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The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure

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Sims digging at a dig site

Archaeology Skill.png

Archaeology is a skill introduced in The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure. The archaeology skill allows Sims to dig up certain dig sites in Selvadorada as well as examine and combine relics and discoveries.


Some Sims are driven by the search for knowledge and treasures lost to time. Spending a little bit of time in the dirt can be very rewarding.

The archaeology skill is built by digging up, authenticating, and studying ancient artifacts. Increasing this skill unlocks new interactions on the Archaeology Table, helps with setting up dig sites, increases the artifact rarity, and also slightly increases gate exploration success rate.

Once Sims reach Level 7, they can refine crystals which can then be used to create powerful totems with a base, top, and crystal. There are a total of nine totems with three different rarities, for a total of 27 totems.


Digging through dirt piles and authenticating artifacts are the primary methods of building this skill. Sims who are focused are able to build this skill better, although it may be difficult for Sims to be focused while in the jungle.

Sims who have reached Level 8 can write an archaeology book for other Sims to read, which will build the reader's archaeology skill up to that level.


Level Ability Interaction
2 Study For Historical Insight Art and historical artifact interaction
3 Authenticate Artifacts Archaeology Table+ Undiscovered Artifact
4 Survey for dig pile Ground
5 Analyze Artifacts, treasures, fossils, extract elements Artifacts, treasures, fossils, elements + Archaeology Table
6 Establish excavation site Dig site
7 Refine Crystals Archaeology table + Crystal
8 Write Archaeology book Computer
9 Receive Unauthenticated Artifacts Mailbox