chief of Mischief

Clog drains at 3 different homes · Perform voodoo 5 times · Achieve level 10 mischief skill

Aspiration TS4 Villainous Valentine.png
Villainous Valentine - This Sim wants to destroy the love lives of all Sims, including their own!
Villainous Valentine

Get caught cheating · Achieve "ex" status with other Sims · Break up couples

Twisted Heart – If you could see this Sim's heart, you might recoil in disgust. But [Sim first name] would never let you see it, and that suits them just fine. [Sim first name] gains bonus Social from Mean and Mischief socials, while shrugging off Sad and Embarrassed Moods much faster than other Sims.
TS4 Icon.png
Family aspirations
Aspiration TS4 Successful Lineage.png
Successful Lineage - This Sim wants to have a family that succeeds in life!
Readily a Parent

Become an adult · Spend §1000 on kids' stuff

Vicarious – By being Vicarious, your Children's skill gains can contribute to your own!
TS4 Icon.png

Read to a child for 2 total hours · Become a parent · Socialize with your child 10 times

Trusted Mentor

Help a child with homework 3 times · Have a child earn an 'A' in high school · Have a child max any skill

Successful Lineage

Mentor your child 3 times · Have a child complete an aspiration · Have a child or grandchild reach the top of a career

Aspiration TS4 Big Happy Family.png
Big Happy Family - This Sim wants to build a large, loving household!
Readily a Parent

Become an adult · Spend §1000 on kids' stuff

Matriarch/Patriarch – Matriarchs/Patriarchs provide skill boosts whenever they are around their children.
TS4 Icon.png

Read to a child for 2 total hours · Become a parent · Socialize with your child 10 times

Loving Guardian

Be parent to a child with 3 friends · Be friends with 3 of your children · Have a child get married

Big Happy Family

Socialize with your child or grandchild 10 times · Have 4 grandchildren · Become good friends with 4 children or grandchildren

Aspiration TS4 Vampire Family.png
Vampire Family - This Sim wants to have a family of Vampires!
The Basics

Become a Vampire

I am the Master – I am the Master grants supernatural control. Command Powers used on Vampire Offspring always succeed.
The Sims 4 Vampires Icon.png
I Have the Power

Purchase the "Vampire Creation" Power · Become a Minor Vampire

I am Not Alone

Become a Prime Vampire · Train 3 Offspring · Convert 5 Sims into full grown Vampires

A New Family

Be Good Friends with 5 Offspring · Become a Master Vampire

Aspiration TS4 Super Parent.png
Super Parent - This Sim wants to be the best parent ever!
Readily a Parent

Become an adult · Spend §1000 on kids' stuff

Role Model - Gives bonus Character Value scoring when near Toddlers, Children, or Teens.
Parenthood Icon.png
Offspring Instructor

Become a Parent · Achieve Level 4 Parenting Skill · Discipline Your Child, Toddler, or Teen 5 Times

Character Coach

Help a Child with School Work for 4 Hours · Achieve Level 6 Parenting Skill · Have a Child with a Character Value within range to receive a Trait

Super Parent

Achieve Level 10 Parenting Skill · Go into Full Parent Mode · Have a Child with 3 Positive Character Value Traits

Food aspirations
Aspiration TS4 Master Chef.png
Master Chef - This Sim wants to master the Culinary Arts!
Aluminum Chef

Cook 5 excellent meals · Cook 2 meals while inspired

Fresh Chef - Fresh Chefs always make the highest quality food, and it never spoils!
TS4 Icon.png
Captain Cook

Achieve level 5 cooking skill · Cook a gourmet meal · Earn silver at a dinner party event

Culinary Artist

Become an adult · Reach level 4 in the culinary career · Create 3 types of excellent food

Master Chef

Achieve level 5 of gourmet cooking skill · Reach level 8 of the culinary career · Cook 3 gourmet dishes at a single event

Aspiration TS4 Master Mixologist.png
Master Mixologist - This Sim wants to know everything there is to know about Mixology!
Bar Tenderfoot

Mix 10 drinks · Own a bar and 2 barstools

Potion Master – Potion Masters can mix potent drinks which can sway the drinker's emotions.
TS4 Icon.png
Electric Mixer

Achieve level 4 mixology skill · Become an adult · Join the culinary career

Beverage Boss

Mix 3 drinks at a single social event · Join the mixology branch of the culinary career · Achieve level 7 in mixology skill

Master Mixologist

Achieve level 10 mixology skill · Create 5 types of excellent drink

Fortune aspirations
Aspiration TS4 Fabulously Wealthy.png
Fabulously Wealthy - This Sim wants to get rich and have a successful career!
Going for Not Broke

