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Alchemy is a skill introduced in The Sims 3: Supernatural and reintroduced as one of the four magic styles in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic. In Supernatural Sims can craft potions called elixirs in alchemy stations. Both supernaturals and normal Sims can learn this skill, from teenager and older. Sims who have this skill can employ themselves as alchemists, a self-employed career. In Realm of Magic, only spellcasters can concoct magical potions and elixirs with a cauldron.

The Sims 3: Supernatural

Skill Description

[Your Sim's name] has taken the first step into the mystical magical world of alchemy. There are lots of elixirs to create, each with their own unique power to transform a Sim's life. Those elixirs won't mix by themselves so get cracking!


To start learning the alchemy skill, buy an Aleister's Alchemy Station from Buy mode under Hobbies & Skill. It is a 3x2 object, so find a space that is large enough to place the alchemy station in. It is preferable to have at least 1 square of open space around the station. Once placed, Sims can now start learning the skill.

There are three ways to learn the skill. One is to use the alchemy station and Research Alchemy. Sims can simultaneously build the alchemy skill and discover an elixir from researching. Another way is to buy alchemy skill books. They can be bought at bookstores or at an elixir consignment shop in the town. Elixirs are not discovered automatically as the skill is improved, instead they must be learned either by researching or reading their recipe books. Sims can also attend an alchemy class at the Vault of Antiquity for §100.

Name Alchemy Level Page Price
Alchemy Vol. 1: Alchemy Basic 0 199 §50
Alchemy Vol. 2: Secret Motions and Super Potions 3 204 §500
Alchemy Vol. 3: Omnimustericon: The Ultimate Book of Shadows 6 225 §750

The first elixir Sims will learn to mix from their research is the Vial of Bliss. If they improve the skill by researching alchemy, they will learn to create more elixirs on the way.

To make an elixir, Sims can Mix Elixir at the alchemy station. A table-like window will appear and you can choose what elixir will be mixed. All the ingredients required for the elixir must be in the Sim's inventory. To check what he needs, you can find them at the "Ingredients" column of the window.

A Sim's attempt to mix an elixir may fail. The ingredients will be refunded and are not lost, however the Sim may gain a negative moodlet such as Nauseous or Toadified!

If a Sim successfully mixes an elixir, he/she can:

  • drink it for him/herself.
  • throw it onto other Sims.
  • place it on an Elixir Display Case for display. There are two different elixir display cases added in the pack.
  • sell it at an Elixir Consignment Store.

Finding ingredients can be a tough job. Here are some tips to let a Sim get the ingredients, even the ingredients that are hard to get:

  • If a Sim has the Gatherer trait, he/she has a better chance of finding rare ingredients that he/she needs, making the process of finding faster.
  • It is useful to have a Sim with Fishing and Gardening skills at the highest level (10), so ingredients may be acquired quickly and easily.
  • A Sim can find a werewolf. Werewolves can help Sims to find collectables they are looking for easier and faster. He/she must be friends with the werewolf before asking the werewolf for helping him/her to find the collectables. The werewolf will then Hunt Solo for collectables.
  • Sims' pets can also help find the collectables they need. Pets must be installed for this to be available.
  • Sims can buy some ingredients at the elixir consignment shop.

At level 6 of the Alchemy skill, for every elixir a Sim mixes, he/she has a chance to produce 2-3 bottles at one mix.

There are seven elixirs that require a Sim to buy Alchemy Recipes from the bookstore or the elixir consignment shop and read them so that he/she can mix these elixirs.

Elixir Taught Name Alchemy Level Page Price
Procreation Elixir Procreation Elixir Recipe Book 5 30 §75
Liquid Job Booster Liquid Job Booster Recipe Book 6 30 §132
Potent Enlightenment Potent Enlightenment Recipe Book 7 30 §187
Potent Personality Adjuster Potent Personality Adjuster Recipe Book 8 30 §225
Potent Zombification Potent Zombification Recipe Book 9 30 §471
Fountain of Youth Elixir Fountain of Youth Elixir Recipe Book 9 30 §607
Origin of the Tragic Clown Origin of the Tragic Clown Recipe Book 10 30 §800


  • Number of Alchemy Recipes Discovered: - of 44 (-%)
Shows the number of elixirs a Sim can make, out of 44 elixirs
  • Number of Alchemy Elixirs Created: -
Shows the number of elixirs the Sim made
  • Number of Alchemy Elixirs Thrown at Others: -
Shows the number of elixirs thrown at other Sims by the Sim
  • Number of Supernaturals Turned into Humans: -
Shows the number of supernaturals transformed into normal Sims by the Sim
  • Number of Sims Turned into Supernaturals: -
Shows the number of normal Sims transformed into supernaturals by the Sim
  • Money Earned Selling Elixirs: §-
Shows the amount of Simoleons the Sim had earned for selling elixirs he made


  • Excellent Elixirs
Excellent Elixirs requires that 150 elixirs be mixed. Once you have achieved this challenge, you will be able to create 3 elixirs each time you Mix Elixirs at the Alchemy Station.
  • Master Alchemist
A Master Alchemist must learn all of the alchemy recipes. Once you have achieved this challenge, you will have a chance of not using up all of your ingredients when creating an alchemy recipe. Also, you will get discounts on items in the Elixir Store.
  • Alchemists Anonymous
In order to earn the Alchemists Anonymous challenge, you must throw 50 elixirs at other Sims. Once you have achieved this challenge, other Sims will not mind if you throw a harmful elixir at them, and they like you even more if you throw a beneficial elixir at them.


