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Ancient Ruins is a special lot assignment featured in The Sims 4: Get Together which serves as a tourist destination and a sightseeing location. Ancient Ruins lot type is not available anywhere else to use, and is only found in Ancient Ruins neighborhood in Windenburg. Randomly on the evening or at night, Sims might call to a party that is only hosted on ancient ruins lots. This special party includes a DJ booth and a bar with a bartender. Special parties are also available on Chalet Gardens and Island Bluff lots.

List of ancient ruinsEdit

Ancient RuinsEdit

Ancient Ruins
Windenburg ruins
Lot type Ancient Ruins
Value §3,350
Lot size 20x15
Neighborhood Ancient Ruins (neighborhood)
World Windenburg
Game The Sims 4: Get Together

Ancient Ruins is located in Windenburg north of the Old Town District. The lot itself is very small and doesn't include anything special, but the neighborhood surrounding the lot has a bonfire, bushes for Sims to WooHoo or pee in, and the entrance to the Old Town District. It is a great place for Sims to go on a date.

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