Have earned §5,000 · Have §10,000 in reserve

Shrewd – Shrewd Sims receive a direct deposit each week based on their Household Funds
TS4 Icon.png
Learning Earning

Have §20,000 in reserve · Have earned §25,000


Have earned §75,000 · Have §35,000 in reserve

Fabulously Wealthy

Have earned §200,000 · Have §50,000 in reserve

Aspiration TS4 Mansion Baron.png
Mansion Baron - This Sim is all about owning the biggest, fanciest home!
Estate of the Art

Have a home worth §50,000 · Own 15 pieces of art

Thrifty – Thrifty Sims receive a 10% rebate on all Build Mode purchases made each week. Rebates will be directly applied to Household Funds.
TS4 Icon.png
The Great Landscaper

Have a home worth §100,000 · Purchase §5,000 worth of landscaping

Home Renovator

Have a home worth §200,000 · Own 30 windows

Mansion Baron

Have a home worth §350,000 · Purchase 20 columns

Knowledge aspirations
Aspiration TS4 Renaissance Sim.png
Renaissance Sim - This Sim wants to be good at many things at once!
Prudent Student

Finish reading 3 books · Achieve level 3 logic skill

Professorial – Professorial Sims can write helpful manuals about any skill they're well-versed in.
TS4 Icon.png
Jack of Some Trades

Become an adult · Achieve level 4 in 4 skills · Reach level 3 of any career


Achieve level 5 in 5 skills · Reach level 3 in 2 careers

Renaissance Sim

Achieve level 8 in 6 skills · Reach level 3 in 3 careers

Aspiration TS4 Nerd Brain.png
Nerd Brain - This Sim wants to be both book smart and handy!
Prudent Student

Finish reading 3 books · Achieve level 3 logic skill

Handy – Handy Sims can instantly Fix and Upgrade any object.
TS4 Icon.png

Repair or upgrade an object · Craft an Object on the Woodworking Table · Achieve level 6 logic skill

Rocket Scientist

Achieve level 5 handiness skill · Launch or upgrade a rocket 5 times · Own a rocket ship

Nerd Brain

Achieve level 10 logic skill · Fix or upgrade 5 objects

Aspiration TS4 Computer Whiz.png
Computer Whiz - This Sim wants to know everything about computers, from playing games to Careers!
With the Program

Practice programming for 5 total hours · Play video games for 5 total hours

High Tech - Webmasters get the most out of their computers, unlocking extremely useful ways to use them.
TS4 Icon.png
Technically Adept

Maintain focus for 2 straight hours of video gaming · Achieve level 3 programming skill · Own §3000 worth of electronics

Computer Geek

Become an adult · Reach level 3 of the tech guru career · Make a video game or an app

Computer Whiz

Reach level 5 of the tech guru career · Have spent 100 hours on the computer

Aspiration TS4 Master Vampire.png
Master Vampire - This Sim wants to become a wise and power Vampire!
The Basics

Become a Vampire · Use a Computer to Search for Information on Vampires · Read Encyclopedia Vampirica Vol. 1

A True Master – A True Master not only excels at Mind Control Powers, they also have greater stores of Vampire Energy to call upon.
The Sims 4 Vampires Icon.png
Discover Dark Birthrights

Reach Vampire Lore level 4 · Participate in Vampire training · Become a Minor Vampire

Strength and Wisdom

Reach Vampire Lore level 7 · Defeat 3 Vampires in Combat · Become a Prime Vampire

The Ancient One

Read The Ultimate Vampire Tome · Become a Grand Master Vampire · Survive for an Additional 20 Days as a Vampire

Aspiration TS4 Archaeology Scholar.png
Archaeology Scholar - This Sim wants to understand Archaeology. Sims who select this Aspiration will complete a series of actions related to the Archaeology Skill.
Trowel Technician

Excavate 3 Dig Piles or Excavation Sites · Uncover Artifact from Dirt Clump

Museum Patron - These Sims are lovers of all things ancient. They will be especially confident at museums, and even more flirty while on dates there. They also have the unique ability to donate artifacts to the Simsonian Museum.
TS4AT Icon.png
Research Associate

Achieve Level 4 Archaeology Skill · Survey for a Dig Pile · Authenticate 3 Artifacts

Excavation Expert

Achieve Level 7 Archaeology Skill · Establish 3 Excavation Sites · Find and Authenticate 5 Excellent Quality Artifacts

Archaeology Scholar

Achieve Level 10 Archaeology Skill · Write a Good Archaeology Skill Book · Give a Successful Archaeology Lecture

Aspiration TS4 Spellcraft & Sorcery.png
Spellcraft & Sorcery - This Sim craves a deep knowledge of the arcane magical arts.
First Steps

Become a Spellcaster · Travel to The Magic Realm · Learn a Spell

Slinger of Spells - As a Slinger of Spells, <Sim name> generates much less charge when casting spells.
Realm of Magic icon.png
Learning the Ways

Reach Spellcaster Rank 2 - Acolyte · Know 3 Different Spells · Cast a Spell on Another Sim

Devilish Dueler

Reach Spellcaster Rank 3 - Adept · Win 3 Duels Against Other Spellcasters · Know 5 Different Spells

Wand-erful Spellcaster

Reach Spellcaster Rank 5 - Virtuoso · Know 10 Different Spells

Aspiration TS4 Academic.png
Academic - This Sim wants to attend university and get a job, but most importantly – learn!