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Level Elixir Image Effect Ingredients Type Worth


1 Invigorating Elixir Elixir red 2 Energy is restored by 25%, and stops dropping for 6 hours.[1] Wolfsbane Flower Beneficial, Temporary 20
1 Flask of Sleep Elixir blue 2 Energy is reduced by 40%, and stops raising for 6 hours. Any Mushroom Harmful, Temporary 27
1 Vial of Bliss Elixir purple 2 Social and Fun are restored by 25%, and stop dropping for 6 hours. Any Food Ingredient Beneficial, Temporary 16
1 Ad Nauseum Elixir green 1 Gives a Sim the Nauseous moodlet. Any Insect Harmful, Temporary 16
2 Jar of Discord Elixir brown 2 The relationship between thrower and victim drops by 20 points, and the victim gets the Upset moodlet.[2] Mandrake Root Harmful, Permanent 18
2 Flask of Angry Bees Elixir yellow 3 Causes a bee attack.[3] Beeswax, Honey Harmful, Temporary 64
2 Cure Elixir Elixir skyblue 1 Cancels the effects of Toadification, Zombification and transformation into a Tragic Clown. Red Valerian Root, Mandrake Root Beneficial, Permanent 28
2 Jar of Friendship Elixir skyblue 2 The relationship between thrower and victim increases by 40 points, and the victim gets the Brightened day moodlet.[4] Red Valerian Root Beneficial, Permanent 14
3 Zombification Elixir black 2 Turns a Sim into a zombie for 2 days.[5] Mandrake Root, Any Mushroom, Any Insect Harmful, Temporary 62
3 Vampiric Sunscreen Elixir green 3 Allows vampires to stay in the sun without negative effects for 12 hours. Any Metal, Any Insect Neutral, Temporary 87
3 Vial of Enlightenment Elixir pink 2 After drinking it, makes a Sim gain a level in a random skill the next time he or she goes to sleep. Any Mushroom, Any Gem or Gem Powder Beneficial, Temporary 68
3 Melancholy Serum Elixir blue 1 Fun is reduced by 40%, and stops raising for 6 hours. Mandrake Root, Any Fish Harmful, Temporary 33
4 Skill Booster Elixir yellow 2 Improves by the equivalent of 2 hours of training a Sim's random skill. Red Valerian Root, Any Gem or Gem powder Beneficial, Permanent 104
4 Vial of Potent Bliss Elixir purple 3 Social and Fun are completely restored, and stop dropping for 24 hours. Any Food Ingredient, Red Toadstools Beneficial, Temporary 45
4 Essence of Magic Elixir red 3 Fully restores a Fairy's or Witch's magic power. Honey, Any Mushroom Beneficial, Permanent 48
4 Large and in Charge Elixir orange 1 Makes a Sim as fat as possible.[6] Wolfsbane Flower, Links Neutral, Permanent 60
4 Lean and Mean Elixir green 2 Makes a Sim as thin as possible.[6] Wolfsbane Flower, Apple Beneficial, Permanent 60
5 Personality Adjuster Elixir orange 2 Randomly changes one of a Sim's traits. Red Valerian Root, Monarch Butterfly Neutral, Permanent 246
5 Procreation Elixir Elixir red 1 Increases fertility for 8 hours.[6] Wolfsbane Flower, Red Toadstools Beneficial, Temporary 167
5 Potent Melancholy Serum Elixir blue 1 Fun is reduced to zero, and stops raising for 24 hours. Mandrake Root, Any Fish, Spotlight Mushrooms Harmful, Temporary 159
5 Flask of Potent Sleep Elixir blue 3 Energy is reduced to zero, and stops raising for 24 hours. Any Mushroom, Red Toadstools Harmful, Temporary 90
6 Liquid Job Booster Elixir green 2 Improves a Sim's job performance by 25% for 24 hours. Smoky Quartz, Spotlight Mushrooms Beneficial, Temporary 252
6 Jar of Potent Friendship Elixir skyblue 1 The relationship between thrower and victim increases to +100, and the victim gets the Brightened Day moodlet.[4] Red Valerian Root, Beeswax Beneficial, Permanent 328
6 Jar of Potent Discord Elixir brown 3 The relationship between thrower and victim drops to -100, and the victim gets the Upset moodlet.[2] Mandrake Root, Beeswax Harmful, Permanent 268
6 Potent Invigorating Elixir Elixir red 3 Energy is completely restored, and stops dropping for 24 hours.[1] Wolfsbane Flower, Spotlight Mushrooms Beneficial, Temporary 257
7 Vial of Potent Enlightenment Elixir pink 3 After drinking it, makes a Sim gain two levels in a random skill the next time he or she goes to sleep. Any Mushroom, Emerald, Red Toadstools Beneficial, Temporary 295
7 Opposite Personality Elixir purple 1 Randomly replaces one of a Sim's traits with its opposite. Toad, Any Metal, Mycenas Neutral, Permanent 295
