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Almeria family
Almeria family
Adora and Diego Almeria came to town looking for a fresh start. They've always had trouble fitting in, but want more for their perfect baby girl Marta. Can Marta's bright future compete with her parent's awkward past?
Name Almeria family
Members Diego Almeria, Adora Almeria, Marta Almeria
Lot 21 Verona Way
Funds §20000
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other information
Game TS3MV Icon The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
World Monte Vista

Almeria Family is a family which resides in Monte Vista. It consists of Diego, who is an adult three days away from becoming an elder; his much younger wife, Adora; and their toddler daughter Marta. The family bio hints that Diego and Adora had trouble fitting in where they used to live, possibly hinting that the age gap between them was considered controversial in their former hometown.


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