Achieve Level 3 Research & Debate Skill · Enroll in a University

Higher Education - This Sim has proven they have what it takes to excel at University. Along the way, they learned a lot, allowing them to gain more skill using the Electromagnetic Research Archive Machine and earn more money from Publishing Research Papers and Contributing Knowledge.
TS4 EP8 Discover University Icon.png
Bright-Eyed Student

Achieve Level 5 Research & Debate Skill · Attend Guest Lectures · Finish a Course with an A Grade

Avid Academic

Have a Term GPA of B or Higher · Tutor Students · Achieve Level 6 Research & Debate Skill

Senior Scholar

Earn a Degree · Contribute Knowledge on a Research Archive Machine · Achieve Level 7 Research & Debate Skill · Get a Job Using a Degree

Love aspirations
Aspiration TS4 Serial Romantic.png
Serial Romantic - This Sim wants to play the field and go on all sorts of dates with people!
Amore Amateur

Have a boyfriend or girlfriend · Go on 2 dates

Player – Players will never cause other Sims to get jealous, no matter what they do.
TS4 Icon.png
Up to Date

Achieve level 4 charisma skill · Have had 3 first kisses

Romance Juggler

Achieve level 6 charisma skill · Have a strong romantic relationship with 3 Sims at once · Kiss 10 Sims

Serial Romantic

Earn gold on 3 dates · Have had 8 boyfriends or girlfriends

Aspiration TS4 Soulmate.png
Soulmate - This Sim wants to find and live a rewarding life with "The One"!
Amore Amateur

Have a boyfriend or girlfriend · Go on 2 dates

Companion – Sims with a Companion have special interactions with their spouse that help ease the trials of life.
TS4 Icon.png
Marriage Material

Become an adult · Be married to BFF

Love Handler

Earn silver on 2 dates with spouse · Achieve soulmate relationship with spouse


Perform 50 romantic gestures with spouse as soulmates · Earn gold on 3 dates with spouse

Location aspirations
Aspiration TS4 City Native.png
City Native - This Sim is all about the city life.

Introduce Self to Someone New in 3 Different City Neighborhoods · Give an Apartment Key to a Friend · Order 3 Times from Food Stalls

In the Know – Sims who are In the Know can get a massive discount on market stall purchases if they Haggle with vendors.
TS4 City Living Icon.png

Achieve level 4 singing skill · Light Fireworks at the Humor and Hijinks Festival · Use a Bubble Blower

City Expert

Donate to a Protester · Kiss Someone at the Romance Festival · Complete a Mural at the Arts Center

City Native

Live in an Apartment worth 100,000 Simoleons · Master the Singing Skill · Win a Contest at GeekCon

Aspiration TS4 StrangerVille Mystery.png
StrangerVille Mystery - StrangerVille is holding some deep dark secret, and this Sim wants to uncover why all the townsfolk are acting a bit strange.
New Resident

Talk about StrangerVille with 5 Sims · Buy Curio from the Curio Shop · Examine Sealed Door at Secret Lab

Hero of StrangerVille – As the Hero of StrangerVille you will receive fan mail as well as being able to retell the tale of how you defeated the source of the Infection.
The Sims 4 StrangerVille Icon.png
Personal Spy

Gather 15 pieces of Evidence · Compile a StrangerVille Secret Dossier · Open the Sealed Door in the Secret Lab

Pathogenic Investigator

Collect 15 Spore Clusters · Assemble the Hazmat Suit · Traverse to the deepest part of the Secret Lab

StrangerVille Hero

Vaccinate 3 Sims · Recruit 3 Sims to Help Stop the source of the Infection · Defeat the source of the Infection

Aspiration TS4 Beach Life.png
Beach Life - This Sim wants to take it slow and enjoy beach life.

