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For the trait in The Sims 3, see Ambitious (The Sims 3).

leftright Ambitious is a lifestyle trait in The Sims 4. It conflicts with the Lazy trait. It is only available for young adults and older.

"These Sims gain powerful Moodlets from career success, gain negative Moodlets from career failure, gain a boost of Confidence when getting a job, and may become Tense if not promoted."


Happy Work.jpg
  • Ambitious Sims are more likely to perform well on the job and get promoted faster.
    Tense Ambitious.jpg
  • Ambitious Sims will get the "Got the Promotion" moodlet when promoted, which is stronger than the moodlet other Sims get from promotions.
  • These Sims will get the "Career Employment" moodlet if employed or got a new or old job.
  • Ambitious Sims will get a tense "Promotion Anxiety" moodlet if not promoted.
  • Ambitious Sims will have a "Unemployed!" moodlet if not employed.
  • Ambitious Sims will autonomously mock Goofball Sims for Goofball actions.

Ambitious Sims[]

Dina Caliente, Nancy Landgraab, Johnny Zest

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