7 Bottled Mummy Curse Elixir brown 3 Instantly turns a Sim into a mummy.[7][8][9] Crypt Moth, Scarab Beetle, Black Goldfish Neutral, Permanent 1413
7 Bottled Vampire's Bite Elixir red 1 Turns a Sim into a vampire.[7][9] Red Valerian Root, Bloodstone, Vampire Fish Neutral, Permanent 1475
7 Potent Cure Elixir Elixir skyblue 3 Same as Cure Elixir, but also cures any occult life state. Wolfsbane Flower, Glow Orbs, Ruby Beneficial, Permanent 664
8 Potent Personality Adjuster Elixir orange 3 Randomly changes all of a Sim's traits. Red Valerian Root, Monarch Butterfly, Glow Orbs Neutral, Permanent 432
8 Bottled SimBot Converter Elixir black 3 Turns a Sim into a SimBot.[7][9][10] Iron, Gold, Palladium Neutral, Permanent 1862
8 Bottled Curse of the Lycan Elixir brown 1 Turns a Sim into a werewolf.[7][9] Wolfsbane Flower, Moonstone, Silver Neutral, Permanent 1937
8 Clone Drone Elixir black 1 Clones a Sim.[11] Any Metal, Luminous Salamander, Diamond Neutral, Permanent 856
8 Age of Instant Elixir skyblue 2 Instantly ages a Sim.[3] Royal Purple Butterfly, Any Fish, Red Valerian Root Beneficial, Permanent 462
9 Potent Zombification Elixir black 3 Turns a Sim into a zombie forever.[5] Mandrake Root, Glow Orbs, Rhinoceros Beetle Harmful, Permanent 655
9 Fountain of Youth Elixir Elixir skyblue 3 Allows a Young Adult, Adult or Elder to return to the beginning of Young Adulthood.[3] Tanzanite, Green Swallowtail Butterfly, Any Mushroom Neutral, Permanent 597
9 Potent Skill Booster Elixir yellow 1 Improves a random skill, as if the Sim had trained at the skill for 4 hours. Red Valerian Root, Any Gem or Gem Powder, Mycenas Beneficial, Permanent 554
9 Vial of Bottled Genie Elixir purple 3 Turns a Sim into a Genie.[7][9][12] Firefly pratinus, Firefly caeruleus, Firefly purpureus Neutral, Permanent 2039
9 Bottled Witches' Brew Elixir green 3 Turns a Sim into a Witch.[7][9] Toad, Light Beetle, Moonstone Neutral, Permanent 1964
10 Origin of the Tragic Clown Elixir pink 3 Gives a Sim the Tragic Clown's clothing and negative (-40) moodlet. Sims near the clown also get a negative (-20) moodlet. Lasts for 24 hours.[3] Any Insect, Mycenas, Tragic Clownfish Harmful, Temporary 836
10 Wish Enhancing Serum Elixir yellow 1 The rewards for fulfilled wishes are doubled for 24 hours. Red Admiral Butterfly, Any Gem or Gem Powder, Any Mushroom Beneficial, Temporary 1238
10 Bottled Blessing of the Fae Elixir pink 1 Turns a Sim into a Fairy.[7][9] Red Toadstools, Sunstone, Fairy Damsel Neutral, Permanent 2114
10 Midas Touch Elixir orange 3 Allows a Sim to turn objects[13] and other Sims[14] into gold. Lasts for 6 hours. Gold, Yellow Sapphire, Luminous Salamander Beneficial, Temporary 1627

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic

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Alchemy returns in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic as one of the four magic styles spellcasters can specialize in. There are 15 potions.

Page Description

A student of alchemical art studies potions, elixirs, and tonics of all kinds. Who know's what power can be brewed up by a skilled Spellcaster?


  • Potion of Alluring Aura - makes those around the drinker more receptive to romantic conversation.
  • Potion of Emotional Stability - removes unnecessary emotional baggage.
  • Potion of Good Fortune - finds helpful items while doing everyday activities.
  • Potion of Immortality
  • Potion of Magical Aura - displays a Sim's magical aura.
  • Potion of Nausea - annoys an enemy and turns their stomach.
  • Potion of Nimble Mind
  • Potion of Plentiful Needs - fulfills all of a Sim's needs.
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The Sims 3 Supernatural All Elixirs-1

The Sims 3 Supernatural All Elixirs-1

The Sims 3 Supernatural All Elixirs


  • Witches and Sims with the Supernatural Fan trait gain Alchemy skill faster than other Sims, both normal and Supernaturals.
  • It is possible to receive elixirs as a gift even if Supernatural is not installed.[confirmation needed]
  • Sims with the Supernatural skeptic trait gain Alchemy skill slower than all non-witch sims and all normal sims without the trait.

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