Get a Suntan · Earn Gold on a Kava Party · Eat a Coconut

Laid-Back – Sims who are Laid-Back never become tense.
TS4 EP7 Island Living Icon.png

Find Things Beachcombing · Grill, Barbeque, or Roast Food

Leisurely Local

Explore the Beach Cave · Discover Buried Treasure

Beach Fixture

Doze-Off while Relaxing in Lounge Chair or Float Lounger

Aspiration TS4 Mt. Komorebi Sightseer.png
Mt. Komorebi Sightseer - This Sim wants to explore Mt. Komorebi's culture and experience everything it has to offer.

Eat Food at the Festival of Snow, Light or Youth · Take a Selfie with the Mt. Komorebi Mascot · Collect a Simmi by Popping Open a Simmi Capsule · Swim for 1 Hour in Wakaba's River

Worldly Knowledge – These Sims are better at socializing during Social Events and enjoy ordering food from market stalls. They also can "Negotiate a Discount" at market stalls, which gives them an advantage over other bargaining techniques.
TS4 EP10 Snowy Escape Icon.png

Soak for a Long Time in a Hot Spring · Wear a Festival Costume from a Vending Machine · Go Sledding 3 Times · Eat Food Using Chopsticks


Socialize at Onsen Bathhouse · Make a Wish On or Collect a Forest Spirit · Take it Slow and Become Emotionally Mindful

Trait TS4 Fast Fastidious.png
Perfectly Pristine - This Sim likes their home to be presentable and clean all the time. Taking pride in their pristine homes, these Sims shoot for perfection and thrive when they have a spotless house to show off to guests.
Basic Home Training · Proactive Cleaning · Vacuum Virtuoso · Chief Cleaning Officer Fast & Fastidious – Sims don’t get negative moodlets or lose fun while cleaning. Sim will clean at a more rapid pace and is more likely to become focused when cleaning, and for maximal cleaning efficiency, Fast & Fastidious Sims can use the “Power Clean” and “Power Vacuum” interactions.
Trait TS4 Filth Dweller.png
Fabulously Filthy - This Sim revels in filthy, messy homes and avoids cleaning at all costs. Procrastinate, dodge chores, lower your standards, and find creative ways to thrive in the filthiest environments!
Procrastinator · Chore Dodger · Low Standards · Filth Fiend Filth Dweller – This Sim no longer receives negative moodlets from living in dusty or messy environments. They loathe cleaning and love filth, and will receive Happy moodlets when in Dirty or Filthy houses. Additionally, they gain the ability to bond with and befriend Filth Fiends.
Nature aspirations
Aspiration TS4 Freelance Botanist.png
Freelance Botanist - This Sim wants to grow plants and become an expert Gardener!

Plant something 3 times · Weed or water plants 10 times

Naturalist – Sims that are Naturalists don't need to fear fire; it won't touch them, and they can extinguish it with ease.
TS4 Icon.png
Garden Variety

Achieve level 4 gardening skill · Evolve 5 different plants

Nature Nurturer

Achieve level 6 gardening skill · Graft onto 3 plants · Fertilize 5 plants

Freelance Botanist

Achieve level 10 gardening skill · Grow a cowplant · Evolve 10 excellent plants

Aspiration TS4 The Curator.png
The Curator - This Sim wants to collect everything this world has to offer!
Out and About

Collect 10 collectibles

Appraiser - Appraisers can sell collectibles, like Metals, Crystals, Elements, and Fossils to the Simsonian Museum for extra money.
TS4 Icon.png

Collect 5 crystals · Collect 3 frogs · Collect 3 fossils

Treasure Hunter

Send 5 items to the geological council · Breed 5 frogs · Collect 5 elements

The Curator

Complete a collection · Collect 25 collectibles

Aspiration TS4 Angling Ace.png
Angling Ace - This Sim wants to know everything about fishing!
Fish out of Water

Catch 5 fish · Fish at 3 different locations

Angler's Tranquility – Sims with Angler's Tranquility will find that all of their problems seem to melt away while they are fishing.
TS4 Icon.png

Fish for 10 total hours · Mount or bowl 5 fish · Achieve level 4 fishing skill

Reel Smart

Catch 5 fish using bait · Make 6 great catches · Achieve level 6 fishing skill

Angling Ace

Collect 20 types of fish · Achieve level 10 fishing skill

Aspiration TS4 Outdoor Enthusiast.png
Outdoor Enthusiast - Outdoor Enthusiasts want to experience everything nature has to offer!

Harvest 10 unidentified plants · Catch 5 fish in Granite Falls

Survivalist – Survivalists are happy roughin' it and like living off the land. Sleeping under the stars or using camping equipment provides lots of enjoyment
TS4OR Icon.png
Forest Scout

Achieve level 4 herbalism skill · Cook 2 plates of beetles over a campfire · Eat 10 plants

Wilderness Explorer

Craft 3 excellent herbal remedies · Identify all unidentified plants · Befriend the hermit of Granite Falls

Outdoor Enthusiast

Achieve level 10 herbalism skill · Sleep for 5 nights in a tent · Collect 15 insects

Aspiration TS4 Jungle Explorer.png
Jungle Explorer - This Sim wants to explore the jungle! Sims who select this Aspiration will complete a series of actions related to the exploration.

