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Aspiration (The Sims 2)
An aspiration failure.

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Aspiration is the personality attribute that determines a Sim's wants and fears.

The Sims 2

Sims will have one of eight aspirations at any given time. The base game does not allow a change of aspiration after a Sim was created or became a teen. The University expansion pack allows Sims to change aspiration once after finishing their sophomore year. The Nightlife expansion pack added the ReNuYuSenso Orb, an Aspiration Reward which allows a Sim to change aspiration. In the FreeTime expansion pack, Sims can have a secondary aspiration.

  • Babies have no aspiration. (When viewed in SimPE, they will be shown as having the Grow Up aspiration, but this does not affect gameplay.)
  • Grow Up: All toddlers and children have this aspiration, and it cannot be changed without the use of cheats and/or hacks. Growing up involves learning essential life skills and (in the case of children) making friends and success at school. As soon as children grow up to become teenagers, the player can choose their aspiration.
  • Family: Family Sims will want to have children, and eventually grandchildren, and for those children to excel in their own lives.
  • Fortune: Fortune Sims want to earn money, gain promotions, marry a rich Sim, and put their income towards new household items.
  • Knowledge: Knowledge Sims want to gain skill points, and to eventually max out skills. They may even want to experience things that other Sims fear, even things such as seeing ghosts, alien abduction, or changing life state. They are also the only Sims that will gain a positive memory of becoming a zombie, being abducted by aliens and seeing ghosts.[n 1]
  • Popularity: (sometimes referred to as Reputation or Fame): Popularity Sims most of all want to accumulate friends and best friends. Parties are also craved by these Sims.
  • Romance: Romance Sims want to engage in casual romance, and particularly WooHoo. They are perhaps unique in that their fears are actually wants to most other Sims (marriage, babies etc.) Romance Sims get negative memories from going steady, engagement and marriage with one exception; they will not get a negative memory after marrying a rich Sim. Despite fearing having babies, Romance Sims will still get positive memories of becoming parents.
  • Power: (hidden) This aspiration can be obtained by a cheat. It's a combination of Popularity and Fortune (though it is apparently unfinished).


  • Pleasure: Pleasure Sims want to have fun, go out, meet new Sims, and engage in romance (though not nearly as much as Romance Sims).
  • Grilled Cheese: (Only available through use of cheats, The Sims 2: Freetime secondary aspiration or ReNuYuSenso Orb.) The wants and fears of Sims with this aspiration mostly have to do with grilled cheese.


  • Secondary aspiration: Sims are able to have a second aspiration, but are not required to have one. A Sim with a secondary aspiration will receive wants and fears from both aspirations. The Grilled Cheese aspiration can be selected as a secondary aspiration.


With the cheat, boolprop testingcheatsenabled true players can find another aspiration, Power. It was apparently an abandoned thought, because it has no icon and its wants and fears are similar to the Popularity and Fortune aspiration wants and fears. The "Power" aspiration usually involves making friends and gaining promotions. However, this aspiration is not possible to get in any other way, and as such, is defunct. (Furthermore, the aspiration bar cannot be accessed without a reset process). There was also going to be a Craft Aspiration, but it was removed early on and cannot be accessed. Now it is only referred to as unused in the game files, although Creativity is an aspiration in The Sims 2 for console and The Sims 2 Pets for console.


  1. The memories for becoming a vampire, PlantSim, or good witch are positive regardless of aspiration. The memories for becoming a werewolf or evil witch/warlock are negative regardless of aspiration.

Game Boy Advance

There are three possible aspirations in The Sims 2 on Game Boy Advance. Five points are awarded for each (up to the 5th) conversation of the same type as the Sim's aspiration in each episode.

Tips & Tricks

  • Most of the wants and fears mentioned apply to different aspirations as well, but less frequently. For example, Family Sims will often have a want to gain a skill point (usually Cooking, Cleaning or Mechanical), and Fortune Sims will often want to gain skill points needed for promotion. On the other hand, Knowledge Sims may occasionally want to have a baby (especially right after getting married), and often want to buy skill building objects. Sims with a secondary aspiration can get wants related to that aspiration.
  • Sims with Knowledge as a secondary aspiration will roll wants to become different creatures, but may still fear alien abductions. It is not uncommon for a Sim with Knowledge as a secondary aspiration to roll both a want and a fear of being abducted, much like a Family Sim rolling both a want and a fear of having a baby.

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