Buy 3 Goods at the Marketplace · Eat a Selvadoradian Meal · View Statue of Madre Cosecha

Treasure Hunter - Treasure Hunters have a sharp eye and will occasionally find treasure and relics in Treasure Chests that other Sims miss.
TS4AT Icon.png
Expedition Rookie

Achieve Level 3 Selvadoradian Culture Skill · Find an Area off the Path · Examine 3 Traps

Regional Master

Defend Against 2 Natural Dangers · Achieve Level 5 Seladoradian Culture Skill · Assemble a Mystical Relic

Jungle Explorer

Open 3 Rare Omiscan Treasure Chests · Activate a Mystical Relic 5 Times · Find 5 Omiscan Treasures

Aspiration TS4 Purveyor of Potions.png
Purveyor of Potions - This Sim wants to learn every potion's recipe and craft each one!
First Steps

Become a Spellcaster · Travel to The Magic Realm · Learn a Potion Recipe

Master Mixer - As a Master Mixer, <Sim name> rarely fails when using potions on themselves.
Realm of Magic icon.png
Bubbling Up

Reach Spellcaster Rank 2 - Acolyte · Own a Cauldron · Know 3 Different Potions

Cauldron Connections

Reach Spellcaster Rank 3 - Adept · Know 5 Different Potions · Brew 5 Potions

Potion Pro

Reach Spellcaster Rank 5 - Virtuoso · Know 10 Different Potions

Aspiration TS4 Eco Innovator.png
Eco Innovator - This Sim wants to build a better, greener community.

Have 5 community influence points · Vote on 1 neighborhood action plan

Influential Individual - When Influential Individuals speak, everyone listens. They can get the community to cheer on a local hero, or cancel them on a whim.
TS4 EP9 Eco Lifestyle Icon.png
Clean City Civilian

Sell power or water on a utility bill · Become a civil designer

Civil Citizen

Attempt to convince a Sim to vote on a neighborhood action plan · Vote on neighborhood action plans two separate times · Reach level 10 of the civil designer career

Aspiration TS4 Country Caretaker.png
Country Caretaker - Country Caretakers want to tend the countryside and befriend all animals and critters!
Campestral Curator

Purchase 1 Cow, Chicken, or Llama on Your Home Lot · Socialize with a Fox, Rabbit, or Bird 5 Times · Purchase 1 Garden Patch for Your Home Lot · Visit Finchwick, Old New Henford, and the Bramblewood Neighborhoods in Henford-on-Bagley

Nature Conversationalist - Nature Conversationalist Sims have improved relationships with animals, allowing their animals to live longer, happier lives. Rabbits and birds will bring them more gifts. And they can interact with plants in unique ways, receiving more yield from harvests. They will also receive free grocery delivery, and, when residing in Henford-on Bagley, a discount on their bills.
TS4 EP11 Cottage Living Icon.png
Agrestic Savant

Befriend a Chicken, Cow, or Llama · Place 1 Wild Rabbit Home or Flock of Wild Birds on your Home Lot · Fertilize 3 Plants or Oversized Crops

Critter Keeper

Give 3 Gifts to Foxes, Rabbits, or Birds · Craft Animal Treats 5 Times · Harvest 1 Perfect Quality Oversized Crop · Forage 5 Items from the Bramblewood


Reach Maximum Relationship with a Cow, Chicken, or Llama · Receive 3 Gifts from Rabbits or Birds · Win a Competition in Henford-on-Bagley's Finchwick Fair

Popularity aspirations
Aspiration TS4 Joke Star.png
Joke Star - This Sim wants to tell jokes and become an famous comedian!
Practical Joker

Be funny to 5 Sims · Achieve level 3 comedy skill

Hilarious – Hilarious Sims can never go wrong with a joke, and have a few extra-special ones up their sleeve.
TS4 Icon.png
Stand-up Start-up

Become an adult · Join the entertainer career · own a microphone

Funny Businessman/Businesswoman

Achieve level 6 comedy skill · Join the comedian branch of the entertainer career · Write 3 comedy routines

Joke Star

Perform 3 comedy routines · Achieve level 10 comedy skill

Aspiration TS4 Party Animal.png
Party Animal - This Sim wants to throw and attend amazing parties!
New in Town

Introduce self to 10 Sims · Have 3 friends

Perfect Host – Perfect Hosts get a boost to the score of any social event they throw.
TS4 Icon.png
Welcoming Host

Throw 3 parties · Earn silver on 3 social events

Sir Gala Had

Earn silver on 3 thrown parties · Attend social events at 5 unique locations

Party Animal

Throw 10 social events · Attend 15 social events · Earn gold on 2 thrown parties

Aspiration TS4 Friend to the World.png
Friend of the World - This Sim wants to make and keep as many friends as they can!
New in Town

Introduce self to 10 Sims · Have 3 friends

Beloved – Everyone remembers a Beloved Sim! Their relationships never fade.
TS4 Icon.png
Well Liked

Meet someone new in 3 different locations · Achieve level 4 charisma skill

Super Friend

Have 12 friends · Achieve level 6 charisma skill

Friend of the world

Have 20 friends · Make a BFF · Achieve level 10 charisma skill

Aspiration TS4 Neighborhood Confidante.png
Neighborhood Confidante - This Sim wants to provide all manner of advice, to be a positive influence in the lives of their neighbors.
Neighborly Advisor

Successfully advise and influence the lives of other Sims! · Become Good Friends with 5 Sims · Achieve level 7 Charisma Skill

Confidante – Confidantes are able to easily avoid boring conversations and are more successful in getting to know others.
TS4 Icon.png
Aspiration TS4 Leader of the Pack.png
Leader of the Pack - This Sim wants to be the leader of the best Club in Town!
Get Accepted

Start or Join a Club · Buy a Club Perk

Natural Leader – Sims that are Natural Leaders will earn Club points much faster, and they will be able to overthrow other leaders with ease.
TS4GT Icon.png
Private Gathering

Be in a Club Gathering for 12 Hours · Perform 10 Club Activities

Spread the Word

Achieve Level 5 charisma Skill · Talk about Clubs with 5 Club members

Leader of the Pack

Earn 1000 Club Points · Lead a Club with 8 Sims

Aspiration TS4 Good Vampire.png
Good Vampire - This Sim wants to tame his/her thirst and remain as human as possible!
The Transformation

Use a Computer to Search for Information on Vampires · Become a Vampire · Reach Vampire Lore level 3

Regained Humanity – Vampires with Regained Humanity seem kinder and safer. Sims are more likely give permission to Drink.
The Sims 4 Vampires Icon.png
Cope with Temptation

Drink a Plasma Pack · Make 5 Friends · Don't drink deeply for 5 days in a row · Reach Vampire Lore level 4

Circle of Trust

Make 2 Good Friends · Get Permission to Drink from 2 Different Sims · Purchase the "Tamed Thirst" Power · Create 3 Plasma Packs from Fish or Frogs

Reject The Beast

Make a BFF · Don't drink without permission for 14 days in a row · Harvest from a Plasma Fruit Tree 3 Times

Aspiration TS4 World-Famous Celebrity.png
World-Famous Celebrity - This Sim wants to become illustriously famous.
Aspiring Star

Become a 2 star celebrity · Purchase a Fame Perk

Unstoppable Fame – Sims with Unstoppable Fame are immortalized celebrities, incapable of experiencing fame decay over time. They're so comfortable in the limelight they'll never react poorly towards those pesky paparazzi. They also receive an extra Fame Perk point.
TS4 EP6 GF Icon.png

Become a 3 star celebrity · Visit a Celebrity hot spot · Host a Meet and Greet

Rising Star

Become a 4 star celebrity · Be asked 3 times for a selfie · Deal with the paparazzi 3 times

World-Famous Celebrity

Become a 5 star celebrity · Receive 25 positive responses from inciting cheers · Sign 3 autographs

Star Wars aspirations
Aspiration TS4 Hope VS Order.png
Hope VS Order - On the world of Batuu there is a growing conflict. This Sim is out to explore Black Spire Outpost and understand whether they should stand with the Resistance of the First Order.
First Steps

Visit Every Neighbourhood on Batuu · Ask About Resistance or First Order presence on Batuu · Complete a Mission for the Resistance or First Order Faction

A Gift of Credits – A payment of credits by your chosen faction for your support in their cause.
TS4 GP9 Journey to Batuu Icon.png
Aspiration TS4 Paragon of Hope.png
Paragon of Hope - This Sim looks to be the spark of hope that disrupts the First Order’s operations on Batuu and aid the Resistance cause.
For The Resistance

Introduce Self to 3 Resistance Members · Explore the Caves of Batuu · Complete 2 Missions for the Resistance

Heroic Presence – Heroic Sims gain Charisma more easily, and can also inspire other Sims with their presence.
TS4 GP9 Journey to Batuu Icon.png
Protector of Batuu

Recruit 3 Sims to the Resistance · Obtain a Droid Companion · Override Locks and Loot 2 Supply Crates in the First Order District

Paragon of Hope

Infiltrate the First Order Cargo Building and Slice the Holotable · Explore 5 times in the X-wing · Reach Resistance Reputation Rank 5

Aspiration TS4 Enforcer of Order.png
Enforcer of Order - This Sim is out to prove their loyalty to the First Order by stamping out the Resistance presence on Batuu.

Recruit 3 Sims to join the First Order · Seize Goods From 2 Supply Crates in Black Spire Outpost · Complete 2 Missions for the First Order

Supreme Authority – Sims with Supreme Authority have an edge during fights and can show their might, encouraging other Sims to back down from hostile socials with them. These Sims are also less likely to die from anger.
TS4 GP9 Journey to Batuu Icon.png
Do Not Resist

Check ID of 5 Batuu Citizens · Obtain a Droid Companion · Arrest a Member of the Resistance

Enforcer of Order

Infiltrate the Resistance Bunker and Slice the Holotable · Explore 5 times in the TIE echelon · Reach First Order Reputation Rank 5

Aspiration TS4 Galactic Privateer.png
Galactic Privateer - This Sim isn’t about choosing sides, they’re happy just mingling among the smugglers, and bounty hunters on the fringe planet of Batuu. Earning a few extra credits along the way is just a bonus, no matter how they get them.
First Steps

Order a drink at Oga’s Cantina · Play 5 Rounds of Sabacc · Reach Programming Level 3

Sleight of Hand – Sims with a Sleight of Hand can Pickpocket other Sims and will never get caught cheating at Sabacc.
TS4 GP9 Journey to Batuu Icon.png
Scum and Villainy

Swindle 2 Sims · Complete 5 Missions for the Scoundrel Faction · Open Supply crate

Lovable Rogue

Successfully Bribe a First Order Stormtrooper · Skim Credits from 3 Control Panels · Successfully Cheat and Win at Sabacc

Galactic Privateer

Have more than 5,000 Galactic Credits · Explore 5 times in the Millennium Falcon · Reach Scoundrel Reputation Rank 5

Wellness aspirations
Aspiration TS4 Inner Peace.png
Inner Peace - This Sim is on quest to achieve Inner Peace. Although true harmony is sometimes ephemeral, what's important is developing tools to help mitigate negative emotions.

Practice Mindfulness · Seek Relaxation · Find Peaceful Surroundings · Maintain Harmony

Clear Perspective – This Sim has clear head on her shoulders! Sim with Clear Perspective will be able to have a brief respite from the harshness of reality and re-contextualize things. Like how it's all sort of meaningless... but in a good way!
TS4SD Icon.png
Aspiration TS4 Self-Care Specialist.png
Self-Care Specialist - This Sim wants to make it big with monetizing Wellness activities like offering Manicures or Tending the Massage Table at Spa.
Hustle · Gain Self-Care Notoriety · Become a Spa Regular · Maintain a Regular Customer Self-Care Expertise – This Sim will be the Self-Care Expert and develop an expertise for all things Wellness. Clients will now cough up way more money for her services.
TS4SD Icon.png
Aspiration TS4 Zen Guru.png
Zen Guru - This sim wants to share their mastery of Wellness with the world, and train a successor to pass on their knowledge.
Comfort Others · Guide Others · Share Detox Tea · Become a Master Wellness Teacher Calming Aura – When Sim masters wellness it will allow him to emanate a soothing glow! Use this newfound ability to calm Sims around him, and... well, to look awesome!
TS4SD Icon.png

Child aspirations[]

Childhood aspirations have three milestones, unlike adulthood aspirations which have four. They also do not give bonus traits, but completing a childhood aspiration does provide a reward trait. Like adult reward traits, Sim children can earn several reward traits if they complete multiple aspirations as a child; these traits carry forward as the child ages up.

Aspiration Milestones and requirements Reward trait Pack
Aspiration TS4 Artistic Prodigy.png
Artistic Prodigy - This Sim has dreams of succeeding in the arts!
Active Imagination

Have an Activity Table · Draw 2 pictures while Inspired

Creatively Gifted - Creatively Gifted Sims learn adult creative skills faster.
TS4 Icon.png

Achieve level 5 Creativity skill · Play with 3 toys

Artistic Prodigy

Play instruments for 5 total hours · Draw all 5 picture types on the Activity Table · Achieve level 10 Creativity skill

Aspiration TS4 Rambunctious Scamp.png
Rambunctious Scamp - This Sim wants to be playful and nimble!

Play on a Jungle Gym while Playful · Achieve level 2 Motor skill

Physically Gifted – Physically Gifted Sims build adult physical skills faster.
TS4 Icon.png
Agile Developer

Achieve level 5 Motor skill · Practice typing for 4 hours

Rambunctious Scamp

Make it across the Monkey Bars 3 times · Earn a High Score on the Typing Game· Achieve level 10 Motor skill

Aspiration TS4 Social Butterfly.png
Social Butterfly - This Sim wants to talk to everyone and make friends!

Make a friend · Meet 5 new Sims

Socially Gifted - Socially Gifted Sims build adult social skills faster.
TS4 Icon.png
Popular Kid

Achieve level 5 Social skill · Make a BFF

Social Butterfly

Become friends with 3 other children · Become friends with 2 adults · Achieve level 10 Social skill

Aspiration TS4 Whiz Kid.png
Whiz Kid - This Sim wants to be the smartest kid in school!

Read with an Adult for 2 hours · Play 3 Games of Chess

Mentally Gifted - Mentally Gifted Sims build adult mental skills faster.
TS4 Icon.png
Junior Scientist

Achieve level 5 Mental skill · Finish Homework 2 times while Focused

Whiz Kid

Achieve a grade of "A" at school · Craft 3 Emotional Potions · Achieve level 10 Mental skill

Tutorial aspirations[]

In the tutorial for The Sims 4, the player can choose from 4 different aspirations. After completing any of these aspirations, the Sim will gain the Over-Achiever reward trait, and have the Career-Minded trait removed. The player cannot give these aspirations in normal gameplay, but randomly generated Sims can have them.

Aspiration Milestones and requirements Reward trait Pack
Tutorial aspirations
Aspiration TS4 Trend-Setter.png
Trend-Setter - Your aspiration will help guide your Sim's progress, as well as earn them Satisfaction points to spend on rewards.
Settling In

Get to Know Roommate · Grab something to Eat · Interact with Fun Object · Go to Sleep for the Night

Over-Achiever - Sims who are Over-Achievers receive a starting salary bonus, earn promotions more quickly, and improve Skills more quickly.
TS4 Icon.png
First Day on the Job

Prepare for Work[3] · Make Coffee · Go to Work[4] · Socialize with Alex[5]

Career Development

Clean the Home · Work on a Daily Career Task · Improve a Skill · Earn a Promotion

Work-Life Balance

Take a Vacation Day · Travel to a Community Venue · Go Fishing for 1 Hour · Meet new Sims

Aspiration TS4 Painter.png
Painter - Your aspiration will help guide your Sim's progress, as well as earn them Satisfaction points to spend on rewards.
Settling In

Get to Know Roommate · Grab something to Eat · Interact with Fun Object · Go to Sleep for the Night

TS4 Icon.png
First Day on the Job

Prepare for Work[3] · Make Coffee · Go to Work[4] · Socialize with Alex[5]

Career Development

Clean the Home · Work on a Daily Career Task · Improve a Skill · Earn a Promotion

Work-Life Balance

Take a Vacation Day · Travel to a Community Venue · Go Fishing for 1 Hour · Meet new Sims

Aspiration TS4 Athlete.png
Athlete - Your aspiration will help guide your Sim's progress, as well as earn them Satisfaction points to spend on rewards.
Settling In

Get to Know Roommate · Grab something to Eat · Interact with Fun Object · Go to Sleep for the Night

TS4 Icon.png
First Day on the Job

Prepare for Work[3] · Make Coffee · Go to Work[4] · Socialize with Alex[5]

Career Development

Clean the Home · Work on a Daily Career Task · Improve a Skill · Earn a Promotion

Work-Life Balance

Take a Vacation Day · Travel to a Community Venue · Go Fishing for 1 Hour · Meet new Sims

Aspiration TS4 Chef.png
Chef - Your aspiration will help guide your Sim's progress, as well as earn them Satisfaction points to spend on rewards.
Settling In

Get to Know Roommate · Grab something to Eat · Interact with Fun Object · Go to Sleep for the Night

TS4 Icon.png
First Day on the Job

Prepare for Work[3] · Make Coffee · Go to Work[4] · Socialize with Alex[5]

Career Development

Clean the Home · Work on a Daily Career Task · Improve a Skill · Earn a Promotion

Work-Life Balance

Take a Vacation Day · Travel to a Community Venue · Go Fishing for 1 Hour · Meet new Sims


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  1. These traits appear in the bonus trait slot when viewing a household from Manage Worlds, but they are not assigned by any aspiration. They can only be manually given to Sims using testing cheats.
  2. The challenge aspiration was only available during the positivity challenge, which ran from November 13, 2018 to December 4, 2018.
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 Requires using the toilet and taking a shower
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 Despite the lack of a "Become an adult" step, this step cannot be completed with school or a part-time job, meaning Sims cannot complete this step as teens.
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 Despite what it says, this step can be completed by socializing with any Sim, or at least any roommate